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SuperG, because your comment made me laugh so hard I almost dropped my coffee mug on the floor, this is for you:

Grimace is mad fine.  Look at those gams.

According to Wikipedia, "Grimace (pronounced /ˈgɹɪməs/) is a character in the marketing campaign by the McDonald's restaurant chain. Large and purple with short arms and legs, he is known for his monotonous face and slow-witted demeanor. His most common expression is the word 'duh'.

In the first campaign of McDonaldland commercials beginning in 1971, Grimace was the "Evil Grimace", with two pairs of arms with which to steal milkshakes. After that first campaign, the character was revised to be one of the "good guys", and his number of arms was reduced by two. Today, Grimace is generally portrayed in McDonald's commercials and merchandise as a well-meaning simpleton, whose clumsy antics provide a comic foil to Ronald McDonald."

SuperG, here is a photo of Grimace in his early days, when he was "Evil Grimace" with four arms: 

Evil Grimace.  Before my co-worker thought he was cute.

Now Grimace is a round fella who toddles around drinking milkshakes.  According to my extensive web research, Grimace wanted to create a blueberry-flavored milkshake.  He also had an Irish uncle named Uncle O'Grimacey.  (Note:  Another fictional food character with an Irish relative?  This feeds into my issues with Cookie O'Puss.) 

He's a happy-go-lucky guy who looks like a big purple gumdrop.  He's part of the McDonald's subculture and I remember collecting the toys from my Happy Meals when I was little. 

George, here is your wrap-up quiz:

1.  Grimace : ______________ : as McDonalds : Spongebob. 

a.  Falcore the Luck Dragon

b.  Patrick

c.  Brett Michaels

2.  True or False?  Evil Grimace had three arms.

3.  True or False?  Grimace loves a good milkshake and, if he could create his own flavor, he would chose blueberry.

4.  The candy Grimace most resembles is ____________________.

Bonus:  "Nothing can kill the Grimace."  Where did this quote originate from?

Answers later today.  :)


Grimace is actually the cousin from Patrick Star of Spongebob Squarepants.

Cookie Monster and Grimace were college roommates at Sesame U.

The Fry Guys toured with Phish until 2001, until their legs became horribly entangled. They reformed, sans legs, as "The Kooshes" in 2003.

Chuck Norris removed Grimace's second pair of appendages.

1. Patrick
2. False
3. True?
4. Gum drop
Bonus: I had to Google that, so I won't divulge the answer.

Another Bonus question: Who wears the Grimace costume as a form of foreplay?

I can't believe George didn't know who Grimace was. What rock was he hiding under during the 70's? ;)

1. Patrick
2. False ( and I should say that Evil Grimace is about the scariest thing I have seen in a while)
3. True (this is where it began. My mom told me he was an upsidedown shake and I said that was lame becuase he would spill. I was told to ask my father.)
4. Gum Drop

Bonus: I googled it. I never watched that show. I will say nothing. Loved the movie though!

Bonus from Shannon. - ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

And I KNEW who he was, i did not know WHAT he was.

Thanks for the info Kerri. You rock!

I KNEW who Grimace was I just did not know WHAT he was!

Ever since I saw Grimace in 1971, I wondered what the hell he was, but I guess I didn't care enough to Google it. Sorry George!

1. Patrick
2. False
3. True (although I'm not sure about the blueberry part)
4. Gumdrop? No, I think he looks more like deformed, discolored cotton candy!

I don't know about Cookie O'Puss, Kerri, but Fudgie the Whale is the character I have issues with!

How appropriate that a junk-food character would be, uh, *pudgy*. :-)


Holy crap I needed this.
Sitting here away from home on business drinking a few beverages reading this practically made me ooze beer from many orfices located throughout my body. Now I'm not only the guy drinking beer alone on his blackberry but talking to himself too.
Good times.

I think Grimace should have kept the extra arms. They're much cooler.

I'll always be a fan of the hamburgler.
....those were the days!

1. Patrick
2. Trick question, TRUE. He had four, which means he had to have three.
3. True
4. Lemon/gum drop
Bonus: Clerks cartoon! Classic.

Where are the answers? Or was the offer to provide answers some kind of awful trick?

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