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The Sleepy Six.


ONE:  Do not book a flight from LA to Newark, then Newark to Providence when you live in western CT.  This is foolish because as you take off from Newark, you actually fly over your house.  Even though we saved over $400 with this arrangement, it's still ridiculous.

TWO:  If you are an east-coaster visiting the west coast, do not spend your mornings on east coast time and your evenings on west coast time.  This will be fun, but will not lead your head to a pillow for 20 hour clips.  Currently, I am using test strips to prop open my eyelids. 

THREE:  We went to the LA Zoo yesterday afternoon and wandered around for hours.  We saw judgemental koala bears, huge tigers, and the biggest damn alligator I have ever seen.  I added a pile of pictures to my Flickr account if you want to poke around.

FOUR:  While we were at the zoo yesterday, there was a group of art students who were sketching the regal lion.  Their drawings were excellent, and Chris and I found ourselves in the middle of their artistry pack.  Feeling a bit foolish for not having a lick of artistic talent but never to be outdone, Chris whipped out his trusty notebook, borrowed a pen from my purse, and joined the fray.  The girl on our right was effortlessly sketching this:


And my fearless fiance, utilizing precisely 2% of his actual drawing skills, created this masterpiece:

Chris's lion.  Note the fancy ... beak it has.

FIVE:  The JDRF walk is Sunday morning in RI and we're traipsing back to RI for it.  I'm excited to see my new hat (aLOL, Nicole) and to have my bridal party start their bridesmaid dress fitting process on Sunday afternoon. 

SIX:  The Sox are still in it.  I can't say much more, because then I start to get nervous.

Another whirlwind weekend, but after this one, I'm doing NOTHING for several weeks.  Except sleeping.  And going to work.  And blogging.  And gearing up for some exciting things that are looming on the horizon. 

But sleep is a friggin' definite.


GO SOX! got to get that out of the way first.

love Chris's sketch. How come the lion looks like that giant alligator though?

A fair number of those sketchers at the zoo are from the Art Center. Walt Disney started all this years ago sending animators to the zoo to get experience with real animal animation. By the time Bambi came along, Disney was borrowing animals from the LA Zoo and bringing them into the animators studio.

Just a little FYI.


David B.

Re: #2
At last a good usage for used test strips!
The whole east coast-west coast thing bites me every time I go home. Returning to the east coast is definitely worse than being on the west coast. Takes me about a week to get readjusted.

Chris's lion looks like a seal with a beak with its head on fire.

And hush about the Sox. As I posted last night, do you want to tempt the wrath of the whatever high atop the thing?

Maybe you should carry some crayons in your purse next time ?

"Currently, I am using test strips to prop open my eyelids." LOL. you crack me up.

I hope they're the one touch ultra little ones, not the old school one touch ones. That could hurt.

I need the details, baby - about Sunday that is... When? Under the Balloon Arch?

love the beak on Chris's lion. I did aLOL at that one, Kerri! :)

Please, please, please get some sleep for me. Well, for yourself, really. And all your loyal readers who want you well-rested!

Nice Gryphon there, Chris.

I'm sure there are more L.A. stories lurking about. I can't wait to hear more.

It also sort of looks like Big Bird on the attack.

hahahaha I love your fiances sketch-that cracked me up =) I read your blog often, but I'm not very good with comments-I really do love what you write though...

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