June 30, 2007

LOL Cats, SUM-style

I couldn't help it.  I had to. The temptation was too strong. 

I just had to.

LOL Sausage.
Sausage has been submitted.  Let's see if she makes the LOL cut.
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June 01, 2007

Stuck Sausage

(Ah you pesky Google, you'll search the hell out of this post, won't you?)

Explain to me how Chris stumbled upon Siah stuck in this position.  She sat like this long enough for him to go get his phone, take a video, and still she sat hanging out with her legs all awkward and whatnot.

Also, she's taken it upon herself to pounce on me whenever I'm not paying close attention to her.

Ready to pounce...

Take, for example, Sausage as she stalks Chris and I during dinner, then makes attempts for our plates.


Pain in the arse cat.  I fully expect her eyes to roll back and her lids to come down, like she's a little land shark.

In other, less furry news, the May issue of EXIST is live and living in it's little corner of the universe.  Visit!  Read!  EXIST Magazine - June editionChortle!  And other verbs as well.

Also, I'm very interested in the responses on the Meter, Meter post.  I haven't had any glaring issues since, but it's interesting (and admittedly disheartening) to hear that other people are running into inconsistencies as well.  I appreciate all the feedback. 

I'm off home to RI for the weekend for some well-deserved relaxation and beach time.  (Yes, Chris, we are going to the beach.  I know.  It will be okay.)  We're also scoping out some reception sites to see if we can find one big enough to hold our ever-growing guest list. 

Have a good one! 

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May 21, 2007

(Pre)Cautionary Tales

The good news:  Chris is involved with a very cool film project for the next several weeks, shuttling him back and forth between RI, CT, NYC, and CA.  I am so proud of him that I can't keep the grin off my face even as I type this.

The off-centered news:  My fiance's erratic schedule does create a bit of a concern for me, as I'll be spending more time sleeping alone than I have in the past.  He's here one night, gone the next, away for a few days and then back for a few.  Aside from missing him while he's away working, there is that one small concern.

Yes, that whole "diabetes" thing.

I've lived by myself before.  It wasn't a big deal.  Managing the finances, doing all the shelf-hanging and furniture moving and garbage-taking-outing was more of an issue than being diabetic.   However, I took extra-careful measures when it came to preparing for emergencies.  I was, and have reverted back to being, the diabetic girl scout.

Be prepared, right?

Bedside table, stashed each night with glucose tabs, juicebox, a glucagon kit, my meter, and my cell phone in case I need to call someone?  Check.

Fridge filled with juice bottles, juice boxes, and some tasty gumdrop treats (Come on, you can't always treat with juice.  Sometimes a nice, chewy gumdrop makes the low a bit less crumby.)?  Check.

Contingency plan set up with my mother so that she calls me every morning around 8:30 am?  My office knows that I am staying alone some nights, so they are on the lookout for me and they also have my house number?  Check and check.

Internal pep talk about staying on task, being vigilant, and not letting any diabetes fear compromise how much I'm enjoying my job, my apartment, and my life at the moment?  Check. 

Discussion with Abby about the fact that Chris will be gone some nights, leaving her responsible for waking me up from any low blood sugars by drumming her massive paws on my head and mewing until I start to stir?  She and I touched base about it this morning.  Her lick of my hand confirMy goodness, she can be so creepy!med that she was on board.  Check.

Sidebar discussion with Siah about being not being annoying, not climbing all over me while I'm sleeping, and not hiding out underneath the couch so she can leap out and attack my feet?  Check.  But that had nothing to do with diabetes.  That was mostly about Siah Sausage being annoying.

While Chris persues this incredible opportunity, I need to hold down the proverbial fort.  That includes making sure I'm safe and sound, so he doesn't have to worry about anything. 

Except for Siah.  That cat is completely unpredictable.

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April 27, 2007

My Greenish Thumb

When I first moved out on my own, I killed a plastic plant. 


Completely.  After several rounds with live plants, where I watered them to death and talked to them and cleaned their leaves gently with paper towels misted with affection, I gave up and went the plastic plant route.  I placed this plant on top of the micowave stand in the kitchen, right in front of the window, where the sun beamed in and lit up its little plastic leaves.

I went away on a week's vacation and came back to find the plant, mushy and melted in sections.

My friends used to make fun of me for being a plant-murderer, claiming that florists lived in fear of me and produce managers begged me not to touch their wares.  It was a dark and leave-less time.

However, I fancy myself a budding horticulturist these days, having learned that the best thing to do for plants is to leave them the hell alone.  No excessive watering, don't bother naming them, and keep the damn cats away from their fragile leaves.

At home, the basil is starting to grow on the windowsill, under the hungry, watchful eye of Ms. Siah.

Basil.  Up close, apparently.

At work, an easter cactus blooms.


 A spider plant reaches towards the skylight above my desk.

Spiderman plant.

And Treebeard keeps watch over dLife from his top-shelf vantage point.

Treebeard, in charge. 

And little Sausage wishes she could go outside and chase the birds.

Ms. Siah "Cocoa Sweege Johnson" Sausage

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April 02, 2007

Has A Nice Ring To It.

EXIST Magazine:  Enjoy it while you're young.Busy times.  Already on Coffee No. 3.  This can't be good.  (Actually, it's quite tasty.  Nice hazelnut blend, light on the cream, couple of Equals shoved in there.  Piping hot in my ridiculous SUM mug.)

EXIST Magazine:  The April Edition is live and looming large over at www.existmag.com.  Read up on the latest from the EXIST Magazine staff.  And if you're interested in submitting your own piece to the magazine, send your queries to The Editors.

The 30-60-120 Challenge:  I'm having trouble prioritizing lately.  Tasks are starting to swirl around, and not in the lovely soft-serve ice cream sort of way.  Being the busy couple that we are and in efforts to help prioritize, Chris and I have challenged one another to the "30-60-120 Challenge."  We've set goals for one another at the 30 day, 60 day, and 120 day marks, contingent upon what we know means most to one another.  While my 30 Day and 60 Day goals are writing oriented (see also: Kerri Needs to Finish Her Damn Book), my 120 Day goal is decidedly diabetes-related.  I'm not sure if it was the vacation fun, the excitement of the engagement, or just plain old burnout, but whatever the case, the average on my meter is edging ever closer to 170 mg/dl and I'm disgusted.  Couple of spotty 300's and way too many 200's in the memory of my machine. 

I need to focus and fix this.  Now.

I was talking about it with Chris and he has challenged me to lower my A1c.  It's my 120 Day Challenge.  So, over the next four months, my health focus is to reign in this number.  Regardless of work, wedding, and other assorted bits, diabetes management cannot be cast aside.  Instead, it's become paramount.  My fiance and I will tackle this mess together.  Maybe Siah will help by not prowling all over the bed at night and staring at me while I try and sleep.  It's not easy to fall asleep with a purring, gray diaster pawing at your chin.  Blasted cat.

If you had to set a 30, 60, or 120 Day Challenge for yourself, what would you aim to accomplish?

The Ring:  For those of you who asked to see it, here is my engagement ring.  (Courtney, I'm not sure if the picture I sent you made it through, so this is for you!)  I love it.  The sparkle continuously distracts me and makes me grin.

My ring.  :)


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March 02, 2007

Do You Yoga?

I hear the tousling and her thrashing. 

Easing one eye open and listening to the sounds in the hallway, I toss back the covers and slowly climb out of bed.  I wanted to catch her in the act.   

The sounds from the hallway crescendo to a frenzy, then stop.  I grab my camera from the bureau and slide open the shutter.  Peeking out into the hallway, I see Abby and her kill.

Abby and her prey.


Apparently Ms. Sausage is rubbing off on the fat cat.

In other news, I will be laying out on a white-sand beach in St. John, drinking Virgin Island Pale Ale, and not even thinking about my email exactly two weeks from today. 

And in other, other news, I'm giving some thought to taking yoga for a spin.  Does anyone out there do yoga?  Or practice yoga?  (And can you explain the difference between practicing and doing?  Can "yoga" be both a noun and a verb?)  I'm very anxious about the idea of trying out a new workout that may require being graceful and flexble - two things I am not - but I like very much the concept of long, lean muscles.  What's your take?

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February 27, 2007

Grumble Grumble.

Two am.

The alarm goes off.  My response:  Grumble, grumble.Grumble.

My arm snakes out from underneath the warm down comforter.  Siah sneezes beside me, where she has taken up residence on Chris’s pillow.  I grab my kit.  Unzip it.  Fumble with the strip, trying to use the sliver of moonlight as my guide.  Prick finger.  Stick finger in my mouth.  Wait for result.  170 mg/dl.  Okay. 

Text Chris – “2:30 am – 170 mg/dl.”

With Chris away for the next week, he’s asked me to promise to do 2 am glucose testings while he’s gone, so I'll stay safe.

“I’ll be tired, though!”  The whine in my voice is almost unavoidable.  Two am?  Every night?  Oh man…

“I know, but please just do it anyway?  You can go right back to sleep afterwards.”

Grumble grumble.  But he's right.

Last night was the first in this string of midnight vampirism.  I’m not anticipating any problems while he's gone, but I am sleeping with the phone and a bottle of juice by the bed.  My mom expects a phone call by 8:30 every morning so she knows I’m alive and well at work.  I also had a brief discussion with Abby (yes, the cat) about waking me up if I seem sweaty.  She confirmed the arrangement by licking my knuckle. 

And on a completely unrelated note, I did a podcast interview for The Official Diabetes Blog.  Bit of a chat about diabetes, blogging, and diabetes education.  (I’m beginning to think that I may, in fact, speak way too quickly for human consumption.)  I hope you enjoy it!

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February 22, 2007

Siah Fits In.

What is die-a-beeeet-es?  What are all these little toys she plays with?  Test strips are fun to chew on.  What is that beeper thing?  I see the delicious wires poking from the top of her sweatpants before bed.  And I love those fun little plastic caps.  I steal them off the dresser and hide them underneath her desk.  Sometimes she mutters, "I can't find a damn pump cap anywhere!" but I know where they all are.

I wanted to know what it was like to have this die-a-beeeet-es.  I want to fit in.  So when she jumped in the shower after she came back from the gym, I tried out her stuff.

Make sure the site is clean!

I made sure my paw was clean before I tested. 

Stuff on my cat, anyone?

I pushed some buttons on this beeper thing like she does before she eats, but then became distracted by the tasty tubing.


Okay, use the pricker thing.  Push buttons on the beeper thing.  Eat snacks.  Got it.

tuckered out

This die-a-beeeet-es is a lot of work!  I need a nap.

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February 13, 2007

Prince ... and Nancy Pelosi.

His name is Prince.  And he is funky!I bought a Prince cd.

Yes, I fell victim to the advertising reach of the Superbowl Halftime show and wanted to hear “Let’s Go Crazy” as loudly and as often as possible.  (Not to mention “1999” and “When Doves Cry.”)  He reminds me of when I was like 10 years old, flailing around at middle school dances.  And he's good for my attempts to feel better by distracting myself from the sicky feelings via blasting this music as I drive into work.

However, the folks in Westport may not agree with my musical choice, as I received several odd looks from people as I sat at a stop light, rocking happily along to the opening, jittery strains of “Let’s Go Crazy”.  I think I had the music a little too loud.  A woman stared at me in her rearview mirror as I sang my little heart out.  So I waved to her.  And, to her credit, she waved back, albeit confusedly. 

Feeling slightly better today, thanks to going to bed at 9:30 and sleeping like a baby.  Granted, I was tortured by the cats all night long, as they felt the need to splay themselves all over our knees, making it difficult to get comfy, but I slept nonetheless.  Sausage makes it her mission to lie on that crook of your knees that makes sleep extremely unlikely.  But she also sleeps almost flat on her face, with her ears smooshed out so she looks like a little, gray Yoda.  Adorable pain in the arse, she is.  I couldn't resist snapping a picture.

Sleeping Sausage.
The view from my camera phone.

In other news, there is an exclusive, in-depth interview about stem cell research conducted by the founder of dLife, Howard Steinberg, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  Check it out here.  My office will be hand-delivering the feedback to Washington, DC, so if you have something to say about this important issue, make sure you follow the "Send Your Email Now" link on the page. 

Lastly, take a spin by Chronic Babe for this week's edition of Grand Rounds.  The D'Sphere is representing strongly on this edition.  Great job hosting, Jenni!  And Generation D is updated, just in time for Valentine's Day. 

I'm back to listening to my cd.  His name is Prince, and he is funky!

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January 12, 2007

Siah Says So.

According to the powers that be, it’s National De-Lurking Week.  (Well done, Kerri, finally catching up with this on a Friday.)  Lurkers are known for their magical powers and distinctively repetitive IP addresses in one’s statcounter.  They sometimes send very nice emails.  They are also privy to their very own Wikipedia entry. 

I Googled the hell out of this and can’t find out where this week stems from.  Can anyone give me a head’s up on where National De-Lurking Week started?

Regardless of origin, Siah heard about this week.  And she’s been standing in the kitchen every morning, staring at me while I assemble my snacks, asking me why I haven’t posted about it yet.

“Hey.”  She pauses to lick her paw.  “Hey!  I would like some cat nip.  And can you please clean the litter box?  Or I’ll start sleeping on your chest again, with my claws just underneath your neck, making you all squirrelly.  Come on, lady.”     

I do her bidding, every time.  She’s very convincing.  And irresistibly cute.

Her new collar is very jazzy.

So de-lurk, if the urge strikes you!  (And also, remember to submit your Grand Rounds posts to me at kerri@sixuntilme.com by Sunday night at 5 pm EST.) 

Have a good weekend!

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December 15, 2006

Like a Fat Cat in a Raft

Amongst the bags of wrapping paper and bows, scotch tape and ribbons, and the general chaos that is holding my house hostage, the foolish felines have still been able to nap in the midst of it all.

Like a fat cat in a raft.

Abby, all 15 lbs of her, was smooshed up against the side of the couch.

Her Siahness

Young Sausage was equally as smooshed, just a few inches away. 

It must be nice to be a cat. 

I'm getting them jobs for Christmas. 

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December 02, 2006

Siah Allan Poe

First off, thanks to everyone who nominated SUM for a blog award.  It's an honor to be in such esteemed company!  Best of luck to everyone!!

And secondly, I have a confession to make:  While I spent the last month writing the first draft of my book, I did have some help, albeit of the furry variety. 

She's cooking up the next plot twist.

Ms. Siah S. helped me out when the plot refused to thicken.  For once, the little Sausage was helpful, instead of chewing on pump wires and dancing in tap shoes at three in the morning.  And when the NaNo hours started to stretch into the wee hours of the morning, Siah even helped out with the typing, allowing me to dictate.

Writing her masterpiece.

There are several passages that are written entirely in cat, but I'm having them translated. 

Abby, on the other hand, merely slept on the books I was using for a work project.  Not much of a plot progressor, that one.

Lazy bones.
Oh well.  At least she's cute.
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November 18, 2006

The Adventures of Ms. S. Sausage

An annoying critter since I first brought her home, Ms. Siah has notoriously shoved herself into every corner of the house.  When she was a teeny kitten, she hid in the recycling pile:

Hefty Sweege

She tried to help us put up shelves when we moved to Norwalk, but the best she could muster was hiding beside the toolbox:

The Nothing

(She looks like that dog that warned about the advancements of The Nothing from The Never-Ending Story.  I loved Falcore, just for the record, and always wanted my own luck dragon.)

Little Siah also makes attempts to clean Chris' bathroom, but there's really no helping him on that one.  Instead, she hangs out in the sink:

Sink dweller.

And most recently, we moved a dresser into Chris' closet to accomodate new furniture purchases and to store his winter clothes.  Of course, the little rat had to stick her nose in that project, too. 

In the Drawer.


The is no sleep for the Sausage.  And not much for Chris and Kerri, either, due to her manical ways.    Good thing she's cute, or we'd have long since fed her to the bears at my mother's house. 

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November 11, 2006

Grocery Shopping

We're heading home to RI for the weekend for the screening of Chris' short film, "Balance," on Sunday night, so posts will be sparse.  (And NaNo will most likely be ignored entirely.  50,000 words seems like a pipe dream at the moment.) 

But we went to the grocery store the other night, bringing back a number of those rustly plastic PriceRite bags and setting them on the kitchen floor.  Focusing on putting away the groceries as quickly as possible, we didn't notice that the bags were rustling even when we weren't touching them.

"Turn around,"  Chris said.

And I looked down to see this:

Sigh ...ah.

She looks so hopeful, like she thought there would be a whole chicken dinner waiting at the bottom of this bag.  Poor Siah.

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November 05, 2006

Sausage Sundays

(I dread the kind of Google searches that will lead to this post, but...)

Can't get anything done in this house without being interrupted by Ms. Siah.

One little, prying paw.

 One little paw comes knocking at the door.

And in she comes.

Little Siah Sausage comes waltzing in.

And she's arrived.

And stares at me until I get up and play with her.  So much for accomplishing anything on NaNoWriMo, sighs Easily-Distracted Kerri.  Pretty much anything distracts me at this point.  I have no focusing skills because ... oooh, is that something shiny? ....

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October 20, 2006

More Nonsense on the World Wide Web.

Nonsense It's a pretty bullet point.1.  My boss, discussing an article with me, looks casually at my bookcase and sees a picture.  "Oh.  Is that The Sausage?"  My stupid cat is an internet celebrity.

Nonsense 2.  I just realized that the Boop Beep Boop sound that my pump makes comes from the very bottom of it.  If I cover the bottom with my hand, the sound is completely muffled.  Two and a half years of insulin pumping and I just found this out?  I'll admit to being fascinated.

Nonsense 3.  Aware of how ridiculous it is, I'm drinking my morning coffee out of a Six Until Me. mug.  I have completely lost it.

Nonsense 4.  Sometimes I forget how scared to death I am of spiders.  I was reminded last night, when Chris and I were leaving to go to the gym and he murmurs, "Would you look at that?"  I looked up and saw the biggest spider I have ever seen IN MY LIFE hanging out on a huge web above the porch.  It was the size of a cell phone and it was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Kerri for Lunch."  I completely freaked out and ran off into the yard.  Chris kept edging closer to The Beast.  "Am I too close, Kerri?  Does this bother you?  Making you nervous?" Yes Chris, it made me nervous.  So nervous that when you fell asleep, I did a once-over on the bed to make sure there wasn't a Spider Beast waiting to kill me. 

(Note to readers:  There wasn't.  I only found S. Sausage.)  

The floor dweller.
Have a good weekend!!
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October 06, 2006

Too busy to blog?

This week has been a little wacky, starting with last weekend and watching the sun rise on Sunday morning after a long night launching the October issue of EXIST.  I've been crummy with updating the blog.The Experiment Two:  Spiders

But, keeping with the theme of exhaustion, I’ll let pictures tell their standard 1,000:

Update on the Stupid Plant:  This thing died.  Died completely.  It was reduced to a compilation of dirt and molding leaves.  So, thanks to a fellow horticulturalist here at dLife, I’m now growing spider plant spawn.  These suckers won’t die, even if you ask them to. 

We made it to a Mets game a few days ago, tickets courtesy of Howard at dLife.  Nice perks – excellent seats!  Chris and I had never Shea Stadiumbeen to Shea Stadium before, so it was cool to check out another ballpark, other than Fenway.  (note:  Fenway is far superior to all other stadiums.  Where’s their Monster?  Where's their Yawkey?  Where are their fans puking on Lansdowne?  Yeah, that’s right.)

And this weekend:  A Gomez show at the Bowery in NYC.  (Thanks for the heads up, Johnboy!)  They were phenomenal when we saw them last March in LA at a Virgin Records in-store.  I’m so excited I’m already having trouble sleeping!  Updates on Sunday. 

Here’s the little face that greets me every morning, staring at me from about six inches from my nose.  Damn this Sausage.  She makes me uncomfortable sometimes.

Sausage in the Morning
Have a good weekend, everyone!


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August 18, 2006

What’s on Tap for the Weekend:

I shall brave Route 95 north from Connecticut to Rhode Island during rush hour on a Friday afternoon.  I have packed a snack, dinner, a change of clothes, blanket, pillow, extra insulin, CB radio, flares, astronaut ice cream, pup-tent, and a map of every rest stop between Norwalk and home.

Enjoy a nice dinner with my friend Batman and our respective beaus tonight at Café Paragon in Providence.

Join forces with College Roommates and have an almost-end-of-summer hurrah at Johnny’s Atlantic Beach Club in Newport, RI on Saturday.

Watch as Chris amazes his cute little niece with newly-learned magic tricks.  (When we went to Toys “Backwards R” Us in NYC, Chris picked up a magic kit and has been practicing “wowing” me at the house.  So far, he’s made a pen disappear, he’s pulled loose change from my ear, and he’s made a matchstick suspend in midair.  He’s also stolen my heart, the fool.  And subsequently turned it into a rabbit.)

Figure out what the hell is going on with my bloodsugars.  My mNaughty Sausage.eter average has kicked up 10 points in the last week and a half based on these bizarre elevations in the morning.  Looks like a basal testing will need to happen on Monday.  This new work schedule requires a little more tweaking before I’m good to go.  As a sidenote, my fasting bloodsugars have been great lately.  Ranging from 88 mg/dl – 130 mg/dl, I’m very pleased with the way my mornings are starting.  Midmorning sugars … eh, they’ve been better.  I don’t like all these 200’s peeking their little heads in.

Format the PCP6UntilMe.  I’ve received many fantastic entries so far.  Deadline for entry is Sunday night at 6 p.m.  Email them to me to have your entry considered.  Remember, the theme is “The Fabric of our Lives,” and assuming I don’t get sued for ripping off the Cotton people, the PCP6UntilMe will be posted on Monday morning.

Teach S. Sausage a lesson:  Little Miss Siah has been climbing up onto the bookcases and eating my plants.  I know this because there are nibbles in every single leaf and a smattering of dirt with little sausage-sized footprints.  Punishment may include being squirted with a spraybottle.  Or being hugged. Startled Fat Abby.

And poor chubby Abby is just startled by the whole scene.  (Yes, I'm doing my best to get her to lose some weight.  My God she's massive.)  She just doesn't know what to make of the little Sausage.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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July 21, 2006

Sausage of the Serengeti

Oh it’s chaos in my household.  Pure, unadulterated chaos.

And it’s all because of one little Sausage.

She used to be so little and cute and only attacked the catnip mice that were specifically purchased for her destruction.  To find her dancing on the hardwood floors of my old apartment was not uncommon.  

Dancing with the mouse.

But now.

Now she has progressed to Siah Sausage of the Serengeti. 

Siah and her victim.



She found a lion puppet (it wasn’t telling the truth) in one of the suitcases.  As we were trying our best to unpack all the boxes, she came stalking.  The lion was dragged by the neck from the bedroom, down the hall, to the living room, where she proceeded to vehemently attack the defenseless puppet.

Killing the non-truth telling puppet

Not normal.

Don't get too close or she'll eat you.

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June 01, 2006

Bundle of Blogs!

Quick post (as the saloon doors swing open to welcome yet another blogger): 

Nic has delurked and joined the ranks of bloggers with her blog "Bundle of Contradictions"  Take a skip over and give her a welcome!

(Saloon doors swing shut.  Piano music is heard from within.  There are most likely pints of beer being passed out.  And I'm playing cards at the center table, trying to maintain my poker face against the meanest, toughest card shark out there:  Siah Sausage.)

(She's taking me for everything I've got.)
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