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World Series Six.

It's been a very busy few weeks around here and I'm hoping things are starting to settle down for a bit, before the November's storm of NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo -- wasn't someone supposed to tell me not to do that again this year?

Welcome to the World Series Sox (not yet - patience) Six:

Go Sox!Oh the joy of taking the first two at home -- Boston sports teams are lighting it up lately, and my beloved Red Sox are no exception.  As one of two Red Sox fans in my office (we are the lone wolves in this sea of pinstripes), my glee is somewhat contained, but he and I share quiet high-fives when no one is looking.  The Yankees fans in my office spout off about "the rings!  Count the rings!" but what they fail to realize is that I'll be grinning about the 2004 victory until I'm about 80, regardless of the wins or losses in between. 

Go Sox!I must admit it - I'm addicted to reading the posts over at Blogabetes.  Even though I have my editor hat on (it has horns, too), I can't help but end up immersed in their words.  If you haven't checked out Blogabetes, you need to scoot on over there and see what some of your favorite d-bloggers are writing about these days.

Go Sox!Speaking of writers, I'm in search of a guy with type 2 diabetes who may be interested in contributing to a dLife project.  Must like long boluses, fresh lancets, and the occasional cookie.  ... In all seriousness, if you are a fella with type 2 diabetes and you would be interested in a dLife project, drop me a line

Go Sox!My iTunes are jammed up with new songs, but the albums I can't stop listening to this week are the soundtrack for Into The Wild and the new Foo Fighters bit.  Chris and I went to see Into the Wild a few days ago and it definitely sent my brain into a self-preservation Go Sox!!tailspin.  Recommend the album if you're looking for something that includes the occasional banjo.  I went on a spending spree at Newbury Comics the other day (there isn't one in CT, therefore making CT suck a bit), but I'm always game to check out new bands.  If you have a recommendation, I'm all bloggy ears.

Go Sox!I have no idea when the clocks change.  This just dawned on me.  I need to start reading a newspaper or something - the internet is causing me to scale back on brain cell use.

Go Sox!And lastly, if you haven't checked out the Diabetes365 project, it's now officially time.  Beth has created a terrific website featuring the participants in the project.  It's a full year of what life is like with diabetes, aiming to raise awareness and inspire.  I'm proud to say that it's accomplishing both goals.


So who you pullin' for in the series? C'mon Tell us....Really!! :D


Rooting for the Yankees is like going to the casino and cheering on the dealer at the table.

I went to game one the other night!!! Long story as to how I scored tickets (did not have to pay). I know, that luck will never come around again. It was amazing. They are great. I have not gotten a lot of sleep in the past couple of days but it's worth it. Go Sox!!!

Holy crap, you were there? Lucky, lucky lady! And FREE? You must tell that story. Free Sox tickets? Are you Theo Epstein's sister or something? ;)

I've been wanting to get the Into the Wild soundtrack. I LOVE Pearl Jam.

As for the Sox, it wouldn't be so bad that they're in IT if the fans didn't have a perpetual chip on their shoulder ;)

November 4th (daylight savings) :)

You need to keep track of the Daylight Savings - after all, it is lancet changing day as well!

(The baseball stuff - goes right over my head!)

Hmmm, wondering alot how someone got free tix.

Kerri, if your not worried about getting promotinos ... flaunt your sox enthusiasm!


Go Sox !!!

Caro - I spit out my tea when I read your comment. You're right! It is lancet-changing time! :)

Jim - They hired me knowing full well I was a Sox fan. It's a pre-existing condition. ;)

Go Sox! And I'm with you - even if they never win again *spit spit* 2004 will be worth it. I'm not sure people understand what it felt like. I remember sitting there thinking "I can't believe they're actually goign to win." I woke my then 11year old up so she could witness it. It's fun cheering for the winning team now too, don't get me wrong, but tickets were pretty much free back in the mid 90's. I remember just being able to be in Kenmore or at the old Baseball Tavern on game day and deciding on a whim to go to a game and not only being able to walk up and buy tickets but walk up and buy tickets that cost about $15.

So yankees, shmankees. The only ring that actually matters is the one from this year.

Oh and since this is a diabetes blog, Go D365!

Thanks for the D35 shoutout! The Flickr group that Bernard started is growing every day, and we love seeing all the gorgeous new pictures of what it's like to have diabetes.

Also, I love daylight savings time... in the fall. That extra hour is soooo nice. :)

Go Sox!

You might want to point out to those *spit* Yankees fans that they haven't won a ring in this century. Just sayin'. Highest payroll in baseball and they can't win a ring.

Last night's game was a killer. Much more fun to watch than Thursday night's blow out. Although I will say, I'm hoping it does go 5 or 6 games, just so I can see a win in Boston and watch everyone lose their collective minds. Again.

I love the RS Logo bullets. I need to get me some of those.

And I freely admit to not remembering anything else you wrote. You started talking about the Red Sox and all I heard after that was "Wha wha wha wha wha," a la Charlie Brown.

aLOL Major Bedhead! That's so what I did too.

We live in NE Pennsylvania, which has rapidly become innundated with NY transplants(thus, Yankees fans)Casey, my 11 yr old T1 son is a HUUUUGE sox fan and will take any of them on. Doing the dance of joy lots this week here(it's good for the blood sugar!) His fave article of clothing lately(or always)? His YANKEES SUCK tshirt. It's ripped and old, but we'll never find another one of those around here :-( It's always fun to be a Yankee hater!

Go Sox! I'm in the thick of the Taiwanese baseball Series--drove 10 hours round trip from Taipei to see my team lose the championship game in Kaoshiung! They have ONE more game tonight--the final one, and it's driving me bonkers! I'm watching the Sox on Taiwan Cable TV right now. My brain is on overload. Head on over to my blog later today to see the way the Taiwanese watch a live baseball game--it's sheer madness!!! :)

P.S. thanks for the shout-out on the 365 project!

Uh, right, baseball... Okay, sure.

In other news: what's your Nano username? Let's be writing buddies!

"Into The Wild" is now one of my ALL TIME favorite movies! I will also have to download some itunes... Thanks Kerri.

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