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A Basic Blog Meme.

Oh dear.  This may be completely true.Thank you, MemeGods, for sending me something that will help me achieve my NaBloPoMo goals.  I present:  The Basic Blog Meme, courtesy of a F.R.

How long have you been blogging?

I started Six Until Me. back on Blogspot in May of 2005.  It's been about two and half years now.  (Holy crap.)

What inspired you to start a blog?

I was inspired by Chris to start blogging and I initially did this because I couldn't find the "real stories" from people who were living with diabetes.  Now, I think it's terrific that the blogging community has expanded to such an extent that there are millions of blogs about millions of topics ... but the diabetes bloggers are by far my favorite crew. 

Are you trying to make money, or just doing it for fun?

I do this so that I don't feel so alone with my diabetes.  If anything is made along the way, be it money, professional connections, or educational opportunities, it comes second to that feeling of community.

What are three things you struggle with online?

I struggle with telling too much -- I like having moments in my life that are kept purely off-line but I'm always thinking about stories that I can blog about.  I also had a lot of trouble when I first started designing and coding my own site, but that chaos has evolved into a genuine understanding of design, which I'm pretty damn proud of.  And the third thing?  I have a problem not cursing.  Anyone who knows me outside of this blog is aware of my borderline trucker mouth.  I do my best to keep the curses off SUM, but there are moments when I just can't help myself.  :)

What are three things you love about being online?

I love feeling like part of something bigger than just my one blog, connecting with people I wouldn't have otherwise known existed, and finding solace in the words of others.

And if you could entice someone else to start a blog, who would it be?

Larry Bird, why don't you have a blog?  Seriously. 

If you're NaBloPoMo-ing, have at this here meme.  And if you have one for me, please send it my way.  I'm completely out of original thoughts.


Out of thoughts? Ha- I don't believe you for a second! Six more days left in November... a..l..m..o..s..t..... there.

Let me interview you!

Thanks Kerri

Since I failed miserably in my attempt to blog while in Ireland (too little time), I'll use this one.

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