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Chris and I went into NYC over the weekend for a delicious meal in Greenwich Village and some general wandering.  Dinner was wonderful - fantastic bruschetta and parmesean-encrusted chicken with grilled asparagus - and the city was warm and alive.

Walking through the subway labyrinth, we saw a gathered crowd.  They were all staring at this:

The full farting scene.

So we stared, too.  People dropped dollar bills into the bucket and the performers would shift their scene slightly.  I noticed that one of the actors was sporting a rather unusual hindpiece:

This man needs a specialist.

His fellow performers reacted accordingly:


Ah New York.  I can't think of anything this city doesn't have.


Were they miming being blown away by a fart?

I hate mimes.

Nothing worse than a fart trapped in an invisible glass box, but at least you have to pull a rope instead of a finger.

Lately you've had an interesting gas theme to your blog Kerri :)

I can't help what I come across in the wilds of the city! ;)

LMAO @ Kelsey. I was going to mention that the theme of the week is: Farts.

That's it, I must get to NYC.

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