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The EnGAGment Party.

It was the perfect weather.

It was the hula hoop contest that Chris and I lost instantly (we were simply horrible) but my Aunt Dana won hands down. 

It was the delicious food and the chocolate fountain.

It was the bartender, who made the most delicious cosmo I have ever had, and also made non-alcoholic strawberry shakes for the kids who were belly-up to the bar. 

It was my mother and Chris's mother, wearing flowered leis and big straw hats, circling the tables on the lawn and coercing people to join their conga line.

It was my nephew C and my niece-to-be MP playing with little plastic army men while they sat at a teeny table for two.

It was my mother and father at the same table, laughing, after almost a decade of divorce.

It was my Baby Niece A, dancing (with her father's help) to YMCA.

It was my sister in VA, calling in to say hi to everyone.  (We missed you, Court!!) 

The beautiful Batman, my silly self, and NBF.

It was my two best friends, together once again, to celebrate with me.

It was the tireless work of Chris's mom and her significant other, making all the arrangements for our families to be together and celebrate.  (Diane and L, an endless thank you.)

It was a string of decent blood sugars, despite the cake, the cosmos, and the chaos.

Kerri, NBF, and Future Sister-In-Law

It was watching my friends getting to know my future sister-in-law, and leaning in to me and whispering, "Your new family is wicked cool!"

It was having my whole family together in one place.

It was Chris's speech, as he thanked everyone for coming to celebrate our engagement.  He stopped, mid-sentence, and almost confessed, "You know?  I'm really looking forward to getting married." 

You know what, baby? 

I am, too.


Aw, Kerri, this got me all teary... Congratulations to you and Chris - and congratulations to your new family - because you are wicked cool too! :D

And, as usual, you look beautiful in those photos.

I'm going to cry :(

It sounded like just the kind of party I expected you both to have...loads of fun and good feelings.

Nicole and Shannon - Thank you! :) It was such a nice time. And wicked fun.

And Nicole, I'm sort of wasted in the first picture. Hence the fact that you can see ALL of my teeth. ;)

I thought someone just said something to make you laugh real hard... Beautiful nonetheless... Wasted or not.

Awww... the way you describe it makes me feel almost like a part of it. And you got me all teary too.

Congratulations again, to you both.

Congrats, girl! :)

How wonderful for you!

I hope you are always as happy as you are this day.

I can't wait till Nurse and I get to take you out with all your other girlfriends for your "last" night as a single woman!!! the Pictures from that will be so bad you can't post them!!

Love you!!! Batman

Congratulations, Kerri!

You're just glowing in those photos-- I love it.

So happy for you both. :-)


What a great time! I am so happy for you both!

Awwwww. This was lovely. It sounds like a heavenly day.

Every time I talk about you two to anyone, I say "They're just so adorable." And you are. If you weren't so stinkin' nice, I'd have to dislike you just on principle. ;)

Sounds like a good time. And bonus!!... you're both looking forward to getting hitched, always a plus.


Congratulations! The party sounds just wonderful!

Hey Kerri,

Big Congrats!!! Great pictures too, good times indeed.

Beautiful. I just know you're going to have an amazing wedding. Congrats again! :)

Congratulations!! Sounds like a phenomenal time, and I know you have many more to come!


I'm so glad the day went well. And Saturday was just beautiful all over New England. The pictures say it all, you're just beaming.

Congrats to both of you. Now that the enGAGment pahty is behind you what will you do?

Congrats from all of us in Kylee's family!

It has been such a pleasure getting to know you....

I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time. Sounds like everything was perfect.
Congratulations again!

Congratulations! It looks as though the enGAGment party was a roaring success - yay for you guys!

Looking forward to bridal shower pictures, wedding pictures, and all that good stuff. You're going to be such a beautiful bride!!! Sheesh, almost makes me wish I could go back and get married all over again. :)

Congrats, Kerri! It sounds like a beautiful time and a wonderful memory! I'm so happy for you!


You are so damn cute I can't stand it! I just got a note in my email from the knot.com 8 months to go!! ololol


That made me cry, and I just put my dang make up on!!! LOL

Congratulations! Sounds like y'all had an excellent time together! :0)

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