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Apple Demons and Dress Decisions

Chris and I were driving home to Rhode Island on Saturday morning.  I brought along a few apples to munch on while we traveled. 

"Want your apple now?"  I asked him, reaching into my massive purse that was home to my wallet, my meter, some gum, assorted lip gloss tubes, one lone syringe, and various pieces of fruit.


I handed it to him, but as I did, I saw the apple demon.

The apple demon, from afar.

"Oh my God your apple has a face."  We looked closer.  And right at the stem, where the leaves were once attached, was this little face staring back at us.

This apple demon is wearing a hat.  Of course.

So we took the apple demon's picture.  Like you do.

I spent Saturday up on Boston with my college roommates and we hit the Seaport for a booze cruise event.  The boat, playing host to almost 1,000 people, was listing severely to one side and we thought it was going to tip over.  Or maybe it didn't have a V-8.  Either way, we were dressed to match the "black-and-white" theme and we partied proper.

(Note:  While I'm not shy about admitting that I do drink, I didn't on this cruise.  Wasn't in the mood.  But I did have an arsenal of sugared orange slices in my purse in case of a low blood sugar.  Since I wasn't drinking and my blood sugar held steady without any issues, I handed out orange slices like I was some kind of candyman.  I mixed it with love and made the world taste good.)

The band played.  We danced and had a good time.  And when I excused myself to the bathroom to test my blood sugar, I was accosted by a happy, drunk pharma rep.

"You!  You are testing your blood."  She pointed at me and smiled.

"I am indeed.  Thanks!"  I glanced at the result - 109 mg/dl - and zippered up the black case. 

"I work for a pharmaceutical company.  I know what you're doing."  She turned to her friend.  "She is diabetic.  She's testing her blood sugar.  I know!"  She swayed slightly.

Ah, drunk and informed.  I grinned back at her.

"Yup.  Have a good night!"  I started to walk away.

"You too!  Good luck with your numbers!"

It's nice to be understood. 

(And I wore the black Ann Taylor dress on the cruise - the blue one made its last appearance of the season at the wedding Sunday night.  Now I have to find something to wear to the two weddings I have back-to-back in October.  My girl Ann Taylor, you can't fail me now!)   


The demon looks surprised. And it's wearing a cute hat.

Well it's refreshing to see someone who can have fun without boozing it up on a booze cruise ;)

Sounds like you were equally fair to both dresses. :)

The demon apple face is "precious" (I'm saying it in that Cartman voice from South Park, "My precious."

BTW, blogabetes has a little demon of its own. I can't leave any comments on the blogs no matter how many ways I swing it. I'm not the only one. Any advice?

Sadly, no IM here at work for me, unless you can catch me on Gmail. Your best bet is to email me.

Amylia and I seem to be suffering the same plight.

I'm glad you decided on the blue dress. I thought it was too cute to go to waste just because it's post-Labor Day. :)

I presume the two young ladies serving as book-ends wore the same shirt and earrings on purpose - right?? :D

I'm also glad you picked the blue... Perty.

ahh, dress happiness!

(and I can't comment either over at blogabetes)

Hey Kerri....just saying a quick hi and seeing how things were....talk to you soon...

Wow, how spooky. I was eating my apple when I read your post. So I looked closely at the stem for demon faces, but mine just had a little fuzz.

I think I'd prefer the demon face!

What great fun it would be to have a "bobbing for demon apples" event on Halloween!

To counter-act the too much salt in the soup, drop in a peeled, whole potato and cook it.

Discards potato when cooked.

Jan, T-1, dx'd 11/50, pmpg 8/83, hemo-dialysis 7/02

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