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Six September Bits.

The Friday Six:  September 28thAnother week all tied up?  Holy crap.  I can't believe how fast the days are going by lately.  Here's The Friday Six:

ONE!  As you may have heard from the buzz in the blogosphere, Blogabetes is booming over at dLife.  There were a few glitches with the comments at the outset, but we're en route to a permanent fix and things look like they're working fine at the moment.  One thing - you need to have a dLife profile to leave a comment, including a username.  So make sure you're signed up for dLife and then offer up some feedback for your fellow bloggers!

TWO!  Courtesy of a co-worker, I've stumbled upon a singer called Sia who has created one of those songs that you find yourself humming as you are answering a plethora of emails.  The song is called "Breathe Me" and the video is a crescendo of growling vocals, lilting piano, and Polaroid pictures.  Aside from the singer being named after my cat, it's pretty cool.  See for yourself.

THREE!  Team dLife is on the move for this Sunday's JDRF walk in Stamford.  We'll be the ones with ... well, my loud laugh, I guess.  Pictures to come on Monday after the event!  (Schneble.)  And October 21st is the next JDRF walk, only this time in RI!  Team SUM rides again. 

FOUR!  It's another mad-dash weekend, with a bachelorette party in RI on Saturday night and the walk on Sunday morning.  Not exactly sure how I'll pull off that timeframe, but I'm willing to make an effort. 

FIVE!  I like this dress:  Scoll to the dress marked "I."  What do you think?  It's definitely in my Top Three and I'm contacting the bridal shop to see if this is The One.  Oh this wedding is coming ever-closer!  And for those of you who emailed with photographer suggestions, thank you so much!  I have made appointments with several.  If you know of any good RI / Southern MA / Eastern CT wedding resources, please pass them on.  I'm organized when it comes to career stuff but this wedding is currently being woefully neglected.  All help appreciated!

SIX!  Dude, I'm spent.  Have a great weekend and I'll see you all on Monday.  :)


The dress is beautiful. Just lovely. Love it!

BTW, I'm tired just reading about your days. I though adjusting to life back in Taiwan was rough, but you are just go-go-go! I hope you take a night or weekend to relax and do nothing but cuddle that fiance of yours very soon.

Have fun on the walk!

You have to try them ALL on then you will know the one that's right for you. I can't wait to go "dress shopping". It will be so much fun! You will most deifintely be a beautiful bride and I will be the proud Mother or "Maaa".

Sia song is great. I first heard it in the final moments of the show Six Feet Under. Don't know if you liked the show, but in my opinion, one of the most powerful endings to a show I've ever seen. Song had a lot to do with that.

oh wow, great dress!! Very elegant!

we're walking in Worcester on Sunday - good weather all around I think!!! We'll think of you and team DLife. Ian will get a kick out of that - he calls it the "diabetes show."

I don't know if it's THE dress, but that is one beautiful dress! You'll know when you try it on....have fun!

Kerri, I agree that you must try them all on. It might be the one you're NOT looking at that looks like it was made for you. I actually ended up buying mine off the clearance rack of a really small shop..Of course that was 24 years ago.........

Ironically enough, this song by Sia you speak about was on the sound track to one of my favorite shows, Six Feet Under!

I love reading your posts! What about dress L, which I think someone wore to my prom back in 1980?

My husband and I eloped about a year before we got married in front of friends & relatives. Long story, but by the time the "big" wedding came along we were sooooo relaxed, it was just one big party.

Just a thought!

Love the dress it is on the list.

Beautiful dress! Just make sure to try on a lot because they look totally different on than on the hanger. I had one that I "just knew" I wanted, but it wasn't quite right once on. I found mine and didn't really want to try it on because I didn't think it was what I wanted, and then when I put it on, I knew it was my dress. Just make sure to be open minded and try a lot on... thats my best advice! Oh, and have fun!

Gorgeous dress! I'm sort of a photography snob, so take this with a grain of salt. Ten years later, the thing I wish I would have done (and have always wished I could have done) is gone with a photojournalist-style photographer/studio.

I like the I dress, it's gorgeous. But if I had your figure, I'd be thinking about K!

My husband and I did a destination wedding and it was oh-so-much easier!

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