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The Cake Wars

I am not the only engaged girl in the dLife editorial department - my fellow dLifer Z is also engaged to be married.  This has our little editorial department all a-twitter about reception halls, wedding favors, My cake in the Great dLife Cake War.invitations, and bridal gowns. 

And because Z and I are having our weddings a mere week apart, we're stressing about the same stuff.  Both searching for photographers.  Both on the hunt for a reasonable DJ.  Both scouring bridal shops for the perfect gown.  Both with desks piled high with glossy bridal magazines.

Therefore, we've established The Cake Wars.

We first thought about having the tortoise and the hare, but neither of us are blazing through the timeline. 

"The tortoise and the tortoise?"  I suggested.

Z looked at me very seriously. 

"I would like to be Grimace."

I couldn't help but laugh.  "Grimace?"

Dead serious.  "Yes.  I think he's cute."

Okay, so my cake is topped by a tortoise (aka Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Z is represented by her cute pal, Grimace.

Each tier of the cake represents a completed task.  (We already have a few tiers pre-labeled as "stress out.")  At the top of the timeline there are wedding bells with our respective wedding dates.

Every time a bell rings, I test my blood sugar.

Here's how Grimace and Donatello are battling it out.

Grimace vs. Donatello

The Great dLife Cake War has begun.  Onwards to May!  (And tomorrow I'll stop making this into a wedding blog.  Besides, I already write for one of those.)


Hee hee!!! I had to look up who Grimace was but I remember him. He was a favorite of my kids. :)

Oh I can't wait to see this tomorrow. L needs one too - maybe Curious George or Magilla Gorilla on top?

Man, Grimace has no chance against Donatello!

Cowabunga, dude!

that. is. amazing.

girl, you get around! the internets, i mean. i mean... you post in many places.

I'm gonna stop talking now.

I was really hoping that you were gonna finally tell me that Grimace is some bizarre Turtle from a remote pacific island or something.

So I will go to bed for another night wondering what the hell Grimace is.

Okay, so you need a cake and some flowers to get ahead of this girl, right? I might be able to help with the cake, if not the baker. Maybe I'm biased, but my best friend's wedding cake? By far the most beautiful I have ever seen. What are your colors? Do we have colors yet?

See I told you. The cake part of wedding planning is the best part, except for the event itself.

And with an insulin pump it's really easy to bolus for all those samples of yummy wedding cake.

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