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A Handful of Items

Item One:  Arching in as topic one (oh ha, the puns!), I will be at the Annual AADE meeting in St. Louis this year.  (My poor editor-in-chief is my travel companion.  I hope she doesn't mind when I'm half on the moon from xanax for my fear of flying and rambling on nonsense about my cat until the medication wears off.)  Will any of you be there?  I'm very excited to participate in this event as a member of the dLife team.  And I'm very excited to see the big ol' Arch. 

Item Two:  Back when we went rafting, the raft guides has some rogue kayakers who skipped ahead, perched themselves on the rocky sidewalls, and snapped photographs of the rafters as we passed by.  Here is how we rolled:

Rolling down the river.

Item Three:  Wedding planning, though having taken a bit of a backseat to different work projects for both Chris and I, is in full swing.  We've booked our reception hall and nailed down our actual wedding date, so now it's time for all the other stuff - like the photographer, the church, dresses, and deciding how many flowers is really "too many."  Admittedly, I have no idea what I'm doing.  I have several books and have consulted with The Knot on several occasions (only to notice that my post about Oliver's gas was linked from their discussion boards - I laughed until I cried), but time is going by so quickly and I fear I'm falling behind. 

Our engagement party invitations came in, so that's all set to take place on August 18th (yay!), but aside from that, I'm sort of lost.  How exactly do you find a photographer?  (If anyone has any recommendations for a photographer in the RI area, I'd love to hear from you.)  How far in advance do you need to find a wedding dress?  How hard is it to wrangle all the bridesmaids into one style of dress or can I have varying styles along the same color theme?  How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, were he so inclined? 

Item Four:  Social networking is all over the place these days.  LinkedInTwitterFacebookNing networksMySpace.  Whoa.  (No, "whoa" isn't a social networking platform.  At least not yet.)  There are plenty of networking opportunities.  I'm sure there are plenty that I have no clue about.  Any new ones that you know about?

Item Five:  I don't know if you caught this link on my sidebar, but I want one of these in the worst way.  And I can't figure out why it appears to have a hand brake.  Bizarre indeed!


I just found out I won't be at AADE, and I'm quite bummed about it. Enjoy your time - the dLife booth is always hoppin' and it's really quite cool to get to meet so many educators.

You can never have too many flowers ;)

Hi, Kerri. You can never have too many flowers. It's better to get a dress sooner rather than later--especially if you go through a "clearing house" place. Things always go wrong. As for finding a florist, photographer, etc. After 3 days of pounding the pavement looking for our own and crying to my parents, we hired a wedding planner. They can be as involved or as uninolved as you want, and they will save your sanity. Trust me!

OMG, I want that exercise bike too just so I can lean back and have the keyboard perched up like that. That looks sooo comfy. And then I'd have a little fridge with snacks under my desk. Wow, I'd be set for sure.

The only piece of wedding advice I have for you is concerning the bridesmaids. Leave NO DECISIONS up to them concerning picking dresses. Pick the dresses, tell them where to buy them, and leave it to them to make their fitting appts. You will save a TON of headaches that way.

Kerri-Good job you went rafting and your afraid of flying. I love the picture-where are you sitting? Talk with you later,


The Arch is very cool. We went up to the top and let me warn you it was noisy and kind of scary but when you get to the top it is so worth it. I hope you enjoy your trip, just stay out of East St. Louis. =)

You can never have too many flowers. Don't buy your wedding dress based on how much you weight you think you can lose by then, and bridesmaids should all look classy yet elegant and don't make the poor girls buy dresses that they'll never want to wear again.

1: No I am not :(
2: That looks awesome!
3: We found ours by word of mouth. Ask around I am sure you will get plenty of responses about that.
4: Pownce - It is about the coolest Social Networking site I have seen. Like Twitter but with more awesomeness. If you want an invite let a ninja know. It is by invite only right now.
5: Must. Have. Geek-a-Cycle.

Hey Kerri.. check your email--i know a photographer near RI :)

I probably spent less than 9 months planning my wedding, but at no point did I ever feel like I knew what I was doing. Then I would get irritated reading some of the books because they were all telling me I should have done things a zillion months in advance, or maybe I should have been planning/dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl. Sigh.

As for your bridesmaids, I personally recommend the color theme over the same style. However, my 4 bridesmaids ranged between 5'2" and 5'11", all with very different body types, so it was the best option available. It also helps if your bridesmaids end up having weird body issues. My maid of honor absolutely REFUSED to wear anything without sleeves.

But..well, you can check out the effect here...



I think I bought my dress about 4 months before the wedding, but it was from David's Bridal and didn't need alterations, so it wasn't exactly a hard-to-order style. In the end, I wish I'd had it shortened a bit. I thought the high heels wouldn't kill my feet, but about halfway through our ceremony I wanted to take them off!

On weddings -- you do exactly what makes YOU happy and don't worry about what people think.

What people thought got in our way and so we got married in my preacher's front room which eneded up being a very cool way of getting married.


I was supposed to go Kerri, but unfortunately I have something that came up that day, maybe I'll see you at the next one.

I just got engaged a few weeks ago, and I empathize with you on the wedding dilemmas. I just want to have some fun. I don't want to make so many decisions! I don't know if you have a crazy mom like me, but she is making me do that Filene's Running of the Brides thing where I'll have to actually wrestle people to the ground to get a dress. She's intense!! Be thankful that you won't be doing that. Congrats on picking the date and the venue, that's more than I can say at this point. :)

I was a bridesmaid two years and the bride selected the brand, line and color dress and let everyone pick what she liked. The 5 bridesmaids all had a different style and I've been able to wear the dress to several formal occasions since.

Don't stress to much about the wedding - it's the marriage that's important, not the day : ) I planned my entire wedding on spring break my junior year of college. The reception was a budget deal but we are still happy 19 years later.

Not sure how the logistics of getting a cake from here would be for you....but we were married in Andover, MA and our cake came from this place in new hampshire


the most delicious and perfectly gorgeous cake, and a very reasonable (by elegant wedding cake standards) price

Happy planning!

Ditto on the two above...that not to stress to much about the wedding, its the vows between the two of you. Things have a way of falling in places and it will be beautiful no matter what to celebrate yours and Chris' love. One of the best advices I got, go out on a date and use that day or evening not to talk about the wedding planning. A nice balance. Or destinate a couple days of the week after work not to talk about the planning.

I found a dress off the rack at a bridal store and alternated once three months before the ceremony (was engaged for six months). The dress will find you. Maybe go with a friend, sister or mom and make a special day out of it. Let them know what you have in mind, and they can help you dig out dresses and if you cant find it that day. Still go out to lunch or breakfast and let it roll.

Love the rafting picture. Its fun to do things that want to accomplish in life.

One day for my 40th birthday, along with two other college friends who will turn 40 that year, we plan to go tandem skydiving which we all never done before. A nice transition to turn 40. LOL


booked spot 10 months ahead
found dress 9 months ahead
booked most other stuff 8 months ahead

Probably could have waited another month or two on all those.

I agree with Shannon - pick a bridesmaid dress YOU like and THINK they will like. Saves you headaches.

The cycle needs to turn a generator that powers the computer. Enjoy the planning. You'll remember it as much as the wedding.

Well the new thing as far social micro blogging is Pownce.com The nice thing about it over something like Twitter is that you can post notes, links, files and events. I think of it as a website email fowarding organization tool. If someone in your group of friends posts something you can all be notified by it and then you can reply to that on the site kind of like a blog. It beats having to have an email thread with like 20 replies. Its still new and invite only but I have some invites if you are looking to try it. Once you get invited you also get more invites so its pretty easy to get your friends on it.

My husband and I planned our March '06 weddding in Puerto Rico - from NYC! And we did it all ourselves.

Get the following from Staples:

1. A big white 3 ring binder - the kind with a clear sleeve on the outside so you can personalize it. For example:

"Kerri's Big Fat Wedding Book"

2. A few packs of index tabs

3. A portable 3 hole punch

Use the binder and index tabs to keep contracts, pages torn from wedding mags, guest lists, hotel info, honeymoon ideas, budgets - everything in ONE place.

I still have my book and have made suggestions to friends using things I saved in it.

And we loved our photographer - Karen Cunningham - not from Rhode Island - but local enough!


Once your wedding day arrives forget all the planning you've done and enjoy your wedding day!!!

Well, you're slim, so finding a dress won't be a huge chore, but still, sooner is better.

Depends on how matchy-matchy you want everyone to be on the bridesmaids. You could do same colour, different styles if it's going to be casual.

You can never have too many flowers, in my opinion.

This shit is why I eloped and got married in a red Chinese tunic and black trousers. Planning gives me the fidgets. You're way more organized than I am, though.

Sorry I can't help you on the photos.

Hi Kerri,

I just recently left my job at a bridal shop. After working there for 7 years, I've learned a thing or 2 million about weddings, especially wedding gowns. I wish I had been this knowledgable when I planned my wedding! If you're ordering your gown, sooner is always better. There's no such thing as getting a gown too early. Some brides find this out the hard way. As far as photographers and such, my cousin used to be a wedding planner. I'm sure I could get some referrals from her. I can give you her contact info if you'd like. Good luck with the rest of your planning!

My wedding photog was great, and works out of Stoneham. Would be happy to give you details if you like. Keep in mind if you want formal shots (posed pix of each table, for example) versus a journalistic style (many candids, unposed shots), color versus black & white versus a mix, and of course, budget.

The more flowers the better, I say, and the more color, the better.

And personally, I picked a color (navy) and had the people in the wedding party pick out whatever dresses they wanted in that color. Everyone looked great. I was a bridesmaid in a similar wedding and I've definitely worn the dress again.

Regarding the wedding dress, everyone always thinks they want a big fancy wedding dress with a big fancy train, but unless you are going to change into something else for the reception, don't do it! Simple is best. The only regret I have about my wedding is getting a "heavy" dress and having to wear that thing from about 10AM until Midnight. I could not WAIT to get to my room and get that dress off! (And not because it was the honeymoon night, either) So choose something simple and light, you won't regret it! Also, don't get hung up on everything being "perfect." Focus on being happy. For example, Will 300 foil wrapped boxes of candy wrapped in tulle and ribbon make you happy? If so, then great. If not, then don't bother. And if they end up without ribbon, don't sweat it, they will still be fine and no one will know how they were suppose to be. Make your plan to enjoy your day and don't stress out on the details. People get too hung up on how everything is going to look instead of focusing on how you are going to FEEL.

A lot of people have said stuff about weddings already, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

1) Make sure your photographer is going to do a great job. We went with a less expensive solution, more a la carte ordering, and couldn't get a hold of her to do the album afterward. No one needs that kind of headache.

2) It's easier to get the dress to be smaller after you alter it - if it's a little tight or short somewhere, go with the next size up and have everything else slimmed down. I purchased mine very far in advance and wished I had been more realistic about what size I would be at the time of the wedding (though I was also completing a master's degree at the same time - I don't recommend THAT to anyone ;).

3) Do what makes you happy when it comes to planning, but let other people help you make decisions. If they know you at all, they won't suggest really awful stuff whether it's bridesmaids' dresses or what readings to have during the ceremony. You have WAYYYY too many things to decide every last niggling little detail yourself.

4) It's really hard to make any flowers look bad unless you deliberately try. Flowers are pretty by definition.

Congrats on the engagement, hope the wedding planning goes smoothly.

Item #4: And now there is Moli.com!


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