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Chris vs. Siah.

I watched this video and laughed until I almost fell off my chair.  Chris came over to see what I was laughing at.  I whispered, "It's like they're spying on you."

This is the battle between Chris and Ms. Siah Sausage every single morning.

The original video can be found on Tandem Films under Simon Tofield. Oh my goodness do I find this clip entertaining.


My cat always used to flop across the top of my head after marching all over me. I always suspected the bat, but never had any prrrroof.

El diablo!!

David B.

Totally my morning...every morning :) I especially related to the love taps to the face. Nothing like realizing that that cute foot was probably also just in the cat box...

Yeah our cats are too much alike - that's Rosie and Bob or Rosie and me - every morning.


I had mornings like those! :D

Thanks for making me laugh tonight Kerri. I have three cats and they are always jumping on me when I am asleep. I just need to put the baseball bats and golf clubs away.

Heh. Funny. My cat does stuff like that, too. I don't own a baseball bat, though. This is probably a good thing.

haha. Thanks for sharing that.

I love the way the cat 'softens' him up with his claws

OMG. Totally Perl with me some mornings when she's playing alarm clock cat. a couple of them were interested in the "meowing".

add a little licking of the face and you've got Patches and Tibbs ... cats are funny.

I dont have a cat but a dog and she enjoyed listening to the cat coming out of the speakers on my computer!

LOL Kerri... reminds me of my dog, she likes to slap me, then look at me like I have disturbed her!!

Now I'm just glad I dont own a bat!

that is hysterical

ROTFL. That is SOO my three cats back home. Although if I don't wake up soon enough they'll lay on my face until I wake up.
That's quite a pain when the 30 lbs. Persian is the one on my face.

hahah. That is why I sleep with the door closed. Except my cats don't use a bat, they just use the "tongue exfoliation" method. Which might actually be good for my skin, but, their breath stinks, so it grosses me out.

Just when I thought I had exhausted the look-at-cute-kitteh-i-found-on-teh-internets-patience of my mother with i can haz cheezburger, this cracked her up.

Hilarious. This reminds me of my childhood cat, Opie. He would dance on top of my head when I would cover my head over with blankets not wanting to wake up.

I just re-played the video clip again and became all giggly. What is wrong with me?

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