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The One-Two Punch.

My least-favorite kind of vampirism is Morning Vampirism.  I much prefer Afternoon Vampirism, when I've had a chance to wake up and eat some snacks.  Afternoon Vampirism lets me get some work done first.  Afternoon Vampirism allows me to sleep in.

Damn Morning Vampirism drags me from the soft embrace of my bed and shoves me into the car, well before the sun has touched the treetops.  Morning Vampirism is cold and groggy, with barely one blood sugar check to show for the day and not even a cup of coffee to ease me into my morning.  Morning Vampirism had me in the lab chair with that blasted elastic band chaos tightly wound around my bicep, causing my veins to wake up faster than they would have liked. 

"We will do your HBA1C, yes?  And then your other lab work?"  Emma the LabTech smiled at me, dangling the alcohol wipe above the crook of my arm.

"Yup.  An A1c and the protein testing."  Apparently there is recent evidence of a protein C deficiency in my gene pool - my mother has been on me to have this tested, so I figured I'd couple it up with my A1c test.

"No problem.  I'm just going to use this needle and ... hey, you okay?  All the color just gone whoosh," she made a swooping motion with her hand, "from your face."

"I'm good.  Just not a fan of having blood drawn."

She was very gentle and it wasn't too bad, aside from the fact that I was copy paper-pale when Chris and I walked out of the building.  As I was about to get in the car, Chris laughed and pointed over my shoulder.

"Ker, look at that."

I turned to the minivan a few spots away and saw this:

What the hell is that?

Upon closer inspection, I realized that someone had put sunglasses and a necklace on an enormous stuffed bear, then took the care to strap that bear into the passenger seat of their van.

Well-dressed bear, that.

This startled me to such a point that it may very well have made my whole damn day.  I whipped out my Q and snapped a few pictures. 

Morning Vampirism completed. 

Now on to Medical Task No. 2:  Eye Dilation.

I'm off for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Retina this afternoon to check on the status of my EyeSquirrels.  Hopefully, they're laying low and not acting too nutty.  (Can't ... resist ... puns.) 


Visits to "the" lab SUCK. I remember when I was about 10, I offered to prick all of my fingers and drain blood into the little containers instead of having it come from the vein in my arm. After the tech looked at me like I was insane, she started the draw and I promptly passed out.

I just had my blood drawn Wednesday. Fasting blood tests combine two of my least favorite things: Mornings and blood draws.

Why do you always see cool random stuff? Am I just not paying attention?

I only get to see stuff like this (on my way home today, since I've now relocated to Phila):

Oh, and I hope the A1C comes out good!

I will never get used to blood draws. People say "But you inject yourself every day! You should be fine with needles!" Gimme a break.

Good luck with the eyes. I went from Non-Proliferative to Proliferative Retinopathy in less than 6 months and had 5 laser treatments on each eye. It scared the hell out of me but now I'm pretty much recovered. Some wispy bits in my right (worse) eye, can't do much lifting, but I'm doing a lot better.

So...today when I went into work someone had a big stuffed panda bear in their back seat. Not sure if it was buckled in, but weird enough. lol. What a strange coincidence!

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