June 30, 2007

LOL Cats, SUM-style

I couldn't help it.  I had to. The temptation was too strong. 

I just had to.

LOL Sausage.
Sausage has been submitted.  Let's see if she makes the LOL cut.
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June 11, 2007

An Open Letter to Shoes, The Girl Who Lives Above Me.

Dear Shoes,Shoes.

I'll come right out and say it:   I'm concerned.  I'm not sure if you have incredibly swollen feet trapped in shoes made of lead, or if perhaps you are stricken with a disease that leaves you clomping around like a yeti, but either way I want to reach through the ceiling and punch you in the face.

I've lived below you for almost a year now, and at first I didn't know of you at all.  You were just another tenant in this condo building with an assigned parking spot and a cute table and chair set out on the deck. 

Oh Shoes, at first I thought it was a thunder storm, rolling and swirling in a spot strategically located above my kitchen counter.  Then I realized it was you and your fleet of horses (maybe it's just one black lab) running back and forth across the length of your apartment floor (read:  my ceiling) at midnight. 

I'm not the old lady who goes to bed at 9 o'clock at night, but I don't regularly stay up until 3 o'clock in the morning, that is unless I'm lying in bed and listening to you go out on your deck and yell things to your boyfriend in the yard.  I hope he eventually admitted that he was "an asshole, do you know that?!" and that you let him come inside instead of making him "sleep underneath the mailbox" where he was welcomed to "die a lonely death." 

Oh my friend Shoes, I am a night owl.  I'll admit to being up and writing until the late hours of the night, lit by the light of my laptop and brimming with ideas.  I'll also admit that it's tough to write when you're clomping around like Sloth

Occasionally, you bring me a small moment of comfort, like last night when I woke up at 4 am with a blood sugar of 52 mg/dl.  As I slid the straw into the juicebox I kept on the bedside table, I knew I wasn't alone because I could hear you fighting with your boyfriend (who apparently wasn't sleeping underneath the mailboxes).  Thanks for being there for me, Shoes.

For the most part, my neighbor friend, you do not cause me much grief.  Oh, I've seen your weird Gwen Stefani styled pony tail, where it looks all-too-similar to a mohawk, but I have faith that you'll outgrow your style stumblings.  But there are occasions where I can't help but wish you did not exist.

I have sincere hopes that a cure will be found for your heavy-footed affliction, which causes you to stomp around All.  Night.  Long.  If there is a walk I can contribute to or a pasta-and-meatball dinner I can attend to raise awareness for your condition, please don't hesitate to ask me. 

Otherwise, I'll wait patiently for your lease to run up. 



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June 07, 2007

Lisa Roney, and then Some Sausage.

Three items in this post, two of which are very important.  (One is purely silliness.)

ONE:  My friend Lisa Roney, author of "Sweet Invisible Body" is the guest of honor tonight over at Diabetes Talkfest.  Log in to chat with her at 9 pm EST.  This is the logo that will appear.This is definitely a chat to be at!

TWO:  Be sure to check out the posts over at Your Story!  If you'd like to submit your own story, send an email to story @ sixuntilme dot com.  And if you'd like to post a banner in your sidebar that links to Your Story, click here for the html.

AND THREE:  (this is the silly one.) I'm sorry to be posting another YouTube clip (they make the blog look messy, in my opinion), but I was duped.  Sausage has been trotting around with a little notebook I received (from Ms. ChronicBabe herself, actually!) and bringing it everywhere with her.  I wanted to grab her escapades on video, but she wouldn't perform for me.  I sat on the floor for a few minutes, hopeful that Siah would do her thing, but she just sat staring at me.  I left the camera on the floor.  And the little rat bastard pulled a fast one.  (Guest appearance by Abby the Cat.  She also has a speaking role.)

Ah.  Cat blogging.  Completely ridiculous. (And the video is a little on the dark side. Working on fixing that now.)

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May 17, 2007

The Mother's Day Brawl

(I'm a bit delayed on this post, but it had to be told.  It's too ridiculous to not share.  And I promised Jenn I would.)

Mother's Day brought together various members of mine and Chris's family, gathering around a breakfast table at a little restaurant in South County, RI.  His mother, my mother, nieces and nephews, our brothers and sisters (except my sister was missing - we missed you, Court!), various significant others and one esteemed grandmother. 

Full table.  Lots of conversation.  We aren't exactly quiet people, so the noise level may have been slightly excessive.  There were 14 of us, after all, seated around this table.  Coffee was flowing.  Mickey Mouse pancakes were being devoured by little mouths.  I overheard the following exchange between my 6 year old nephew C and Chris's 5 year old niece MP:

C:  (excited bouncing on his heels)  So when Kerri and Chris get married, we'll be cousins.

MP:  (putting her hands up)  Awesome.

We may have been chatty, but it's Mother's Day, for crying out loud.  (If you are taking your mother to a quiet, romantic breakfast, you may need to rethink things.)  There was laughter and conversation and the beauty of two different families breaking bread together.

Our waitress, a woman who looked about 55 and spoke as though she had been smoking since she was in the womb, was walking by with the coffee pot when we heard her loudly address the table behind us.

"That's it.  That's enough!  You can get out now.  There are five doors - use one of them."

Indistinct mumbling from the table behind us.

"Leave!  Now!"  Hollering now.  Her rough right hand went straight to her hip and her left hand brandished the coffee pot as though it was Excalibur.

The couple at the table behind us violently drank down the rest of their coffee, wiped their mouths angrily with their sleeves, and filed out the door, shooting us dirty looks.

"What happened?"  Someone from our table asked.

The waitress pushed away the lock of hair that had tumbled loose from her ponytail in her fury.  "That woman was mocking you."  She gestured to my mother.  "And you, I think."  She gestured to me.  "She's a drunk.  And couldn't take that you guys were talking, I guess.  Every time you said something, she repeated it.  And then she started repeating me.  No one talks back to me.  So I told her where to go!"

That woman was mocking my mother?  And me?  Was there almost a Mother's Day brawl?

"What?  That lady?  If I had known, I would have gone right over there, sat down, and asked her Hot coffee heals all wounds.what her problem was."  My mother puffed up and offered her words angrily.  (Keep in mind, my mother is five-foot-three and has hands that muss hair and cuddle grandchildren - she is hardly a bruiser.)

The waitress refilled a coffee cup.

"I know!"  She pointed at my mother and I.  "You, me, and you - we would have taken her outside and,"  She dropped her voice for the sake of the kids (who could hear her anyway but it sounded badass and dramatic regardless).  "Kicked her ass."

The waitress topped off the table's coffees.

"Yeah! We would have!"  My mother added cream to her coffee and stirred it in. 

"That's right, Ma.  We would have handled her!"  I wanted to add my voice to this chorus.  I'm tough, too, right?

I leaned in to sip my fresh coffee.  In my fervor, I forgot to add cream and Equal, so it tasted bitter and lava-hot.

"Oooh!  That's yucky." 

So much for badass.

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April 27, 2007

My Greenish Thumb

When I first moved out on my own, I killed a plastic plant. 


Completely.  After several rounds with live plants, where I watered them to death and talked to them and cleaned their leaves gently with paper towels misted with affection, I gave up and went the plastic plant route.  I placed this plant on top of the micowave stand in the kitchen, right in front of the window, where the sun beamed in and lit up its little plastic leaves.

I went away on a week's vacation and came back to find the plant, mushy and melted in sections.

My friends used to make fun of me for being a plant-murderer, claiming that florists lived in fear of me and produce managers begged me not to touch their wares.  It was a dark and leave-less time.

However, I fancy myself a budding horticulturist these days, having learned that the best thing to do for plants is to leave them the hell alone.  No excessive watering, don't bother naming them, and keep the damn cats away from their fragile leaves.

At home, the basil is starting to grow on the windowsill, under the hungry, watchful eye of Ms. Siah.

Basil.  Up close, apparently.

At work, an easter cactus blooms.


 A spider plant reaches towards the skylight above my desk.

Spiderman plant.

And Treebeard keeps watch over dLife from his top-shelf vantage point.

Treebeard, in charge. 

And little Sausage wishes she could go outside and chase the birds.

Ms. Siah "Cocoa Sweege Johnson" Sausage

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April 16, 2007

Pump, O Pump

Pump, O Pump, you are number one.

When it comes to my sugars, you sure get things done.

For so many years, I took gobs of injections

“Too many,” I thought, after one night’s reflections.

I called up my doctor, jumped through some hoops,

Nagged my insurance and rallied the troops.

You showed up one weekend, arrived by FedEx,

Your buttons were tricky, your innards complex.

Yet we worked hard together, me and my pump,

To become familiar and get over the hump.


And now, ah now, O Machine on my Hip,

You’re as much my routine as a bloody test strip.

I am the Wallace to your savvy Gromitt.

When I’m feeling high, buttons beep and you’re on it.

My blood sugars fall from their highs with such ease

As the tubing snakes down from my thigh to my knees.Pumping poem.  Ah!

You sit, small and patient, at rest in my sock,

Sending units of insulin right round the clock.


Of course, we’re not perfect, our little D-Team,

There are times when you make me so mad I could scream.

When your tubing is kinked or your cannula bent,

I think about all the of the money I spent

On your infusion set goodies or IV prep wipes,

And all of pricey insurance-based gripes.

But then I see numbers, like my A1c,

(Which one time were bouncing, but now it's held steady)…


I’m reminded of why I chose pumping for me -

To help keep myself healthy for as long as can be.


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January 26, 2007

Six Things on This January Friday

1.  There will be a little housecleaning going on here at the blog, mainly due to my obsessive-compulsive need to have things look a little neater.  My blogroll is now conveniently tucked into the Ye Olde Blogroll page.  Changes will be made to that page in the future, but I’m too damn lazy to make changes now.  If your blog is missing from my blogroll, please either email me or leave a comment.  I'm not sure if I have everyone listed and I don't want to leave anyone out!

2.  Coffee is good.  Coffee may actually be the only thing keeping me awake this morning.

3.  We had pizza last night for dinner.  Blood sugar was 101 mg/dl before eating it.  Climbed up to 291 mg/dl about two hours afterwards.  Corrected down conservatively, just in case there was some insulin still kicking around in there.  But of course, plummeted to 46 mg/dl at 5:03 am.  Abby came to the rescue, patting me on the head and yelling until I woke up and stumbled out to the kitchen to drink grape juice straight from the bottle.  (Note to Chris:  I spilled on the floor a little bit.  That’s why it looks like Grimace was shot in our kitchen.  I’ll clean it up when I get home.)  So now I feel like I’ve been mowed over by a truck.  Grimace is safe, though.  And that's what counts.

4.  This Sunday boasts another new edition of dLifeTV.  This one has a segment about diabetes in Hollywood, which I always find intriguing.  The Halle Berry enigma is addressed, too, buRent this movie!t it’s still not known whether or not she’s type 1 or type 2.  Hey Halle, (ha! - like she’s reading this), are you type 1 or type 2?  Why are you so mysterious about it?   

5.  I have plans to take a jewelry beading class with Batman tomorrow and to see my mother on Sunday.  I’m very much looking forward to all this bonding time.  It’s been a while since I went home and I’m feeling a little homesick lately.

6.  We watched a movie called “Danny Deckchair” last weekend, rented solely because it was about a guy who ties a bunch of yellow balloons to his lawn chair and sails away for an adventure.  We waited for the red Netflix envelope like it was Christmas morning.  For the record, we were surprisingly entertained by this film.  Something about a bearded Aussie flying through the sky with huge, misspelled yellow balloons as his method of transport makes me smile just thinking about it.  (Also made me want to try it and see if it would actually work.  Where can I buy a helium tank?)

And the beat goes on.

Off for more coffee.

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January 19, 2007

Penguin Girl and the Exploding Pixies.

Hand Rot HelperAfter reading everyone’s comments and assessing the situation (taking into account that it was also snowing for the first time this winter and I was going to be faced with the Bread and Milk Soup people no matter where I went), I trotted off to CVS after my workout last night and picked up Aveeno Intense Relief hand cream.  It had the words “relief” right there in the title.  And I had a coupon.  (And they were out of the Brad Pitt Jergens … damnit!)

I finished my work for the evening and settled into bed at an unreasonably late hour.  Noting the recommendations of my brilliant readers, I slathered on the hand cream and covered my aching hands with clean, white gym socks. 

Ah.  This felt nice.

Only I looked like I had penguin flippers for hands. 

Good thing I had already tested before bed, or that would have been an ordeal.  I tried to turn off the lamp, only to deftly knock it to the floor.  Abby came up to be petted and my hands were ineffective, trapped in my sock mittons. 

I laid back. 

“I’m a penguin.” 

By the time I woke up in the morning, I was flipper-less.  The socks had disappeared from my hands and Siah was wrapped up beside one of them.  I still haven’t found the other one.  My hands, however, felt much better and were looking less angry. 

So success is en route, on that front.

However, as soon as I, Awkward Penguin Girl, arrived at work, I slipped in the parking lot and ended up on my arse in the newly fallen snow.  I poured coffee down my sleeve and proceeded to get red ink all over my wrist while I was working.  And just now, I picked up a glittery Christmas ornament to move it out of my way and it EXPLODED all over the place.  The sound of shattering holiday spirits was joined by about 5 lbs of orange glitter. 

Co-Worker:  “What was that?”

“All I did was pick it up!  I’m like the Hulk today.” 

It looks like a pixie flew in and blew up on my desk. 

So now I’m picking glitter out of my keyboard.  And my hair.  It’s all over my black shirt.  And my shoes are more ruby slipper than sneaker at the moment. 

Clumsy, clumsy girl. 

But my hands feel better. 

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January 17, 2007

Best Lurker EVER.

A few random things:

First off, the good people of “Overheard in New York” have posted one of my quotes – the one about the girl in Saks who was debating a $710 Prada wallet as a trinket for her friend.

Secondly, there was a pre-rounds interview on Medscape that went up yesterday, and it’s been confirmed that I should re-think things before I send them in.  (See references to sundaes)  It’s a curse to write exactly how you speak, right down to the silliness.  I’ve linked it as a PDF over in the interviews section, for readers who don’t want to have to sign up to check it out.

Thirdly, I’ve become somewhat addicted to wearing my pump in my sock.  I have no idea why I didn’t realize this was a possibility sooner.  But it was a pain in the arse last night when my pump starting beeping and hollering about a low reservoir and this beeping came ringing out from my sock.  I’m standing in my boss’s office, beeping.  “Nah, it’s cool.  It’s just my pump...  Where? ...  Oh, it’s in my sock.”  Boop beep boop!

And lastly, I have been contacted by one of the Best Lurkers EVER.  I opened my email last week to see a subject line of “2 pictures for you from Carolyn."   

I clicked on the email to see this:

The man!
The man, again!
Bird is the word.

My main man, Larry Bird.  Apparently, Carolyn from Indy was at a Pacer’s game and caught a glimpse of L.B. hanging out in his regular seats.   “Larry Bird always sits in these seats at the games and I thought of you when I saw him,” Carolyn wrote in her email.  She’s the mother of two boys and she’s been type 1 for the last 15 months.  She is also the Best Lurker EVER.  So thank you, Carolyn - You absolutely made my week.

Further lastly:  What the hell is going on with Blogrolling?  For weeks, nothing would reflect as "updated."  Now, everything is starred.  Is anyone else having trouble with their blogroll?   

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January 15, 2007

Master of the Pan Flute

Chris and I spent waaaa-ay too much time spinning through this application last night:  My Heritage Face Recognition.  We laughed like silly fools at some of the results.  It’s the perfect way to whittle away a few minutes loading up pictures of your friends and family and wondering exactly how your sister matched up with Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute.

Who will you be?  (Apparently, I'm anyone with an over-zealous grin.  Including Toni Morrison, who came up more than once.)

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December 31, 2006

Everything changes.

Racing against time.Everything changes. 

Like standing on a highway overpass and watching the red brake lights and the starry white headlights ebb and flow, streaming so fast and so furiously that you barely see each individual car. 

As time passes, I notice how quickly each year fuses into the next.  Today, the last day of December, always proves to be one of reflections on the past and expectations for the future. 

This past year has been one of great change for me, personally.  I’ve faced my fear of flying, thanks to my supportive boyfriend (and the help of a few little xanax pills).  I have moved from my home town, away from my friends and family, to embrace a bold career move in CT with dLife.  I have lost my dear grandmother.  I have found such joy in my new little niece.  There have been tears.  Fears.  Tears for fears.  (Couldn’t resist that one.)  Laughs.  Insane workouts.  Ridiculously ping-ponging blood sugars.  An annoying car.  Paper cranes.  Countless car rides to CT during which plans for EXIST were hatched.  A little Siah Sausage continued to churn up chaos in my life.  Chris continues to inspire me and make me rediscover just how fun love – and life - can be. 

Life moves on, quickly and surely and without care as to who is hanging on.  Two thousand and six has been a year that has sent my life spinning. 

Everything changes.

And I’ll continue to change.  It just doesn’t stop.  I don’t want it to stop. 

I’ve never been one for resolutions, but I do embrace change.  I can’t make a list of the things I want to change or accomplish in this coming New Year, but I can say that I am so excited for what 2007 is sure to bring.  And I am so proud of what we all leave behind in the wake of 2006.  It’s been a tremendous year of growth for everyone I know.  Even the smallest steps make the biggest differences. 

Midnight approaches and I can’t help but smile.  I want to enjoy every moment of this.  If I blink, the lights may start to blend together again, but for today, I can see each and every car.

Happy New Year to my supportive Faithful Readers, fellow bloggers, and my beloved friends and family.  You make such a real difference in my life. 

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December 29, 2006

The short film - Balance.

A stark departure from the sarcastic fun of "Uzi," Chris's new short film, "Balance," is now ready for human consumption. 

Trailer here:

I think every office in the country is filled with quiet little mice this week.  Good thing I'm a loud, cage-rattling mouse.  Favorite cheese:  Mozzarella.  Italian mice across America raise their tails in cheers!

(I have end-of-the-year fever.  Can you tell?)

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December 27, 2006

Notes from Christmas:

The best way to keep from snacking on the holiday treats and goodies is to hold your six-week-old baby niece for as much of the holiday as possible, holding her while she sleeps and smiling at the size of her chubby little baby cheeks.

Most Useful Gadget of 2006:  The “Tide to Go! Instant Stain Remover” pen.  Thanks to Jenn for raising the bar.Crucial for moments when Baby A has has her first taste of red Jell-O, then fallen asleep against your new, ivory colored Ann Taylor sweater and drooled just the tiniest bit.  Tide, to the rescue!

Most Unnecessary (read: Fabulous!) Gifts of 2006:  A cappuccino/espresso maker and a Motorola Q.  Now I can drink high-octane coffee at home and can access the internet whenever I damn please.  I can already feel my hours for sleep waning...

My newly six-year-old nephew received a RoboSapien from my father for Christmas.  It dances, it talks, and it picks things up.  It also burps and simulates flatulance, as when my nephew pried away the wrapping paper, he announced to the room, “Hey!  It’s that farting robot!” 

Chris and I made eggs and chocolate chip pancakes for my mother for Christmas morning, and we ate breakfast while the sun shone through the sliding glass door and made rainbows in our orange juice.

I still have never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Miracle on 34th Street,” but I have seen “A Christmas Story” about fifteen thousand times and I am very thankful for sugar-free Ovaltine.  (“You’ll shoot your eye out!”)

The flurry of the holiday season had me out to dinner with friends and realizing that I had 1.6u left in the pump.  Thank goodness for always keeping a backup insulin pen in my purse.  And thank goodness for friends who don’t think twice about me discreetly shooting up at the table.Home.

Watching my mother and her sisters host their first Christmas without Grammie almost broke my heart into a thousand pieces.  It was aching.  But Grammie’s spirit lived on in every laugh and every hand of Skip Bo.  

Nothing makes you appreciate “home” more than having moved away from it.

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December 21, 2006

Holiday Burnout - TOP FIVE!

Dasher and Dancer have been doing cartwheels in my head and I can't even tell you how annoying Blitzen has been these past few weeks.  The holiday stresses are making me nuts.

Time to bust out another round of Top Five.

You may remember such Top Fives as The Original One from May 2005, or the October 2005 Edition, or even the one back in April.  Well here we are again, with the 2006 YearReindeer Games, of course. End Top Five. 

2006 Year End Top Five

1.  Top Five Resolutions for 2007

2.  Top Five Albums/Songs You're Embarrassed to Admit Loving

3.  Top Five Fictional People You'd Like to Ride in a Hot Air Balloon With

And the bonus question:  Who's your favorite reindeer of the bunch?   


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December 14, 2006

'Twas the Night Before Work ...

Pen.  No teller.







'Twas the night before work, and all through the flat,
Not a creature was stirring, except for two cats.
The meter was stashed on the table with care,
In case that there was a low blood sugar scare.

We two were all nestled, quite snug in our beds,
While fat cats named Abby made nests on our heads.
And Chris in his bedclothes and me tucked in mine,
Lay down our two heads for some earned sleepy-time.

When inside my body there arose such a clatter,
My liver awoke to see what was the matter.
He peeked at my glucose and spied with such vigor
That I was dropping low – I needed some sugar!

My liver, he poked me, and I shifted a bit.
Then awoke with a start and reached for my kit.
When, what to my startled blue eyes should appear,
But a reading of “50” and a small bit of fear.

More rapid than rapids, I sprang from the bed,
Unsettled the cat asleep up on my head,
I moved down the hallway, stumbled a smidge,
And made my way towards the juice stashed in my fridge.

Cracked open the bottle, drank down my eight sips,
Used the edge of the counter to steady my hips.
“This grape juice is tasty,” I said, don’t ya know. 
“I wish I could drink it when I wasn’t low!”

I stood in the kitchen, admired our tree
As its white, twinkling lights glowed and comforted me.
The juice did its job as it coursed through my body
And after a spell, I felt not quite as shoddy.

I turned on my heel, shuffled off back to bed
Where my boyfriend was sleeping with two cats instead.
Slid under the covers, quick pass with the meter,
The result that popped up confirmed I was much sweeter.

I snuggled back in underneath the warm covers,
The cats got excited and meowed at each other.
Crisis averted, my body called “truce!”
And I drifted to sleep, ever-thankful for juice.

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December 07, 2006



"Hampton Inn Maine Scarborough" from Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure.

This is a virus.  Do not click this link.  Pass this message on!

Update:  Do not click on "Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure" from any blogrolling service because that link is also compromised.  Shannon is re-working her blog.  More updates soon.

Another Update:  Shannon has dismantled her old blog and is rebuilding a new one.  She'll be back online soon!

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December 03, 2006

Christmas Chaos.

Don't go to Wal-Mart.  Not even for wrapping paper and ribbons.  Because here's what you'll find:

First off, what is Speed Stacking?  This game is the first thing we saw tonight.  The object is to stack cups.  Into a pyramid.  That's it.

Speed Stacking.  Of course.

Mind you, this game costs $18.97 (because Wal-Mart is incapable of pricing anything out in a normal fashion).  Almost $20 bucks to stack plastic cups and be timed performing this task.  I'd rather go to a party and do this for free and also score free beer.

Secondly, we found a dead, singing deer tied to the top of a bouncing Jeep.  See for yourself. 

Note:  We stared at this in horror for three full minutes.  Then Chris turned to me and said, "You need to record this."  And then we laughed until we were almost tossed out of the store. And there also is no "thirdly."

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November 23, 2006

Giving thanks.

Since I'm short on time to post today, save for these few lines, I'm leaving you with the November edition of Generation D.:  Giving Thanks.

And, like last year's foolishness, I offer up my hand turkey:


Hand Turkey.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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November 22, 2006

Pre-Thanksgiving Checklist

Check!Check.Clean the house, including that spot underneath the couch where Sausage hides all my pump caps and hair ties and the Chaos Hub that is my office.

Check.Wash the laundry.  It’s not fair for all of those gym sports bras and random socks to be tangled in the dirty clothes bin like that. 

Check.Fill up the pump to the absolute brim.  Thanksgiving is notoriously food oriented (readers gasp in shock) and we’re starting our day on Broadway for brunch as we watch the parade balloons stroll by.  (More on that - with pictures! - on Friday.)  I need all the insulin I can muster up!

Check.Remember where I put all the pants that fit me.  (Hooray for faithful workouts and clothes that are too big, but a pox on not knowing where I can find a seamstress that can take my pants down a size.)

Check.Work on NaNo.  Find out how to cough up 38,000 words in a week and a half. 

Check.Wish the blogosphere a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving weekend! 

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November 16, 2006

Damien Rice - 9

I listened to his album, O, until I had every subtle sound committed to my heart.  Excellent album.  It was nearly impossible to tear from my cd player.  Fantastic artist.  He heals heartaches, evokes poetry, and I'm not altogether unconvinced he can't fly.

Damien Rice has come out with a second album, a huge follow-up to his tremendous debut.  Check out this clip from Jay Leno and see for yourself.

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November 12, 2006

Oh you, NaBloPoMo.

Bullet List, as time is tight:

  • Chris' short film is screening tonight in RI.  If you're in the Providence area, come to Tazza Cafe at 8 o'clock and check out his short film, "Balance."
  • NursePal surprised me with a great night out last night, including a concert and chaos at Foxwoods Casino.  More details on that to come.
  • Working off of 4 hours of sleep makes the raindrops that are falling look like they're scrolling down in slow motion.  Very strange.  Also rather mesmorizing. 
  • Someone asked me my zip code today and I finally gave them the CT one instead of the RI one.  I think I'm finally becoming accustomed to The Move. 

That's all I wrote.  :)

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November 10, 2006

It's Always Time for Peanut Butter Jelly

I couldn't resist.  It makes me laugh every damn time. 

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October 25, 2006

Update on Spam.

Spam sucks.There are things going on here that I can't wrap my head around at the moment, so in the meantime, I leave you with the three most interesting bits of spam I've received lately: 

"Unless you become as little Children, you can't see casinos. All you need is faith and trust... and a little bit of casinos."  (This gem was submitted by "Fred".) 

"The fact is, there is a single source of all your problems, casino unhappiness and self-doubt. It's called casino - the hidden part of your mind that stores all painful experiences and then uses them against you."  (Thank you for this poetry, "Online Gambling".)

"If you?ve ever felt there was something holding you back in life, ruining your plans and stopping you from being who you want to be, you were right. We call it internet casinos."

Because I always felt like my plans were being ruined because I wasn't frequenting internet casinos.  Maybe I'll start gambling online and I can start being who I want to be.  

A pox on all spammers.  A pox, I say!

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October 20, 2006

More Nonsense on the World Wide Web.

Nonsense It's a pretty bullet point.1.  My boss, discussing an article with me, looks casually at my bookcase and sees a picture.  "Oh.  Is that The Sausage?"  My stupid cat is an internet celebrity.

Nonsense 2.  I just realized that the Boop Beep Boop sound that my pump makes comes from the very bottom of it.  If I cover the bottom with my hand, the sound is completely muffled.  Two and a half years of insulin pumping and I just found this out?  I'll admit to being fascinated.

Nonsense 3.  Aware of how ridiculous it is, I'm drinking my morning coffee out of a Six Until Me. mug.  I have completely lost it.

Nonsense 4.  Sometimes I forget how scared to death I am of spiders.  I was reminded last night, when Chris and I were leaving to go to the gym and he murmurs, "Would you look at that?"  I looked up and saw the biggest spider I have ever seen IN MY LIFE hanging out on a huge web above the porch.  It was the size of a cell phone and it was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Kerri for Lunch."  I completely freaked out and ran off into the yard.  Chris kept edging closer to The Beast.  "Am I too close, Kerri?  Does this bother you?  Making you nervous?" Yes Chris, it made me nervous.  So nervous that when you fell asleep, I did a once-over on the bed to make sure there wasn't a Spider Beast waiting to kill me. 

(Note to readers:  There wasn't.  I only found S. Sausage.)  

The floor dweller.
Have a good weekend!!
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October 12, 2006

Six Things on a Wednesday.

The Joslin atrium.1.  I had my Joslin appointment on Tuesday afternoon, and it only took me three and a half hours to get there from my apartment in Norwalk.  Joslin always makes me feel hopeful, like no matter what happens, these people will keep me safe.  I saw my endocrinologist, Dr. Florence Brown, and after reviewing my bloodsugars and noticing a few trends, we talked about a continuous blood glucose monitor.  I would love to have one of these for a few days a month, just to get a feel for how my sugars are trending.  I’m exploring the possibility of trying one out – leaning towards Dexcom.  Can anyone make a solid recommendation as to which one I should try? 

2.  The JDRF walk is this Sunday.  My family and loved ones will be walking, along with some potential special guests, which I’m hoping to divulge on Sunday night.  (Here’s hoping everything works out and my Special Guests are able to attend!)  If you are walking with me on Sunday and you still haven’t signed up, or if you’d like to make a donation towards Team Six Until Me., visit HERE.  A big thanks to my team members, who have raised hundreds of dollars on their own fundraising quests.  I am very proud to have you on my team!!

3.  Generation D.” has been updated.  Note:  I had never been called over the intercom of a police cruiser before.  This was a first for me. 

4.  Halloween is a-comin’ and there are big plans here.  Not only is my brother’s house being transformed into a pirate ship (much to the delight of my 6 year old nephew) but the Morrone Family is expecting A New Baby.  My brother’s daughter is due at the end of October and I absolutely cannot wait to meet her.  My sister-in-law confirms that, if the baby is born before Halloween, New Baby will attend as a hotdog.  A hotdog on the pirate ship.  I endorse this idea.

Asleep on my clean clothes.5.  I love doing the laundry.  The smell of a dryer sheet permeating my household makes me so happy.  However, finding a small Sausage sleeping on a pile of toasty warm clothes straight from the dryer made me laugh.  So I snapped a picture.

6.  I laughed.  And laughed and laughed and laughed when I read this post:  The Lifecycle of a Blog.

Mental state at the beginning of reading this post:  “Hmmm… that sounds a lot like me.” 

Mental state at the end of reading this post:  “Whoa.  I could really go for a cheese sandwich right now.”

Blogging.  It’s what’s for dinner.

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October 06, 2006

Too busy to blog?

This week has been a little wacky, starting with last weekend and watching the sun rise on Sunday morning after a long night launching the October issue of EXIST.  I've been crummy with updating the blog.The Experiment Two:  Spiders

But, keeping with the theme of exhaustion, I’ll let pictures tell their standard 1,000:

Update on the Stupid Plant:  This thing died.  Died completely.  It was reduced to a compilation of dirt and molding leaves.  So, thanks to a fellow horticulturalist here at dLife, I’m now growing spider plant spawn.  These suckers won’t die, even if you ask them to. 

We made it to a Mets game a few days ago, tickets courtesy of Howard at dLife.  Nice perks – excellent seats!  Chris and I had never Shea Stadiumbeen to Shea Stadium before, so it was cool to check out another ballpark, other than Fenway.  (note:  Fenway is far superior to all other stadiums.  Where’s their Monster?  Where's their Yawkey?  Where are their fans puking on Lansdowne?  Yeah, that’s right.)

And this weekend:  A Gomez show at the Bowery in NYC.  (Thanks for the heads up, Johnboy!)  They were phenomenal when we saw them last March in LA at a Virgin Records in-store.  I’m so excited I’m already having trouble sleeping!  Updates on Sunday. 

Here’s the little face that greets me every morning, staring at me from about six inches from my nose.  Damn this Sausage.  She makes me uncomfortable sometimes.

Sausage in the Morning
Have a good weekend, everyone!


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September 16, 2006

Homeward Bound.

Imagine this in a fancy garbage can.We're off and running (sigh ... more like driving for countless hours) back to Rhode Island for the weekend because Chris' film is screening at a few festivals this weekend in RI and Boston. 

I'm not anticipating any paparazzi, so I may leave my curling iron at home. 

In the meantime, if you have the opportunity to see The Illusionist, do it.  We saw it last week and it was terrific.  Makes me want to grow orange trees from fancy garbage cans.  (Go see it ... you'll know what I mean!)

Have a good weekend!

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September 06, 2006

Spam I am. I am spam.

I realize what a desperate pun the title of this post is, but moving past that, I am sick of spam.  SICK OF IT. 

I have a serious filter on my Movable Type system here, but it doesn’t delete any comments or trackbacks without my consent.  So, three or four times a week, I go poking around in the “questionable comments” to see what kind of spam was skewered.  Today just about made my head explode.

I found the following comments that were attempted to be left on Six Until Me. (note:  All typos were left as is.  And any links have been disabled but bolded, so you can see where these villains want to lure you away):

“Hey, found ur sight thru another blog.  want to send nude pics to me thats kewl.  Talk to you tonight luv.”

“Want to increase the size of your UNIT?  Click here.  Click click here.”

“Thank you for blogging about DIABETES.  Maybe we could chat about it sometime?  Click here for more information on me.”  (I almost believed this one.  Until I clicked there.  And went blind momentarily.)

“test.”  (I did.  167 mg/dl.  I corrected back down to 100 mg/dl.  Thank you, Spammer.)

“DIA BET Ess is for you to write about.  Come visit my site and see what I am writting about. XOXOXO.”

“Can’t you tell me how to find someone in this big, fast world?  I’m looking for love and have tried every online dating service.  Maybe this will work.”

“Need affordable car insurance?  Click here.”

“Wicked hot deals!  Buy ur drugs online from Canada and save billions of dollas!  No disclaimer and u can have them shopped to a PO Box if u want to.”

“test”  (What are they testing?  To see if they can comment on my blog?  I think NOT!)

“Big?  Bigger?  Biggest?  Come see.”

This crap makes me crazy.  I do my best to run a blog that is pretty much PG rated (again, the sigh of relief from my mom, Chris’s mom, and Chris) so I can’t figure out how I’m reeling in these creepy spambots.  There is no foolproof filter.  The best I can do is set my spam-filter as high as possible and go delete the offensive ones that sneak through.  Is it as rampant on the entire blogosphere as it is on my little corner of it?  Is there some secret way to thwart these spammers, casting my site away from their prying little devices?One of the three turtles.

But I do have a secret favorite spam comment:

“I have three turtles.  Don’t you wish you had three turtles, too?”

No link.  No URL.  No email address.  Just someone telling me, gently, about their love for three turtles. 

And I’ll admit, for a moment, I did wish I had three turtles, too. 

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August 25, 2006

The Experiment.

Is it a much-needed basal testing?

Or maybe a carbohydrate ratio dry run?

Perhaps we’re calculating the patterns of how many nights in a row Siah will instigate a full-out brawl with Abby, waking us up in the middle of the night?

The Experiment.


The Experiment is a ratty old peace lily that I received as a gift a few years ago.  It was nice and alive for about seven months, then it began to wilt in my old apartment.  I brought it to my old job.  The lack of happiness there almost killed it.  And the long car ride from Rhode Island to Connecticut last month with the move just about did the poor thing in.

Can dLife can save it?

The Experiment is this:  Can the sunshine from the dLife skylights and the generally motivated mood around this joint save The Lily?  (The sign reads:  This plant keeps dying at home.  I'm hoping dLife can revive it.  Start date:  August 23rd.)

It sits on my bookshelf at work.  It has about one live leaf left.  It also has no name (any suggestions?).  Essentially, it’s a big pot of dirt with a piece of grass in it.  

But I want to bring it back to life.  I plan on keeping it here until it either sprouts new leafy life or it gasps its last breaths and I’m forced to plant something more tolerant, like actual weeds.

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August 18, 2006

What’s on Tap for the Weekend:

I shall brave Route 95 north from Connecticut to Rhode Island during rush hour on a Friday afternoon.  I have packed a snack, dinner, a change of clothes, blanket, pillow, extra insulin, CB radio, flares, astronaut ice cream, pup-tent, and a map of every rest stop between Norwalk and home.

Enjoy a nice dinner with my friend Batman and our respective beaus tonight at Café Paragon in Providence.

Join forces with College Roommates and have an almost-end-of-summer hurrah at Johnny’s Atlantic Beach Club in Newport, RI on Saturday.

Watch as Chris amazes his cute little niece with newly-learned magic tricks.  (When we went to Toys “Backwards R” Us in NYC, Chris picked up a magic kit and has been practicing “wowing” me at the house.  So far, he’s made a pen disappear, he’s pulled loose change from my ear, and he’s made a matchstick suspend in midair.  He’s also stolen my heart, the fool.  And subsequently turned it into a rabbit.)

Figure out what the hell is going on with my bloodsugars.  My mNaughty Sausage.eter average has kicked up 10 points in the last week and a half based on these bizarre elevations in the morning.  Looks like a basal testing will need to happen on Monday.  This new work schedule requires a little more tweaking before I’m good to go.  As a sidenote, my fasting bloodsugars have been great lately.  Ranging from 88 mg/dl – 130 mg/dl, I’m very pleased with the way my mornings are starting.  Midmorning sugars … eh, they’ve been better.  I don’t like all these 200’s peeking their little heads in.

Format the PCP6UntilMe.  I’ve received many fantastic entries so far.  Deadline for entry is Sunday night at 6 p.m.  Email them to me to have your entry considered.  Remember, the theme is “The Fabric of our Lives,” and assuming I don’t get sued for ripping off the Cotton people, the PCP6UntilMe will be posted on Monday morning.

Teach S. Sausage a lesson:  Little Miss Siah has been climbing up onto the bookcases and eating my plants.  I know this because there are nibbles in every single leaf and a smattering of dirt with little sausage-sized footprints.  Punishment may include being squirted with a spraybottle.  Or being hugged. Startled Fat Abby.

And poor chubby Abby is just startled by the whole scene.  (Yes, I'm doing my best to get her to lose some weight.  My God she's massive.)  She just doesn't know what to make of the little Sausage.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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August 07, 2006

Monday’s Musings.

What’s On My Bad List:
  • Route 95 from RI to CT – Forever clogged with drivers in BMW’s who want to go 75 mph and then stop all of a sudden for no reason
  • Ms. Siah Sausage – She has eaten three of my necklaces over the last two weeks.  Bit the chains right in half, like a wolverine.  Blasted animal.
  • The Oppressive Heat – Enough already.  Stop it, global warming!
  • Insurance – Between car and medical, I’m spent.
  • Being Sleepy – Too many late nights and early mornings.  I miss my bed.
What’s On My Good List:Shark Week.
  • Shark Week – I am scared to pieces of sharks but oh how I love Shark Week.
  • My adorable nephew and his preoccupation with zombies
  • Soft serve ice cream – Chocolate/Vanila swirl.  I could go for one right now.
  • Norwalk Highlights – Include the Maritime Aquarium and Chocopologie
  • Exist Magazine – Have you read it?
  • Charlotte Jane – Welcome to the world, Julia’s beautiful new baby!
  • Abby the Cat – Big, fat, sleeps on my head.  Detects low bloodsugars.  Double pawed. 
  • Shop Rite – Newly discovered grocery haven.  Much cheaper than Stop & Shop.  They also have the blueberry tea, so it’s on.
  • An Uzi at the Alamo – If you haven’t seen this movie yet, there’s no excuse.  It’s on NetFlix, for crying out loud!
  • And lastly, the RI beaches.  They are gorgeous.  Rolling Atlantic waves, white sand, hot sun.  My best friend and I claimed a patch of beach for a few hours on Sunday and it was just perfect.  I love my job and my apartment, but I miss that ocean.  The beaches here in Norwalk just don’t cut it.
I’m also looking for some new books to read.  Any suggestions?  How was your weekend??
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July 26, 2006

Trying to Re-Focus

No idea what I will say.

There is an interesting development in the Blogosphere:  BlogTalkRadio.  Apparently, this services lets bloggers host their own talk show online.  The website announces that you can "receive live callers, interview guests, and broadcast to an unlimited number of listeners.  Very interesting, my F.R.'s.  I'm just trying to decide on the following:  a.  What time slot I would prefer, and b.  What the hell I would talk about.  Maybe I can get the cats to holler in unison as I juggle bells.  Hmmm... details coming soon. 

(I also learned today that the phrase "abdominal pain, flatulance, and diarrhea" can be summed up simply as "gastrointestinal disturbances."  I love editorial work.  It's had me laughing like an eight year old all day long.  Apparently, I have not outgrown my love for a good fart joke.)

This weekend brings Chris and I journeying home for the first time since our Big Move.  (Yes, home is only 3 hours away.  I realize that is hardly a journey compared to the trek some people make just to go to work, but keep in mind I grew up in RI.  A drive that took more than 20 minutes?  You'd Couldn't find the bird.better pack a lunch.)  I'm very much looking forward to seeing my friends and going to a beach that doesn't have any portion of the words "long," "island," or "sound" in its name.  A visit to see my Grammie is also scheduled.  I'll pass on all of your kind words her way.  The appointment with Mr. Specialist is early next week, so the waiting continues.

Lastly, on the Exist Magazine front, we're in the process of launching with a brand new template.  We appreciate all the feedback from readers.  It's been a wild month, that's for damn sure.  The Firefox vs. IE war has been waging on for days in our apartment, only to be efficiently solved by the patience, hard work, and endless graciousness of a volunteer web-designer.  Without HIS help, we'd have been completely sunk.  Or forced to send out stone tablets that the Flintstone's bird had etched the August issue into.  Give us just a few more days to work out the jumbles and be sure to look for the August Issue in less than a week!

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July 17, 2006

Still working out the details.

Almost a week since my last post?  Unacceptable.

Work is going very well.  I enjoy my job.  I enjoy working in an office where people seem to also enjoy their jobs.  Bonus:  I believe in what I’m doing here.  And there are windows.  Double bonus.

The new apartment is almost entirely unpacked.  Which is both shocking and wonderful.  The Cardboard Box Coalition 2006 has left to find another venue to hold their meetings.  Thank goodness.  They left crumbs everywhere from the cucumber sandwiches 

Chris and I went to the Westport Fine Arts festival on Saturday.  The artwork was exquisite.  And although the sky looked mildly threatening, these people and their $8,640 pieces of artwork remained happily in their assigned kiosks.  I can’t imagine the mental monologues that must have taken place:  “My goodness.  Looks like rain could come pouring down at any moment.  Hmmmm.   Logic would dictate I should move my overpriced painting.  However, I do not concern myself with matters of money.  Oh bother, is that a thread loose on my Brooks Brother’s sportcoat?”

FireFox is kicking my arseExist Magazine is generating a decent buzz and I’m very happy with the feedback so far.  Not so happy with the Internet Explorer vs. Firefox issue.  Vexes me as I type this.  A solution is being created for the August issue.  On that note, I am having trouble with jpeg images across the board here.  If you see a broken image on S.U.M., please email me and let me know.  I'm knee-deep in my FTP site and may need the Outsider's Perspective to fix these issues.  I have bought an industrial size tub of Tylenol in preparation for the headache.  And some black raspberry ice cream.  It is delicious stuff.

The low bloodsugars are tapering off a small bit.  I’m very relieved.  Apparently, it’s taking me a few weeks to settle back into a schedule but now that my body is starting to adjust, bloodsugars are calming back down.  Also, it's an honor to hear that  "I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Gym" is featured as a medal-winner on this week's Patient-Consumer Parade.  Check out this site if you haven't already!  My favorite chef

We saw “An Inconvenient Truth” last night at our quaint local movie theater.  This movie gave me a hybrid anxiety attack and desire to recycle.  Very frightening concept and the visual representations of the effects of global warning have been jumping into my mind all morning long.  Check out the website if you have a minute.  And buy a Civic hybrid, if you have $25,000. 

And l love Ikea.  Love it.  There was something missing from my life before.  I now realize that it was a bunch of Swedish furniture.

Update:  "McGyver Morrone" has been featured in this week's Grand Rounds, hosted by Jenni over at Chronic Babe.  Posts from fellow d-bloggers Amy, Lyrecha and Rachel are also highlighted.  Pop on over to Chronic Babe and take in the Grand Rounds, ChronicBabe-style.

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June 15, 2006

Nighttime Garbage Goblins.

What we didn't sell at the yardsale, we tossed out on the curb with a big sign that said "FREE."  Anything that wasn't claimed by passerbys would be taken by the trash collectors.

There were a few items out there, one of which was an old dresser we were tossing.  There was also a cardboard box filled with bits that didn't make our "Need It" list.  Among the contents of that box was a "Starry Starry Cow" from the Cow Parade, a toaster, and Hermy from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys.

These items have been at the curb since Monday morning.

And in the middle of the night, our little home has been visited by Nighttime Garbage Goblins. 

They don't cause any trouble or wreak any havoc, but they are having their way with our little Hermy.

Hermy in the Drawer

He's been taken from his cardboard hold and Tuesday morning we found him perched on the top of the dresser drawer.


Hermy in the Toaster

We woke Wednesday to find him tucked neatly into the toaster.

The garbage collectors come tomorrow morning and I hope, for Hermy's sake, that they put him out of his misery.

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May 27, 2006

Six Things at Home on a Saturday

1.  There’s nothing quite like taking a blogging break and catching up on the posts I’ve missed.  So far, I’ve been laughing like a loon at the following:  Who are the People in Your Neighborhood? .

2.  Two things I’ll swear by this evening:  Celestial Seasonings “Blueberry Breeze” tea and Smart Balance Omega Natural Peanut Butter.   I’m a rabid tea drinker and this one smells gorgeous:  all dark blue and deeply fruity and tastes delicious.  But the peanut butter ... I may just be a Smart Balance convert.

Chris and I fought briefly over peanut butter in the grocery store This tea is delicious.  Seriously.last week.

“What kind do you want?”  he asked.

“Same kind I always want:  Jif.  Creamy.  Yum!”


“Kerri, this one has omega-3, omega-6 and is all natural.  We should try it,” he said, pulled a jar off the shelves to read the nutrition label.

Pouting.  “But it’s probably going to taste like crap and I'll definitely tell you I told you so.”

Fast forward to three days ago, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the New PB.  Took a bite and immediately told Chris I was mistaken.

“This stuff is delicious.”

He didn’t have to say the words, but the smirk on his face told me So.

3.  Memorial Day Weekend Picnic Salute begins tomorrow with the Second "A Tro City."Annual Duck Races at my mother’s house.  Pictures to follow.  Last year, my duck definitely lost.   

4.  I am so bored with going to the gym that it’s an atrocity.  "A Tro City."  I’ve started to watch the people who attend my gym with creative fervor.  Mental soap opera being created, starring SuperFit Superfit Mom (40 year old soccer mom in terrific shape who stretches on the elliptical machine like she’s trying to mate with it) and The Terrible Twins (two guys who are clearly on steroids, wear matching outfits to the gym, and make loud grunting noises when they lift). 

5.  Damn, this tea is delicious.  Larry Bird just bobbed his head in agreement from the top of my computer speaker. 

6.  When the house is completely silent and I’m home alone and the only thing I can hear is Radiohead’s “How to Disappear Completely” and the sound of my fingers tapping the keys ... sometimes the pages just seem to write themselves.

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May 22, 2006

After the Rainstorm.

 RainbowIt rained for days on end.  I dusted off the blueprints for the ark, just in case.  Started strolling around the yard in search of two salamanders, two cats, two squirrels ... you know, to get an early start.

But then the rain stopped.

And the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen made its home above a pond in Barrington.

We stopped the car.  You could actually see where the rainbow ended, as the spectrum cast its light on the trees across the pond.  (After zealously zooming in, we saw no pot of gold.  But I did spy a bird.  That was slightly magical.)

All this craziness about new jobs and moving and stress and bloodsugars and why won't Siah Sausage stop picking the couch and can't I just wake up in the morning without craving a cup of coffee and ... 

The spin cycle that my world has been in stopped for just a moment.  And it was gorgeous.Right hand side

(Photos by Chris Sparling, 2006)

A note on that:  Chris's movie, An Uzi at the Alamo, is now available on Netflix.  If you've been wondering exactly how you can get your hands on a copy of his film, now is your chance.  Add it to your queue!  Tell your friends to rent it.  If you like your boss, tell them, too.  If you have a nice guy or woman who rides the train with you every morning, this could be that ice breaker you've been looking for.  Or just do it to see exactly why Chris and I date.  Rent "Uzi" from Netflix today!)


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