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95 North, How I Loathe Thee.

I hate 95 North.Over the next few hours, I will be: 

Changing the radio station.  Talking about the wedding.  Working on an article.  Singing along to stupid tunes on the iPod.  Debating who would win in a battle to the death:  Batman or the Ultimate Warrior?  Wasting gas as we sit in traffic for HOURS trying to get home to RI.  Figuring out the complex settings on the new camera.  Taking pictures of his ear, his knuckles, and scenes from the highway.  Yawning.  Maybe napping.  Drinking coffee.  Testing.  Bolusing.  Picking cat hair off my black jacket.  Reading a little bit and then promptly getting a headache.   Wondering why RI is just a state away but sometimes feels like freaking Canada.

But once we make it to Rhode Island, it's all about family, friends, and celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.  I'll be checking in, per my NaBloPoMo addiction, but it will be spare. 

Have a great holiday!


Growing up in Fairfield County, I feel your pain. I now drive (with wife and two rugrats) from the Philly area (Villanova) up through NJ, over the Hudson, through NYC and then CT. Basically what I am saying is, I-95 stinks everywhere during Thanksgiving. Good luck!

Happy Thanksgiving Kerri! 95 is so overworked - try not to blame it. ;)

Have a wonderful holiday, Kerri!

Have a great Holiday, K. See you after.

BTW - I got that item that I'd emailed you about - yesterday. Just wanted to let you know!


Living in Canada and coming home from New Jersey on Monday, I can tell you Canada is much further.

Using the Garden State Parkway and I-287, it took use more than 2 1/2 hours to even get to I-78.

We did manage to make it home in 10 hours though (I think without traffic it should have taken 7 1/2 to 8).

There's a holiday this week? Oh, yeah, Thanksgiving. Ours is a month and a half earlier so no holiday in Canada this week. Enjoy your holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving Kerri.

P.S. 95 South sucks, too...

have a safe trip...the freak drivers are already out there in full force.
Happy Thanksgiving!

95 North is horrible on Thanksgiving Eve, I feel your pain. Have a safe trip and a good time!


Happy (and safe) travels. Enjoy RI.

Batman. Definitely Batman.

Happy Turkey.

We used to spend 12 or more hours on 95, traveling from Richmond to NH, with 2 kids in the back seat. I don't miss it.
Happy T'giving!

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Have a good TG!! Say hi to your mom for me :)

Happy Thanksgiving Kerri!

I love hearing about interstate travel on the east coast... it amazes me that you can go through multiple states in a matter of hours.

When I drive "home" to Eureka from San Diego, it takes over 13 hours and I don't even leave California! :) Regional differences are fun!

oh the joys of thanksgiving traffic! but seriously, what i wouldn't give to be in your spot, on my way to see my family for thanksgiving instead of in drippy taiwan sans family.

ah well....enjoy the day! :)

95 a.k.a. 128 here in Boston.. we refer to it as the worlds largest parking lot.

I feel your stress having been stuck on this road more times than I care to.
It has a way of making an hours ride turn into forever.

Have a great Thanksgiving

I live pretty much as far south as you can get on the east coast and rest assured - 95 sucks down here too!

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