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No Chocolate to Blame

Here's a snapshot of the last 24 hours:

Wednesday, 8 am:  Stupid pump.  Still not working.  Can't even tell how much is left.  Grrrr. 

11 am:  YAY!  FedEx has arrived!  New pump is here!  I'm healed!

2 pm:  All hooked up with new pump, cruising around with a nice blood sugar of 112 mg/dl.  Feeling good.  Hey, the phone is ringing. 

"Hello, Dr. CT!  Nice to hear from you, too!  What's that?  The Protein C test came back negative?  That's great news!  And my A1c is lower?  Excuse me?  Under 7%?  AWESOME!  I haven't had an A1c under 7% in several years.  Yes, I will.  Okay, thanks for the good news."

7:30 pm:  Home.  Skipping the gym tonight.  Going to Chocopologie for nice, romantic dinner with my handsome fiance.  Pulled out the old infusion set, took a nice, hot shower, and then primed my new pump for the first time.  Ah, new pump.

7:45 pm:  Hmmm.  The Quick-Serter didn't have that same solid *thump* that it usually does.  But the infusion set appears to be in there okay.  Hope all is well.  Blood sugar is 142 mg/dl, so I'm ready to roll!

10:30 pm:  Back from a delicious dinner of portabella mushroom Paninis and a hot cappuccino from Chocopologie.  No chocolate this time - trying to be fit for that white dress!  But I did have a good amount of carbs and my mouth is pretty fuzzy.  Come to think of it, the words are swimming around on the computer screen.  Can't focus correctly.  I'll test just to make sure I'm not close to 200 mg/dl.

10:31 pm:  What.  The.  Fuck.  483 mg/dl?  Fantastic.  Lace in 6.5u of Humalog.

11:40 pm:  Oh nice.  418 mg/dl.  Nice.  Way to scream in the face of my finally-solid A1c. 

11:41 pm:  Drinking bottles of water by the minute.  Pull the set out from my leg and replace it.  Rage bolus in a few more units.  This had better work.  I feel like garbage.

12:45 am:  298 mg/dl.  Ah.  Even that feels better.  At least the set is working now.  Let's see how fast I fall.  Will work on assorted bits for a little longer.

1:40 am:  189 mg/dl.  Damn straight. 

"How are you feeling, baby?"  Chris asks as we climb into bed.Alarm clock.  Couldn't you tell?

"Much better.  I could go south in the middle of the night, so if you wake up, wake me up and make me test."

He smiles.

"It's the middle of the night now."

4:49 am:  He's shaking my shoulders.  "Wake up, Kerri.  Kerri.  Baby, you're really sweaty.  Drink the juice."

I reach over to the bedside table and click on the lamp.  Grab my meter. (Why, oh why, can't I just drink the damn juice?  Must I test every time?  Am I on autopilot to that degree?) 

36 mg/dl.

In one movement, I uncap the juice that was next to the lamp and drain it in a few shaky sips.  Sweat on my forehead.  My pillow is damp.  Abby the Cat is meowing up at me pitifully from the floor.  I lay back and fall asleep almost instantly.

7:30 am:  The alarm goes off.  Unzip ... 98 mg/dl.  After falling fast and furiously from almost 500 mg/dl and crashlanding at close to 30 mg/dl, my mouth is a confused tangle of dryer lint and fruit punch.  My body is aching from the wide blood sugar swings.

And I didn't even eat any damn chocolate.


Ugh. A rough night, for sure... I'm sorry :(

But you came back - up at 98 - excellent.

Also - yes, we are on autopilot to that degree... We listen to the strong D voice instead of the voices of reason...

Geez, so that's why you haven't taken your turn at Scrabble yet.

But I shudder to think about Chris not being around to shake you awake from the low you were having.

Have some chocolate for me.

What a crappy night!

Thank goodness those events are few and far between... but still, they suck.

I hope you're feeling better now :)

Oh, I am so sorry this happened. I can totally relate. I hate that feeling. It's cool you finally woke up at 98, even though it was such a bad roller coaster ride. I'm happy you have Chris to wake up up with LBS. That is the scariest part.

And, BTW, congrats on the good A1C, despite the fallout from pump issues.

Thinking of you. Hahah...as I wrote that stupid Wilfred Brimley just came on the TV talking about "Diabeeetus." He grates on my nerves beyond measure, Liberty Medical!

Just when you're feeling good about yourself and what's going on, then diabetes has to put you back in your place. Sucks, doesn't it. I'm sorry the day was bad. The last time I had a bad set was a few months ago, but I can tell you I know exactly how you felt. I'm glad all is better.

Do you really enjoy going through the same routine over and over? Up...down...Up...down...

Not fun, not smart. Good luck with your "management." If you ever get your A1c close to 5, let me know. (It is do-able, but it takes real discipline and carb-restriction.)


I have a few episodes like that a year. Ugh. I bolus, bolus, bolus, and it's like the insulin just waits there and then decides to become useful all at once.

If I'm coming down as I go to bed, I always set my alarm to go off in an hour. My fiance could sleep through anything so I don't trust him to get up before his morning alarm ;)

Congrats on your A1C!

I wish we could hang out! I read your blog all the time; in some ways, it's like you're telling my story.

I hate those what-the-hell-went-wrong highs, especially when I "do everything right" (whatever that means). And bottoming out afterward is the worst...

But there are several things I love about this story:
1. You're with someone who cares enough to ask how you're doing in the middle of the whole mess.
2. You and Chris both have a sense of humor about the whole thing; it makes it easier to bear, I think.
3. I know I'm not alone. I hate that you have diabetes; but I'm glad there's someone out there who understands what it means to be 483, even after "not eating any damn chocolate."

Well, well, well, that sounds like a familiar story. My yesterday was pretty much the same.

Hey, that is what we love about the OC right? We are all in this together.

Take it easy today. I brain still feels fuzzy.

Oh boy. Does not sound fun. I read that and I have a lot better idea of what my 7 year old must feel like. uggh.

"dryer lint and fruit punch" :p I have never heard it described more perfectly...and we are all there with ya! I used to swear the occasional sugar fairy would come in randomly and inject me with glucose when I was sleeping...120 before bed, 380 in the morning????

I tell non-diabetics it is like a hangover without all of the trouble of having fun the night before!

Gee, that sounds like my roller coaster yesterday... site change before breakfast, in the upper 200s all morning for no damn reason, then crash in the middle of the afternoon during class. Must be something in the air...
On the funny side, my former roommate was sitting next to me and winced every time I poked my finger. He's such a wuss.

rage bolus! i am the queen of the irrational rage bolus!

Not for anything Andrew but, we all need some encouragement to deal with this disease---especially after such a horrible night. I think Kerry is very responsible with her "management" and I am pretty sure she does not "enjoy" the routine of up-down-up-down. No one does. Kerry--I am so glad you are feeling better and you survived a nasty night with your sense of humor intact.

Ugh. Are you still using the dexcom?

Kerri, what a horrible sounding night; glad you got it under control relatively quickly, though. I've never had anything close to 483 mg/dl - highest I've had is 19.5 mmmol/l (393 mg/dl) - but your description of it is perfect. That cottony feeling in your mouth (do you get furry-feeling teeth?) and the thirst that no amount of water will get rid of - uggh.

Thank you for sharing with us - it's good to know we're not alone. And congrats on your A1c, by the way!

Oh, and Andrew - what's your deal? Why don't you just bite me - I'm carb free.

Emily H
UK reader
Chronic lung disease - check out my blog at www.myspace.com/chroniclungdisease
Steroid induced Type II DM

Wow - so glad I found your site. I find myself laughing at your humor and in relief. I have been in your shoes many times. Love the rage bolus!!!

Glad you are feeling better, and I'm sorry you didn't even get any chocolate. (after the white dress, right? LOL) Sounds like New Pump needs to have a chat with the Quick-Serter to make sure the whole team plays nicely together! ;)

Oh, Andrew, of COURSE Kerri enjoys this, didn't you know? She just wants the attention. She purposely made her inserter fuck up so that she could spike a freakishly high blood sugar and then crash later. She just loves that.

Andrew, you are a fuckwad. I suppose you've never had an issue like that, right? That you handle your diabetes perfectly and that nothing ever malfunctions or goes wrong in your oh-so-perfect life. It must be nice to live is such a perfect, judgmental little world.

Sorry you had such a crap night, Kerri.

(And to channel Andrew for just a moment, there's no apostrophe S in paninis. Gotta have things perfect, doncha know? Andrew prefers it that way.
- signed, The Punctuation Police)

Dear Punctuation Police - I've removed the apostrophe. Sorry about that. I was on the moon with that one.

-- Kerroi.

And to the Responses Aimed at Andrew - I emailed Andrew privately and he and I discussed his comment, my reaction, and how to be more constructive. His disrespect was addressed and he and I have reached an understanding.

But I can't help but *snicker* at your comments, guys. I'm glad you've got my back. :) Anyway, Andrew is cool now, so no need to pay him any mind.

How do you people live off that little amount of sleep. I don't get it

Jenn - This time, the only reason we were up that late was because of the blood sugar issue.

All the other times are because we are idiots. ;)

See you Sunday!

I'm glad I took a moment to go through ALL of the comments before I typed what I was thinking about our friend Andy.... Kerri, I appreciate your taking my ire down a notch. :P


What a lousy night. I just hate, hate going so high. And then you know there's a stronger chance of going low.

I've gotten better at correcting those super highs with a shot into my muscle and a 'super bolus' approach, (http://tinyurl.com/ynqtgv). But that just reduces the time with cotton mouth.

I hope today is better. And that you can treat yourself with some chocolate and STILL stay below 140!

You went right back to sleep? It always takes me an hour to get back to sleep after a nighttime low!

Question: Why oh why do we rage bolus? It always ends with a sweaty head.

Answer: Because there is no rational reason for the WTF 400+ and the planet alignment that caused the WTF 400+ could still be working and cause the 12 unit correction not to work. If only we could log on to something to see if the planet alignment had readjusted itself. UGH.

I feel your dryer lint and fruit punch mouth/teeth.

I'm so sorry you had such a lousy night. There is nothing worse than waking with a hypo-hangover. I'm famous for a midnight feast with a low and then waking at 400 with a hypo hangover....not so much anymore with the pump, but you still get the hypo-hangover with the ups and downs too.

Kerri, sorry about your rough night - I too have been there many times. Hope you're feeling better!

Once again, I am amazed at your ability to handle ridiculous situations/people with grace and humor. You are truly a class act.

Amazing article about a rare gene mutation that doctors in chicago estimate is the cause of up to 2,000 type 1 diabetics inability to produce insulin.....




gotta love Chris.

I just found your site, and I loved the description of your evening (not the events themselves, mind, but the wonderful way you express yourself). I hate those "what the hell went wrong???" moments! I am so glad to find that I am not the only one who experiences them on occasion. Thanks so much for your fantastic blog.

Does anybody have the new Cozmo that does carb suggestions for lows? I'm still waiting for my upgrade to come...

The Hypo Manager on the upgraded Cozmo is AWESOME. Makes treating my 10-year-old's lows (and potential lows) ever so much easier in the middle of the night, when I don't want to do any mental math. It's just hard to get used to seeing a number like 185 with a "eat 15 carbs" notice attached, but it figures she's got enough IOB to need that much of a boost back up. I think you'll like it! :)

Hi Kerry,

I just had a very similar experience with myself. Had a fine night and excellent BG's. Woke up this morning, woke up the pump and the Backlight Button and OK button on my pump failed. Called Animas and they're going to overnight me a replacement. Got my A1c back, 5.6%. Talk about karma.

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