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Escaping the Stress

Our escape.

It was starting to get to me, I admitted to Nicole on Saturday morning before Chris and I left for our weekend away.  The stress, the chaos, the spin-cycle my brain has been in for a few weeks now - all starting to make me a small bit bonkers.

So we packed it all up and disappeared for a few days, to The Dutch Iris Inn.

It was perfect:  waa-ay in the middle of nowhere, with our laptops deserted at home and our cell phones turned off, Chris and I found ourselves feeling quite at home at this pretty little bed and breakfast in northern CT.

"Any special dietary concerns?" The innkeeper asked, after explaining that breakfast would be served at 8:30 the next morning. 

"I'm diabetic, so ..." 

"Ah, low-carb would be good, wouldn't it?  I'll make you something good and healthy."

Her husband nodded.

"She's a great cook."

The following morning greeting us with a delicious zucchini and cheese omelet and a fresh fruit cup instead of the high-carb bread pudding that was served to the other guests.  My blood sugar, which rang in at a solid 90 mg/dl first thing, stayed steady at 107 mg/dl two hours after my healthy - and damn tasty - breakfast. 

After breakfast, we explored the waterfalls in Enders State Forest.  I wasn't anticipating climbing over rocks and traipsing down steep hillsides, so my flip-flops made for treacherous footwear.  And I'm pretty sure I was the only living creature in the woods with a purse.  It was to keep bears away.  (It actually had our car keys, my meter, and some juice in it.  But I could swat at a bear if necessary.) 

Wave to the camera, Purse-Lady.

The purse is to ward off bears.  Silly.

We spied a number of waterfalls, watched the sunlight turn the surface of the water to copper, and saw a pile of discarded clothes near the bank of one of the inlet pools. (Yet there were no swimmers.  Perhaps they were eaten by bears?  Good thing I had my purse.)

Traveling further down Rt 219, the road opened up and we saw the impressive and completely breathtaking Barkhamsted Reservoir.  The view was remarkable.  And the gate house, stemming from the Saville Dam, had the most lovely and English-looking door I'd ever seen.  If only I had my wedding dress - I would have loved to have staged some photos.  Instead of wedding shots, Chris and I have a series of photos that eerily resemble some kind of English countryside trick-or-treating. 

The Gate House

We weren't completing articles.  We didn't answer emails.  We didn't think about the wedding guest list or what color the bridesmaid dresses would be.  (For the record, I'm leaning between lavender and green.) 

We explored.  We talked.  We took naps. We watched TV and lounged about on the king-sized bed.  We held hands.  We weren't attacked by little gray cats or their over-fed puffy counterparts.  We dined together.  We ate cookies and drank tea in the middle of the night. 

We chased away the stress.

Yellow flowers.

And now we're ready to get back in the game. 



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A truth friend

Hey Kerri! I live in bear country. The purse is good, but don't just whack the bear anywhere, make sure you get him in the nose...

I love flip flops, but they suck for hiking.

It's good to see you and Chris had a nice rejuvenating weekend :)

I had one too and I'm ready for the week ahead. After that, I don't know how much further I can hold out, LOL.

How lovely. I am very happy for you and your relaxing weekend. You deserve it. Thank you for dutifully blogging about it promptly on Tuesday morning.

I am in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC right now for a week with my family and today is awesome. It's the day after the holiday weekend and the beach is quiet and lovely. It's sunny, 95 degrees and it is not crowded or noisy, and we have a little private beach area. Feels lovely. Does wonders for the spirit. I've been running low all week with the swimmimng and the beach and lugging a 3 and 1 year old around, but other than l.b.s. it's been so nice.

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend away. Your pictures are really beautiful. I vote green for the bridesmaids, lavender is so been there done that.

Sounds lovely, Kerri. I like that picture of the little tower at the end of the dam. I'm sure it houses something prosaic like water meters and such, but whoever designed it sure had aesthetics in mind.

Did you have a brick in the handbag? Because, you know, the Queen would.

Julia - I didn't have a brick, unfortunately. But bricks in handbags only work on Crazy Dogs! so I would have been in a quandry. ;)

I did see a squirrel covered in make-up, though.

Are we talking sage green, forest green, or neon green? Green can definitely make some people look nauseous, so I would check skin tones before making a decision. Lavender is a little safer as such things go, I think.
So glad you got a weekend away from the stress. I wound up going to the air show in Cleveland with my ginormous bag of doom and can definitely relate to your purse accompaniment on Labor Day. Cheers!

Glad to hear you had a great weekend. Escaping the craziness is always good. Even if you have to carry a purse to chase away bears. LOL

And the squirrel was longing for a grapefruit, I'm sure.

What a lovely weekend and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. Really nice for you and Chris to just get away a bit! I am thinking of you two and I wish you both the best!

Ok here comes a bear joke : what does it mean when you find a bear with a wet nose ?
It means that your too close to the bear ! LOL
I live in Montana yeah we have a few bears here too !
Joanna : )

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