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Six Quick Friday Linky Bits.

Better late than never, right?

1.  Life has been spinning so quickly that I haven't had much time for blogging this week.  The result of all this work will be worth it, but now, in the throes of it all, I'm realizing how much money I spend on iced coffee each week.  Holy crap. 

2.  I followed a link on Julia's blogClick to view my Personality Profile page and took the Briggs-Myers personality test, online of course.  My results?  Apparently I'm in appropriate company:  Robin Williams, Dr. Seuss, and Balki from Perfect Strangers.  Of course.  And in the recommended career paths, I see "writer" and "massage therapist."  Of course again.  Take it - what's your result?

3.  Ever the walky-type, I've decided to do both the RI and the Fairfield County JDRF walks.  Team dLife will make an appearance on September 30th in CT, and Team Six Until Me will be making it a hat trick on October 21st in RI.  (Hi Nicole!  Would love to have you join us!)  Should be a rockin' time!

4.  Siah has requested that I let everyone know there's a new LOL Diabetes Facebook group.  Yes, Sausage, I told them.  No, you can't type.  No, Siah, leave the keyboard alone.  Siah ... stop messing around on the  oij 34tqg 24lkjmr wq olij WV .  That cat is a menace.

5.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  This is easily the most ridiculous site of all time:  KittenWar!  You visit, are presented with two competing kitten pictures, and you click on which one is the cutest.  Completely foolish.  I spent about an hour doing it.  I'm ashamed.  But it was fun.  (By the by, there are other cats named "Sausage."  I was shocked.)

6.  I've recently been outed (at the enGAGment party, but prior to that at the Sting conceStephanie!rt) that I have a serious musical guilty pleasure:  Beyonce.  I can't help it - her music gets stuck in my head and next thing I know, I'm priming my insulin pump and humming "Crazy in Love."  I re-discovered another guilty pleasure today - El DeBarge.  "Who's Johnny?" makes me sing along and also makes me long for Johnny 5.  (More input!)  Man, I loved Short Circuit.

Off to RI early in the morning for the bridal shower of one of my (six!) college roommates.  Ah, wedding season.  Maybe I should think about planning mine sometime soon. 

Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!


We quite often watch Short Circuit - my 5 year old loves it!

When she was an older kitten/young cat, we called Kahlua "Meat Tube"...

Oh my! I LOVED Balki! I didn't think anyone remembered that show!
Two walks...amazing. Have fun and lots of luck! I am doing my first walk ever in TN on September 29th. No team though. Just me. Maybe a team will be an idea for next year...

I loved Short Circuit too! And no one ever remembers it! What about David the Gnome (the other thing no one ever remembers except me...)

I got the same result on the test as you...Joseph Campbell is on the list too. ;) that makes me happy.

Just purchasd the dvd as my mom has never seen the movie.

Man you're lucky you got Balki!!! Hanibal Lector's in my group as is Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice..it's a lovely combination lol.

FYI, at my wedding the bridal party was introduced into the reception to "Crazy In Love" and it was a big hit. Y'know, in case you're looking for a good place to slip in some Beyonce/Jay-Z. :)

I am INFP. Seems Julia's in good company.

BTW, Short Circuit rocks!

If you like KittenWar you should check this out

Hi Kerri,

I actually have already added you to my blogroll. :) Thanks for adding me!

I almost bought Short Circuit the other day! Now, I wish I had.

Your blog is great. I must tell my mother about it. I think she would like it too :)

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