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Relaxed and Groovy.

For the first time in many, many, MANY weeks, Chris and I didn't have to be anywhere.  We didn't have a wedding to attend, or a fundraising walk to host, or an event to make an appearance at.  There were no timetables, no pressures, and no stress.

Oh man, it was awesome. 

After a Saturday of a new workout at the gym (more on that later), some relaxing at home, and a night out on our little town enjoying dinner, a few beers, and Game Three of the World Series, we were feeling very well-rested and ready for a jaunt into NYC.  So on Sunday, we ventured off to Ellis Island

Checked out Lady Liberty.  (I waved.  She didn't.) 

Chris took this picture.  I thought it was lovely.

We also had some of the most delicious fudge at the museum on Ellis Island.  After some time in the museum, we hoofed it back to the ferry and rejoined the mainland in Battery Park.

"That fudge.  Dude, I'm feeling all sorts of squishy."  ("Dude" - interchangeable with "Baby" or "Chris/Kerri.")

"Me, too."

"Do you think we can make it back to Grand Central by foot?"

"Let's do it!"

With the sun at our back, we found Broadway and made our way up the island.  We stopped so I could check out some makeshift kiosks on the side of the street - and I scored three very nice, very fancy, very three-for-ten-dollars pashminas to shield myself from the cold that was setting in.  I didn't realize until later that I had chosen navy blue, gray, and pink - the three colors from my SUM stylesheet.  What a geek.

Gold-tipped building on Broadway.

Dinner at the Corner Shop Cafe on Broadway (fantastic chicken noodle soup, and the three-cheese macaroni was seriously awesome) was romantic, despite the treacherous trek to the bathroom in the bowels of the building.  Every subway that roared by sounded like it was coming up the drainpipe.  But all things considered, we had a nice little meal.

After a meal of so many carbs, continuing our walk to Grand Central was a welcomed activity.  (One bottle of grape juice was drained - I forgot to tone down the bolus to account for the walking.)  By the end of the trek, from the new workout on Saturday and the 5.5 miles from Battery Park to GC, our calves were on fire and we were grateful to settle into our seats on the train and nap our way back home.

Where we watched the Red Sox friggin' sweep the World Series.  And I'm proud to say that Julia had the update on her site before Yahoo! did.  If they don't renew Lowell, I'll be pissed.  And Pappelbon, as always, was lights out.  Every time.  Even though he did throw wild for those last few pitches, but who wouldn't?  IT WAS THE WORLD FREAKING SERIES.  I would have thrown up.

Would have loved a good night's sleep after that full day, but no, Sausage wouldn't have it.  That story for tomorrow, but suffice to say that Siah sings opera at four in the morning.  Loudly.  I'll tell that story once I wake the hell up.

Go Sox! GO SOX!!!!


May be a first. Romantic, bathroom and bowels used in the same sentence.

I aim to please. ;)

Sounds fun! I wish I lived closer to NYC. Glad you finally had a non-crazy, fun weekend!

Even though your day was busy, it makes a BIG difference when it's done on your own terms and time clock.

That sounded like a really nice day.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

The dude/baby thing made me smile.

Rob typically calls me babe or baby. He typically calls his close male friends dude. Occasionally he calls me dude, when the context tells me he didn't really mean to. But that is no where near as funny as the few times he has called his best male friend "babe". The look on both their faces the first time it happened was priceless!

Why didn't I make it to NYC earlier this month? darnit!

Any plans to temporarily change the blog name to "SOX Until Me"? Haha. :)

Last time I visited NYC I scored a bag of Rolex watches -- 5 for $20.00. They kept on ticking for at least 9 months. Walking and eating, walking and eating -- what a great city!

And the Romans thought "Relaxed and groovy? No, no, no, no." So they murdered him. And kids eat chocolate eggs, because of the color of the chocolate, and the color of the... wood on the cross. Well, you tell me! It's got nothing to do with it, has it?

Sounds like a lovely time. I'm impressed you walked all the way to Grand Central. That's quite a hike. Definitely worked off the fudge, eh?

Get some sleep and I look forward to the opera singing cat story soon. :)

Lea and Shannon - Thanks!

Caro - I've called my friends "baby" by accident, too. Creature of habit! :)

Hannah - That is so funny that you said that because I actually was working on a quick graphic for "Sox Until Me," but then something shiny distracted me. Still - the pun is not lost! And neither was the game. YAY!

Barbara - Something about the phrase "a bag of Rolex watches" made me laugh.

Amylia - Cat opera, coming up.

Julia - I KNEW you would get it. You always do!! :)

I had a diabetes question and you were the first person who poped into my mind to ask. I am 16 and have been diagnosed with type 1 since I was 2. I regret to admit I haven't had great control these last few years. Lately I seem to be having alot of this odd sensation in my foot (atleast once a day). It's almost feels like my foot is vibrating sometimes. Like it's fallen asleep but there's no pain involved. Is this something bad that's happened to my body because of my bad control? I am really scared.
Sorry, I know that's not really what your here for but my mom wouldn't know the answer and it would just scare her.
Please reply.

I'm headed to NYC this Sunday -- and your pictures and story made me more excited than ever! I'll for sure check out the dodgy street vendors (3-for-10 pashmina! Who could resist?) and look for that cool building on Broadway. I'm so jealous that you can hop a train to the city; I live on the wrong side of the country

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