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Twenty One Years.

Over the last twenty-one years, I've seen:

26,700 insulin injections.

480 insulin pump infusion sets.

60,200 blood sugar checks.Moving on.

112 health insurance battles.

Seventy-two endocrinologist appointments.

27 eye dilations.

Two years of blood pressure medication.

Two parents who worry endlessly.

A brother and sister who fear their own gene pool.


A few hundred lows, with shaky hands and tears.

A few hundred highs, with unfocused eyes and sweaters on my teeth.

Countless moments when I couldn't do it.
Countless moments when I could.


Here's to another eighty years! Congrats on living well. You embody healthiness and hope to many battling diabetes, and hey, let's face it, life in general. I love reading your blog, and am glad you posted about this today, despite the bad press last year. :)

Don't forget the test strips, Dad is STILL finding them in the house.

During the last two of those 21 years I've seen someone who has done a remarkable job handling a complicated, burdensome disease with discipline, grace, and good humor.

You're awesome, Kerri.

Amylia - Thanks. That means a lot to me. :)

Darrell - If you see one, just throw it out. Or save them and we'll create some modern art. Or plant them and see if a Test Strip tree grows. Which would be very useful.

Shannon - You are always so supportive. I really appreciate it. It's people like you who I've come to know over the past two plus years that have made it all that much easier to handle.

But now you have me thinking about Good Humor. Like those strawberry ice cream bars. Can we get one of those at the concert? ;)

LMAO, I thought of ice cream after I wrote that. I LOVE those Strawberry Shortcakes.

Do you think Tom Carvel would get jealous?

Happy 21st anniversary. 21 years is a long time, but from what I've read, you've handled it well. Here's to many many more healthy and happy years with diabetes.

Here's to you Kerri, and to many more healthy happy years!

K -

As always, a beautiful post. And a beautiful way to mark this day.

One line got me - "A brother and sister who fear their own gene pool..." I hate the ripple effect the d has.

You, my dear friend, are really an inspiration to so many people and I am both proud - and a little sad - to count you among the people with whom I share the weight of this mantle.

- N


I've been reading your blog for almost 2 years now. You are the reason I started blogging in the first place.

You have given me hope when I thought there was none left. You have made me laugh when I really didn't want to. And, you have made me cry sometimes just when I needed it most.

I hope that if Riley has to live with this disease for 21 years, he will be as well-adjusted and happy as you seem to be. (And, I hope he finds the female version of Chris.)

Happy 21 years, Kerri.

Happy Anniversary Kerri, this post was amazing...I'm glad you wrote about today. 21 years is a long time with diabetes, and i know you can never get used to having it, but from reading your blog, you keep me going.

You're amazing and i really hope they find the cure so we dont have to keep count of all the blood sugar tests, shots doctor appointment, and anniversaries.


Happy Anniversary, Kerri.

And thanks for your blog. I can't help but echo the others who've already posted above - I have found so much comfort in your writing (not to mention entertainment!), and it makes the burden so much lighter. You are truly an inspiration.

Congratulations on 21 years of thriving with diabetes!

Great post Kerri. You know we are beating the odds every day, right? 21 years for you. 22 years for me. And not major problems to speak of. We are blessed! Thanks for all you do and all that you say. You help me feel not so alone in my d world.

Kerri I will be waiting till you get to 31 years : ) thats where i am now.

Thank you Kerri for all that you do for everyone with diabetes! Here's to many many many more wonderful years.

Excellent post, Kerri. I've loved reading your blog. It's been like a lifeline for me, a glimpse into the kind of life I hope my daughter will have one day.

But man, what a shitty anniversary date.

Happy D-Anniversary Kerri. Here's to many more healthy years!

Wow, have you kept a running tab over the years? I don't think I'd be able to come up with anything close to an accurate guess, what with changes of treatment approaches and not really remembering the details of childhood care...
Congrats, not only on the tally, but on living!

ya tell dad to save them and we can put it in the worlds records book of how many test strips you can find in a house..LOL...or we can save them and make a picture hehe..im on a roll...ill quit while im ahead..love ya...

Happy Diabetaversary Kerri!

I can't wait to read these posts for years to come!

You are awesome.

I just turned 28, too and I read your blog everyday because even though I've never met you, I feel we have a lot in common...except that I was diagnosed at age 14. Thank you for your insightful posts--I really appreciate the support your provide through your blog! God bless and keep up the good work. : )

Happy 21st Kerri

I can't tell you much I enjoy your writing and what I learn from your blog. Hey in 4 years you can get a cool d-certificate from Lilly and Joslin.

And maybe, here's hoping, before you hit your 35th anniversary, you won't be taking insulin anymore. (My alter ego is Mr. Eternal Optimist.)

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I hope you had a great day (expect for insulin pump kicking the bucket).

i loved this. thank you so much Kerri. super inspiring.

You are an amazing example. Thanks for giving me hope for my years to come with diabetes! Happy Anniversary!

You are a true role model in every sense of the word. Thank you!

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