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Hope, Dreams, and Reality - A Mom's Perspective.

Mom posts again.  :)Once again, my mother is making a cameo appearance on Six Until Me.  She has a permanent "right to post" on this blog, and it's always an honor when she voices her perspectives.  Thanks, Mom, for another "Mother's Perspective."

"So my daughter, Kerri, is getting married.


When Kerri was first diagnosed as a little girl and having almost no knowledge of Type I Diabetes, the thought flew through my mind one day that maybe a wedding was not in her future. What did I know then? Not much! Through the years of experiencing the growing pains of a child with diabetes and educating myself, I knew on an intellectual level that it was indeed possible.

However, as a parent, I was always waiting for the “other shoe to drop” so to speak. Things go wrong, things happen. I would tell myself not to think “too” much or I would make her and myself crazy. After all, it was paramount in my mind that she be a normal child doing normal things and not being held back in anyway, shape or form because of her diabetes. (Not that she would allowed herself to be held back – she takes after her Grammie, independent!).  But, it was always there in the back of my mind.

I am so happy that she has found Chris who is a wonderful person who accepts the total package of Kerri Lynn Morrone as she accepts him. He watches out for her, not unlike I used to.   (Editor's Note:  Mom, you still do look out for me.)  She is very capable of taking care of herself but all the mothers and fathers out there reading this will know exactly what I mean. We could all use a second pair of eyes watching our children, it just makes us feel better. It makes them safer.

It will be a glorious celebration of love and life next May. Diabetes is a part of Kerri’s life and of her family that loves her. But, I will try to stop waiting for “the other shoe to drop” because no one knows what the future will hold and worrying is wasted energy. When there is something to worry about, then I will worry.

I have three wonderful kids, two beautiful grandchildren that are so dear to me, and I look forward to having more of the latter. (No pressure or anything!!)

-- Kerri’s Mom"

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Don't we love our mothers??? They are so wonderful to us. I fully intend on sending this to my mom. I am sure she has had similar thoughts over the years, and I know she will appreciate the viewpoint. Now I have to go give my mom a hug. :)

Hey Kerri's mom,

From one mom to another (((big hug))). I hope my boy turns out half as well as your Kerri. You've done a great job with her. She is blessed to have you as a mother and to have Chris as a fiance.

This was so lovely.

Kerri is sort of the ideal I have in my head for how I'd like my daughter to live her life as an adult with type 1. Thinking about O going out on her own scares the crap out of me, but then I look at people like Kerri and Nicole and countless others and know that it's possible. I can only hope that my daughter meets someone as terrific as Chris.

This was just precious and I am passing onto my d-in-law Kim.

In regards to "worry", I remember my Gramma had a little sign posted right by the "throne" in her bathroom - right down at eye level so we could not miss it - hence, it has been engraved on my mind since I was 6 -
"Worry is like a rocking chair - keeps you busy but don't get you no where".

I am so happy for your family's wedding plans. What a joyous time for all of you!

Grammie, Mom, and Chris? Dang Kerri all you need is a wacky cat or two and you will be set... ;)

I love it when your mom posts. Thanks Kerri's mom!

My eyes are watery. What a beautiful story! That you for sharing. And kudos to Kerri's mom for raising a daughter like Kerri.

awww!! love her guest posts.

Kerri's Mom,
I love your posts, and have learned so much from them. I have the same hopes, dreams and worries for my son, Noah.
Thank you for helping me to see that taking good care of him and his diabetes doesn't mean restricting him , but letting him fly.

Kerri's Mum

I have been admiring your daughter's writing and thoughts for almost a year now. My Demarco is 6, I have had the same thoughts in regards to witessing Demarco metamorphasize into a man who happens to have Type 1 Diabetes who is full of love of life. If I can observe year by year and watch Demarco morph into a man, I would be so exhaulted if my Demarco turned out to be half the person and advovate that Kerri is.She is truly his hero, and I guess we have you to thank partly for instiling strength amd courage in Kerri. Enjoy the wedding!!!

Will she wake up?
Will she "get better"?
Will she go to college?
Will anyone want to date her?
Will anyone hire her?
Will she ever get married?
The more I'm in this battle against diabetes, and I have been fully engaged since 9/26/92, the more I realize that my initial feelings and reactions to Kaitlyn being diagnosed have not changed an inch. Your voice of experience is a comfort. I thank you for sharing.

What a heart warming article. My daughter is 12 - and has had diabetes since she was 7. Mothers (and fathers) are the key to ensuring that their children live happy, healthy lives. Sounds like you've done a wonderful job. I was touched by your story.

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