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Six Friday Bits.

Irony.  I keep a stockpile of DVDs of the dLife shows (different versions) at my desk at work.  They are tucked neatly into a large Godiva chocolate box.  Irony, anyone?

English majors.  Chris and I designed the invitations to our engagement party and sent the proof to the printers.  However, my editor/writer eyes and his editor/writer eyes did not notice that one of the E's had taken a bit of a jaunt off the proof.  The invitations are sitting on my desk, all printed out and ready to send, inviting people to our enGAGment party.  Oh dear.  I've consulted with several Typos suck.friends, family members, and co-workers and they say "Send them out like that!  You two are silly enough to get away with it."  Okay.  But for the record, we are going to proofread the actual wedding invitations until our eyes start to bleed.  Misspelled invitations from the writers.  Perfect. 

Dexcom.  Dexcom and I will reunite next week for a few days because my afternoon blood sugars look a little dodgy and require some reigning in.  Posts to follow.  Possibly graphs.  And Siah may use a laser pointer to go through the Power Point presentation.  Or she may run like a fool after the laser pointer until she tires herself out and falls asleep on my head.  Again.  Blasted cat.

Wedding.  I bought a dress yesterday for a wedding we're going to in August.  I love Ann Taylor to the point where I drove an hour of my way last night in commuter traffic to go pick up this gorgeous dress (they didn't have my size in Westport and I couldn't control the impulse).  I am considering Ann Taylor for my bridesmaid dresses - classic, elegant, and they won't make anyone's wallet keel over and seize.  I'm also seriously considering hiring a wedding consultant because I can't seem to make it all happen without issue.  (See above "enGAGment" party.) 

Sleep.  Where fore art thou, sleep?  I caught an article in Women's Health last month about how today's twenty somethings aren't catching nearly enough naps.  Whatever do they mean?  Isn't it normal to be up until 2 in the morning working on assorted goodies?  Don't most people get 5 hours of sleep?  Isn't sarcasm detectable over the internet?  I think the hands on my internal clock are spinning wildly, because I haven't had a solid 8 hours of sleep in a few months.  It's always go-go-go all the time - I'm itching to take a whole weekend and do NOTHING.  Are we, as young people, cramming too much into one day?  Is it normal to have a list of "to do" lists?  Does anyone else stay up all freaking night? 

Weekend.  Heading home to RI as soon as possible, hoping the weather holds out and I have the chance to hit the beach for a few  hours.  Have a good weekend, and ... oh for crying out loud, Sausage.  Get off my laptop.


All this wedding planning, but since you yourself are a wedding crasher, do you have plans for possible crashers at yours?

That dress is great! I totally would have driven for it too!!

What I read...."Have a nap"

HA! Funny what my eyes picked out.

I work a shift rotation that is 4 on, 4 off - I consider myself lucky even though my shifts are 12 hours. I have to reserve 1 of those 4 days where I have NOTHING planned and that is my day to sleep in and do whatever I want - not whatever I HAVE to do.....best advice I was ever given and I always follow :)

As for the wedding consultant - Go for it! (and as I write this I am wearing Ann Taylor - my favorite....hard to track down in Nova Scotia except for at out US Second hand clothes store "frenchy's" where we get the "line ends" and "store samples".....for typically $3-$5 a piece. Gotta love that!

I love Ann Taylor. You should be able to find some pretty bridesmaid's dresses there.

And the one you bought...I love it.

As mushy and sweet on each other as you and Chris are, it surely will be an engagment party...hehe.

-I was incredibly embarrassed by the grammatical error on our wedding invitations (after combing through them several hundred times). But no one seemed to notice until I pointed it out...

-Laser pointers!

-I'm back to my normal 7-8 hours of sleep this week. I couldn't imagine only getting 5. But you know, I'm OLD in my thirties.

Hi Kerri! First of all I have to say that your blog has been a HUGE help to me. My daughter, 11, was diagnosed last summer. I think I found you through Delaine; she sent me the post about Officer Mark that appeared on dLife. I went to both PC and URI but I now live in WA state and honestly I read the blog just as much for the tidbits on RI as for anything. I have to tell you that YES, that is a beautiful dress and YES their dresses make terrific bridal wear. I just went to a wedding in Portsmouth RI at the Glen Manor and it was all just beautiful. The bridesmaids were wearing nice strapless Ann Taylor jacquard dresses. so pretty! (If you email me I will give you the link for the photographers website and you can see real people, not models, wearing the dresses as well as some nice shots of around Glen Manor.) Thanks again Kerri for all the good stuff here !

Irony? How about passing a Dunkin' Donuts walking to your Endo appointment this morning! Mmmmmmm....carb-free donut...(like that'll ever happen)

Dahling, what you need iz und wedding planner. Franz is your boy! We'll get some niiiice dresses, and pick out a cahk.

hi kerry,
its obvious that no one likes to work on weekends.
I hope u will enjoying at the seashore and without laptop and will be charging yourself for another hectic week


I am definitely not an English major nor an editor but when I proof stuff, I always read the words backwards or bottom to top etc.

I think an English major taught me that ;-)

What is funny about that miss...common spell checker should have caught that one.


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