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The Necklace.

When the mail comes around in the early afternoon, I don't usually receive anything.  Sometimes the occasional contract or W-9 from one of the writers, or a note from a diabetes educator, or my Shape magazine that, for some reason, is delivered to dLife instead of my home.

But yesterday, I received a nice, puffy envelope.  With a box inside.

The box.

Oooh.  Because I have no self-restraint, I opened it right up to reveal ... the little green bag. 

The little green bag.

(Cue Reservoir Dogs soundtrack.) 

I opened the bag and out slid the necklace from Moonson Artisans, courtesy of the contest I had entered on TuDiabetes.  After some back and forth with our own talented Beth, she created a necklace using the Six Until Me logo.

The Kerri Necklace - front

I think it is just beautiful.  This piece is so lovely and ... unique.  I am so impressed with their work.  She inscribed the back, too.

The Kerri Necklace - back

I have never had anything quite like this before, something from my mind made concrete.  It is exactly as I had pictured it.  Huge thanks to Beth and Daniel at Monsoon Artisans for their exquisite handiwork, and to Manny for putting the contest together at TuDiabetes

Wearing it proudly.
I'm wearing it proudly.


I love how personal and unique only to you that piece is. No one in the world has anything like it.

I love the thought of that.

lovely! What a wonderful idea. :)

Oooh, pretty! I love it. I'm jealous - I like their stuff, but I can't afford to splurge right now.


Beautiful and well deserved!

That's awesome! :)

That is great. Isn't Beth awesome?!

It's stunning! Looks great on ya :)

That's AWESOME Kerri!! I love it!


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