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Change Your Workout.

"Change your workout."

This is our mantra.  It applies to all things.  When Chris is feeling like he's not seeing good results at the gym, he changes his workout.  When I feel like my fiction writing is starting to become repetitive, I start the chapter fresh and start doodling on the notepad by my desk - "Change your workout."  When he and I feel like our lives are stuck in ruts, we mutter to one another "Time to change our workout."  (Yes, this is similar to the "Time to make the doughnuts," commercials from Dunkin' Donuts a few years ago.)

Change your workout to see results. 

So I was feeling completely bored at the gym.  Bored as in I changed the music on my Shuffle daily and I was still struggling to stay in the game for 50 minutes.  Felt like a hamster going around in the same wheel every day. 

"I'm bored at the gym."I was starting to feel like this.

"Time to change your workout."

A few days later ...

"I'm bored at the gym."

"Time to change your workout."

After I've mentioned my gym boredom a few (read: billion) times:

"Baby, I'm bored at the gym."

He stops as he's pulling his sweatshirt over his head.  "Kerri, I'm going to show you a few things at the gym today.  It's time to change your workout."

For the last few months, I've been doing a variation on this routine:

30 minutes on the treadmill on an incline of 7.5 and a speed of 3.8 mph.

20 minutes upstairs in the weight room, doing an ab workout that varied every three weeks.

This routine had me leaving my pump at home, kept my sugars relatively stable, and helped me reshape my body.  But now that I've reached a certain level of physical capability, the workout continued to keep my sugars stable and maintain my shape, but it didn't produce any new results.

So Chris showed me a routine that worked through a resistance training circuit quickly enough that it also became a cardiovasular routine.  When he was doing it, it looked relatively easy - intervals of jumping rope, box jumps, planks, push ups, lunge presses, and split squats.  Max reps on each one.

Ah, but it always looks easy when he does it.

I gave this circuit a whirl on Saturday and it was a disaster.  Maybe it was because I was starting to feel sick, or maybe because I had never done some of these exercises before, but I was in crisis mode the entire time.  My blood sugars were swinging (hitting highs of 300 mg/dl and settling back to 125 mg/dl), my balance was shaky (oh awkward Kerri), and my frustrations were mounting as I forced my reluctant body through the circuit three times.

The next day, I could barely walk.  The box jumps, coupled with the split squats, made my calves into mushy pockets of oatmeal.  I walked up the stairs to my office and my legs begged me Attempting to be fit.repeatedly to take the damn elevator.  Using the bathroom was tricky, as my legs were so sore that I almost toppled directly into the toilet.

It was brutal.  And then I came down with a cold, as well as with a Sausage.  (Frigging cat.)  So I took another day off from the gym.

Last night, I gave it another go.  A few insulin tweaks.  And it was oh so slightly easier.  My body was not pleased with my decision to try it again, but I'm hoping that this workout change will show me more results instead of maintaining the progress I'd already made.

Hopefully tomorrow I don't fall into the toilet.


Good for you, Kerri, for giving it another go! It's so easy to become discouraged when the body hurts, the balance is off (I'm a klutz, too, when it comes to this stuff) and cute fiance isn't there next to you cheering you on.

Sounds like a change-up may help. Good luck with the transition!

I had a personal trainer who had me doing a circuit pretty much like the one Chris had you do. I did it 3 days a week and found by week 3 I was pretty solid.

The soreness lasted a few days during the first week to the point where I'd wish I had a fat ass to cushion the toilet seat.

Haha, I am familiar with the "allowing yourself to just fall there and hope you don't miss because you're too weak/sore to actively sit" method of getting down to a toliet or chair. I was like that for the first 2 weeks of my kickboxing class.

Also... when I do workouts that are more muscle/anaerobic and less cardio, I don't have to reduce my insulin as drastically during the workout. I often will then have a bigger drop 7-10 hours later.

Did you notice the USB plug on the hamster? :D

That's awesome Kerri! Keep going, you are an inspiration.

Hi there - just popping by to wish you good luck for Nablopomo tomorrow. Let's hope we all keep on the wagon, or the treadmill ... you know what I mean!

Good job on changing up the workout! I think it's harder for us as diabetics to do that because it takes a while to balance exercise, insulin, etc. When I make a significant change, I get off the hamster wheel, but have to reinvent the wheel on a few other things.

just remember WWLBD

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