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Six Things - and Blogabetes!

In française, in honor of Shannon and her pretty pink prom dress.

Un:  We have a wedding this weekend, and I'm tousling between the blue dress or the black dress.  Is it too late in the season for bright blue?  Ladies, please help me out with this.  I'm a fashion nightmare.

Deux:  Generation D has been updated over at dLife.  This month's column touches upon what happens when technology fails.  Because it does.  And I was none too pleased about it.  (Also be sure to welcome Manny to the Viewpoints team!)

Trois:  Our home has been invaded by royalty - and he lives in our fridge.  Sir Strawberry of the Royal House of Trader Joe has become a silly, reaction-treating staple in our home.  Chris initially bought it because of the very stodgy looking knight on the label, but the juice tastes delicious and is all-natural, so Sir Strawberry is a win-win fella. 

Quatre:  I received (well, Siah received, but I read it to her) an email from Mark Neven from the Diabetes Federation of Ireland.  His group of diabetic kids went away on an adventure weekend and they've created a site so the kids could keep in touch.  The site, Diabetes Camp, has some very funny bits on it, and they've linked back to LOL Diabetes.  Check it out, and be on the lookout for some LOL contributions from the Emerald Isle!

Cinq:  Thank you, International Diabetes Federation (IDF) for mandating that blood sugars need to be under 140 mg/dl two hours post-meal.  I needed more pressure.Blogabetes!

Six (not very Frenchy, but that's what it is): 

And now for something fun! 

dLife has launched a new blogging forum - Blogabetes!  Staffed by some familiar faces from the Blogosphere, Blogabetes is diabetes, unscripted.  Check out the latest from Nicole, SuperG, Julia, Kim, Carey, Robert, Scott Marvel, Lori - and some new voices, like Andy and Rebecca! 

Check out the new posts and leave them some love!

And congratulations to all the Blogabetes bloggers - your hard work and dedication to this project makes it all worth it. 

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday!


I'd definitely go with the blue dress!

Do you have a pink dress? It goes well with all complexions.

I like the blue dress. It's still summer, so go for it. Plus it'll be warm this weekend and light blue looks so nice and cool.

The blue is more cheerful - The black is sexier. I'd go blue for a wedding. Actually. *I* would go in trousers - I have a wedding this weekend too, but there's no way you'll see me wearing a dress!
Remember you're not allowed to outshine the bride :) Have a fun weekend!

Oh, definitely the blue. It's not officially fall until Sunday, so it's not too late yet!

Sorry, guys are thinking black...

Both dresses are beautiful--I love Ann Taylor clothing, too! Which one is more pump-comfortable...? Have a great weekend. : )

The blue is gorgeous and it is still summer and that color will look divine on you, my dear...

i'm thinking Kerri this is New England, the calendar may say summer for a few more minutes, the thermometer may say summer (woot, 76 on sunday) but that dress cannot be worn in new england in any months but July and August. Not late September. Go with the black. It's so classy. The blue says "I had this blue dress hanging in my closet and I was just dying to wear it so this seemed like a good time."

I always think about what the bride was hoping to achieve with the wedding month she picked. Did she pick June hoping for sun? Did she pick July hoping for balmy? did she pick September because it's sensible? The bride picked September because she didn't want a summer wedding. So dress the part for her. :)

My own 2cents, worth about 2 cents.

I think it's considered bad luck to wear black at a wedding, probably a bit rude. The blue is pretty and weddingy!

I'm with Michelle. I'd go for the little black dress for a fallish New England wedding, although the blue is really cute. C'est la vie!

Thanks for the post.

BTW, did you notice your little blue dress was on sale for just $28.88? What a steal!

I'm with the other Michelle and Amylia...definitely go with the black. Looks more sophisticated and mature.

black at weddings is totally acceptable these days - well out here in the East anyway - I can't actually think of the last wedding I've been to where I didn't wear black myself, as did half the other wedding guests.

Do the blue!! Do it!! Who cares about rules, this is one special beautiful unusually-warm-for-late-september weekend, so you gotta celebrate! Take advantage of one last chance to flaunt to the calendar the fact that it is warm and beautiful and you're going to wear your cute summer dress.

Now I will admit I am not someone that follows fashion rules, and in fact sometimes take pride in ignoring them. However, I also think that probably you will look cute enough that noone (unless they're a really big fun-spoiling fashion grouch) is going to think... wow, Kerri's wearing that dress 3 weeks too late in the season.

Token guy comment.

so...which dress did you wear??? We're all anxiously waiting.

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