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A Blogging Nightmare.

Trapped in the blogs!Last night, when my fever was spiking and the chills were coursing through my body like contractions, I hid in my bed and tried to fall asleep.  Tossing and turning, thinking of talented writers of Blogabetes, columns that still needed to be looked at, and my own personal blog that required some attention, my brain was spinning with incompleted tasks.

I fell asleep, fretting.

And I dreamt that I was inside a computer screen.  Not trapped behind the glass, per se, but stuck right in between two open Explorer windows.  I was pinned and flailing and unable to just reeeeeach my hand around and press the "X" to close the window and let me out.

I woke up with a start and put my face against Chris's shoulder as he slept.

"I had a nightmare.  About blogging."

"Mmmmmmhmmm.  Do you need juice?" 

(Poor guy is on autopilot.)

"No.  I'm not low.  I had a nightmare."

"It's okay."  He fell back asleep.  I stared at the ceiling, still reaching for that "X" in my mind's eye.

And when I heard myself describing this nightmare to my co-worker this morning (Her response:  Your life is based on cartoons even in your dreams?  Oh great day!), I realized how grateful I was that November only has one more day in it.

One.  More.  Day.


That's intense. good thing you didn't end up on a page with a million auto-pop up windows. You'd be buried so deep in windows we'd have to Digg you out. =P

blogs seems to have been a theme in last night's dreams...except for me, it was a programming nightmare ;P and all the things I have yet to finish programming for my blogs...

omg. funny. I think someone needs to step away from the computer this weekend.

Fevers provide some bizarre material for dreaming.

Omigosh, that's hilarious!

I can visualize your fiance mumbling on autopilot. My hubby does that one too.

Thanks for the laugh!
(missingmywings on TuDiabetes)

Albert - Great pun! :)

Courtney - Ugh, I can empathize on at least a code-writing level. When I close my eyes, I see script.

Rachel - Totally taking the weekend off. Cannot wait.

Shannon - So do WeeMees. I'm just saying. ;)

Kelly - Chris is completely on autopilot. I think that happens to the partners of PWDs. They're so darn good to us! :D

Too funny!!!

Nightmares about blogging ... girl, you need to take a break once in a while! When does the NaBloPoooFoo thing end? Is it until the end of the year? (Even though I've enjoyed you posting every day -- can't complain!!!!!!)

Friday's coming. Soon your dreams will be about preparations for the wedding. Let us know when they start.

well its better than sugar plums dancing in your head.

What is a sugar plum anyway?

Good Luck- 1 more day!!!! Maybe December will have better dreams! LOL

you poor thing! Please, step away from the computer. I have to admit I was laughing when you described your dream, but if you can escape even in your sleep, there's something wrong with this picture.

Thanks for sacrificing even your sleep for us loyal readers. We love you, but want you to have a break, too! Last day (at least here in Taiwan, I already posted my final one!)

Obviously it's high time you switched to Firefox! No nightmares at all.
Better yet: Firefox on a Mac.


I've had odd dreams before, but not with a browser in them! You're working too hard, take Saturday off!

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