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AADE Goodies - The Info Version

The AADE conference was pretty damn interesting, if I do say so myself.  (And I believe I just did.)  Between having my picture taken with a pancreas, meeting some of the most influential members of the diabetes community (i.e. Kelly Close, Jeff Hitchcock, James Hirsch, and others), and drinks at a jazz bar in St. Louis, my camera is now crammed with photos.

There was plenty to see in terms of diabetes developments.  Today's post is the "Info Version" of the trip.  (Tomorrow will be the "Chaos Theory.")

The conference itself was like a petri dish of the newest treatment and technology for diabetics and those who are caring for diabetics.  I saw every company from Dexcom and Agamatrix to Groovy Patches and Murray's.  It was almost overwhelming to see how many products there are for diabetics.

The Jazz by Agamatrix.

The team over at Agamatrix continues to impress with their Wavesense-powered Keynote meter.  (Read my review here.)  I had a chance to speak with some of the team about their next generation meter, the Jazz.  The Jazz is smaller, sleeker, and looks less like it was ripped from the guts of my old TRS-80 computer.  The accuracy of the Agamatrix meters is solid and the software is among the best I've seen.  And they were giving away iPod shuffles to the educators.  Accurate meters and tunes?  Good deal, that.

I also spent some time talking with Scott Dunton, world class surfer guy and a friend of Medtronic Minimed.  We hung out and I caught a glimpse of the soon-to-be released Medtronic "Seal."  It's a waterproof case for Minimed pumps, perfect for surfing or white-water rafting.  More details coming soon on this, but here's what the proto-type looks like:

"The Seal" from Medtronic.

Over at the dLife booth, we were talking about our MyDiabetesEducator sites and signing up the educators with their personal websites.  We also had a one-armed bandit machine and were giving away prizes all conference long - we handed out a spa vacation on Friday!   

dLife booth

I also had the honor and pleasure of meeting Cathy Feste, author of "Tips & Tales from 50 Years with Diabetes," and my new personal hero.  She has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 50 years and when I told her that I had been diabetic for almost 21 years, she grabbed my hands and said, "You're going to be just fine, my friend."  Her smile is vibrant and inspiring.  I'll admit it - I teared up when she hugged me.

Over at Patton Medical, I saw the i-Port injection port.  After chatting with Rick Wittenbraker, COO of Patton Medical, I took at look at the device itself.  It is essentially a pump infusion site that you inject a syringe into instead of hooking up a pump.  This product seems to be a good gateway to pumping, letting a diabetic get used to a "port" on their body without the added hardware.   I haven't had a chance to try one yet, but I'm interested in hearing other people's experiences.

Oh yeah, and then there were the incredible vocal stylings of jazz singer Kim Massie.  And the adventure at White Castle.  And my photo shoot with a pancreas and a few bugs.  More tomorrow for the Chaos Theory Edition!


How exciting! I'd really like to meet Jeff one day. The "Seal" looks pretty good, too.

WOW! Its seems like that meeting was quite interesting...the waterproof pump thinggy for medtronic look awesome! That would have been great for ur water rafting trip i guess huh?!? lol and also..my friend from Diabetes camp is on the iport. It was soo cool watching and learning how it worked at camp haha i would always watch..it was really cool. It was just like a pump site and she used an insulin pen and injected threw the site. it was fancy! lol But it looks like there is a lot to look forward to in diabetes management! yay

I love Cathy Feste. She is such an inspiration isn't she?

Cathy Feste is from Minneapolis. When I read that she has had db for 50 years, I was sent in a headspin because the first time I met her, she was honoring her 25th year..........do the math....holy smokes, that was 25 years ago.
She has also been a speaker at a couple of Dr. Edelman's TCOYB presentations here in town.
Yup, she is warm and compassionate and also believes that attitude is half the battle. So glad you got to meet her.

Great info, thanks for sharing.

Yeah for the WATERPROOF case! I love that! Just what all of us MiniMed uses have wished for!

Thanks, Kerri, for the great information update. It's overwhelming at times to try to keep up with all the advances and gadgets out there.

I'm a new reader to your blog (about 2 weeks), and have been very inspired by you and have begun perusing the diabetes OC community. As a 30 year old Type 1 Diabetic (diagnosed at age 11), I'm in a slump with my management and attitude, and really appreciate the online blogs that make me feel normal and like so many people "get me" and understand. My twin sister also has type 1 (since age 8) so we have each other, but we always felt like we were the only ones. I've intoduced her to your blog, as well. We're both happy you're out there in cyberspace cheering us on with your stories and truth. Thank you, Kerri, and all the other T1 bloggers out there!

Thank you for the information. My daughter is two and getting shots right now (only dx for 2 months) so the iport sounds very interesting to me and a stepping stone to a pump!

Great information - it's terrific to see all the new diabetes developments!

What kind of Medtronic pump is that... looks like an ipod and that's the only pic I've seen of that one. Hmmm... ordering some of those groovypatches for my wife, she'd love 'em.

The pump is a Minimed 522. The case is actually made by the same company that makes the iPod cases. :)

And the Groovy Patches are very cool.

After a week at the beach, I say "Hurry up" to the watertight case.

I don't think that my insurance covers strips for the Agamatrix meters. The formulary for BCBS-IL has Accu-Cheks and Precisions. Lucky for me the Accu-Cheks and Precision meters are pretty good.

I have been trying to find that Seal waterproof case and can't seem to. I see that anything I do find are comments form 2007. Did that ever come to the market?

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