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Six September Friday Bits

Banging out a quick post on a Friday afternoon, before heading home to RI for the weekend.  Here goes!

First off, I check out the I Can Has a Cheezeburger site all the time.  I'll admit it.  Many times, the pictures make me smile.  Occasionally, they make me snicker.  And once in a great while, I actually laugh out loud.  This is my favorite one of all time.  It makes me laugh every freakin' time.  I present:

Ha!  Ha ha ha ha!

Invisible Bike.

Secondly, Grand Rounds are hosted here next week.  Here's the call for submissions.  No theme, as a departure from the last time I hosted.  Send your post!  And in other calls for submissions, don't forget to send in your LOL Diabetes moment to Siah, or your diabetes story to Your Story

Chicken Soup for the Teenage SoulThricely, I'm proud to say that a story I wrote a waa-ay long time ago has been picked up by the folks over at Chicken Soup for the Soul and is being published in their third edition of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.  The story is called "Our Masterpiece" and was written when I was in high school.  It's being released in early October, so check it out!

Fourthish, the JDRF walks are rapidly approaching.  If you are in the CT area, feel free to join up with Team dLife on September 30th (I'll be far from daisy-fresh, as I'll be coming straight from a bachelorette party in RI the night before, but I WILL BE THERE, damnit).  And Team Six Until Me is walking on October 21st in RI. 

Fifthesque, the hunt for a wedding photographer is on, big time, for our May 18th wedding.  I've been scouring websites and calling for quotes - apparently this venture is not as cheap as I had originally hoped.  Considering getting one of those court illustrators to draw pictures.  Or maybe a fleet of seven year olds will follow us around and create crayon renditions of our nuptials.  Either way, I need to buckle down.  This wedding, despite my encouragement, refuses to plan itself.

And Sixy, the weather is gorgeous.  Go out and enjoy it, for crying out loud.  Have a great weekend! 


Oh my giggles ! The pics are too funny lol ! Thanks for sharing the cheezebuger web site ! Its getting in the low 30's here at night so yes go outside and enjoy the weather before that white stuff comes !

did you see the "job sux, pay sux" one from a couple days ago? Yeah, that's my favorite in awhile.

Not sure if you're still looking for photographers but we used MKD Photography and loved them. They were my favorite wedding vendor. They seem pretty reasonable even now a year after my wedding. Here is our album if you want samples. They also did a really nice slideshow set to our wedding song a couple of days after the wedding.

They were a joy to have at the wedding, hilarious and friendly and great for breaking tension.

I have seven cats and I LOVE that photo! LOL! And for the LIFE of me, I don't remember where you live! If it is anywhere near Portland, I know the name of a very good, relaxed photographer!

Kerri ,

Have you checked out james hazelwood? I think he is located in RI. my neice used him for engagement photos and the wedding and they were just BEAUTIFUL. (but yes, pricey)www.jameshazelwood.com Good luck!

I didn't have a photographer at my wedding, but one of my friends is married to a photographer and the pictures i've seen are gorgeous. I don't know what the prices are, but here's another one to maybe check out: http://www.canongrrl.com/index.html

Along with having a family friend take "professional" type photos of our wedding, we bought a large amount of disposable cameras off of Ebay, and passed them out to people at random before the wedding. Some of our best shots came from the disposable cameras, including my favorite from that important day: A picture of my wife standing on the balcony, overlooking the mountains, and a friend's cigarette smoke trailing through the frame making it look very ethereal...

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