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Technical Difficulties

On July 4th of last week, my blog asserted its independence, the little bugger. 

It up and left me.

I went to sign in on Wednesday afternoon to publish some comments and leave a "Gone Raftin'" post.   When I logged into the Movable Type platform, I received this:

Couldn't load blog; perhaps you have not upgraded your MT database? - Loading data failed with SQL error Can't open file: 'mt_blog.MYI' (errno: 145)

Perhaps I had what?  Most of those words didn't make sense to me.  Beads of sweat on my forehead, I tried to log in again, only to have the computer flip me the finger and start making ticking sounds.

Addicted to blogging and having no clue how to access my portal to the blogosphere, I panicked and called the yahoos at Yahoo! customer service.  Press "one" twice.  Press "three."  Count alphabetically to 80, in German.  Juggle three cats and a chainsaw while humming the theme to The Facts of Life.  Oh, and don't put them on speakerphone because they'll hear you bitching once they finally pick up.

After being transferred seven different times, speaking with four different Yahoos, and allowing my voice to start issuing forth comments like, "You don't have a supervisor and you cannot transfer my call?  Unless you work at the bottom of a well on the moon, I am inclined to believe you are lying," I was transferred to Ryan.

"Hi, Ryan.  I was just told you didn't exist.  It's nice to meet you." 

All seven IT people had told me my blog was murdered by the Yahoo! mySQL (my Squirrel?) database and that I would have to rebuild the whole damn thing.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I needed Ryan to tell me everything was okay.

"Kerri, your files were deleted during the course of the error.  You will need to rebuild your entire blog."

Ryan and I exchanged pleasantries.  In my mind, I was pinching him.

And then I went away on vacation, leaving my blog wounded and without updates.

So I apologize to anyone who has been trying to leave comments and received the "We cannot display this page because Yahoo! is run by third graders, thank you." page.  I'll be reposting the last few entries here for those of you who sent emails.  Unfortunately, old posts will not be able to receive comments anymore, but they will remain in tact in the archives.

And I apologize for leaving Michael Moore's goofy face staring at you since last Tuesday. 

Things should be in normal working order now, but if anyone runs into any technical difficulties on this new platform, please email me and let me know.  I'll be rebuilding Ye Olde Blogroll and Your Story this week, so bear with me for a few more days.

For now, I'm off to download the pictures from the white-water rafting trip (Jenn, I'm emailing them to you tomorrow!) and reunite myself with my insulin pump. 

More tomorrow! 


Yay - you're back from your trip safely! Can't wait to hear about your adventures and how the pump-less experience went.

I was a little curious about not seeing any new updates after your SiCKO entry...but figured you were too busy to blog with the upcoming trip and all the prep. It stinks that your Yahoo! experience wasn't worthy of such a positive exclamation. Best line: "We're cannot display this page because Yahoo! is run by third graders, thank you". Glad to have you and your wit back intact, even if the blog isn't!! :)

Oh, the joys of the internet. LOL

Of course, you could always move SUM to a responsible provider like Dr. Simon. Yeh, I know, a shameless plug for me and I'm only joking.

At least SUM is back, I was suffering withdrawl symptoms.

Welcome back, Kerri! We missed you! VERY glad not to be staring at Mr Moore any longer!

Looking forward to seeing pics & getting back to our regular kerri posts.

[And congrats for not going totally batty while all this happened - I'm sure I would have!]

Welcome back! Have you had enough water?

Too bad about your blog...what a hassle. I was wondering why you didn't post a farewell message to us.

OH NO!! I am sorry the computer world failed you - and now left this extra work for you to do!! All the best!!


A good nudge to the rest of us who have asssembed monster blogs to BACK UP OUR BLOGS. And to back up the silly template if we are on services like Blogger.

You'd think Yahoo would keep backups, but it looks like you'd be wrong.

Jenny, you are so right. BACK UP YOUR BLOGS AND YOUR TEMPLATES! The only reason I'm up and running today is because I constantly save my indexes and style sheets. Otherwise, I would be crying right now. And the blog would most likely be hideously formatted.

Instead, I'm back and running and so happy to have rejoined the blogosphere. :)


I'm sorry you've had so much trouble with your blog. It must be a big pain trying to get everything straight again.

I tried to comment on your Sicko post and got this message: "We cannot display this page because Yahoo! is run by third graders, thank you" (well, not exactly, but it was pretty close)

Glad to see you're back up and running.

That was me that commented last, by the way. I keep forgetting to fill in my info.

Sixuntil me will now be held to stringent ISO9000 Backup procedures.

This is a stupid question, but how do you back up your blog? I know I can copy and paste my template, but how do I do that to old posts?

I'm glad you're back. I was starting to get mildly concerned. Not a full-out panic, more of a "Hmm, wonder if everything's ok," kind of thing.

For Blogger, I think you just need to keep copies of your style sheet and index templates. For people running blogging platforms (like Movable Type, Wordpress, Vox, etc.) off different hosts, all the main files need to be backed up.

It's a huge pain in the ass, but being able to rebuild my blog in a few hours vs. a few weeks is a bonus.

Welcome back. Sorry for the computer woes.

I use Blogger, but I have it FTP everything to my own servers. One of these days I may migrate it all to a different platform.

Can't wait to see the pics!

I believe I have found the quickest and simplest solution for the problem.

Log in into your phpMyAdmin. If you do not have it installed go to http://webhosting.yahoo.com/ and install it. The process if fairly easy.

Then read this tutorial http://www.sixapart.com/movabletype/docs/3.2/01_installation_and_upgrade/mysql_backup_restore.html

Back up you DB. You won't be able to backup the mt_blog.MYI but the rest should. Save the backup file.

After that deactivate your blog form the webhosting interface and then re-install it.

The go back to phpMyAdmin and restore your databases.

Log into your blog and click the rebuild site button.

And that is it. All your blog will be up and running like before.

Have a nice day.

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