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And the Cats Survived.

Pretty red leaves that lined the shores of the lake.

There was Fondue Night with my college roommates, dipping whatever we could find into cheese and then chocolate fondue (no, not at the same time), drinking wine, and gossiping like fools.

There was Thanksgiving with friends and family, spending time with our closest loved ones.

We had a delicious dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in the city and then explored Providence with the new camera, snapping shots of the Statehouse and the cityscape from an empty park at midnight.

A visit to my mother's house brought us on an impromptu hike through the woods and snapping pictures at the shore of the lake.

The loooo-ong drive back down 95, back to our home and back to work this week.  We're sleepy, inundated with emails, and toting suitcases crammed with half-folded laundry.

And even though they were all puffy-tailed, bored, and mewing when we came back home tonight, the cats survived.


Those are great pictures! You look just like your mom... and that's a good thing! She's gorgeous!

sounds like a blast.
you live a busy, but fun-filled life. :)

Yay kitties! They can survive when they have to. They just don't let on.

You must be loving your new camera. Those pictures are fabulous.

Fantastic pictures.Sounds like a great holiday weekend. Hope you have good week!

Sounds like a great time. I love the photos!

You were in Roger Williams park, right? The one up on Benefit St., with the giant statute and the sheer dropoff facing downtown?

Kerri, I haven't seen your mother in about 10 years. She looks great! (You may tell her I said so.) =)

sounds like fun! that picture is awesome

WOW - you look like your Mom! Fun pics! I still do not understand what is happening with your blog on bloglines. I get different stuff depending on if I click on the blog entry or the blog name "Six until Me". Do you understand this? Is it that you have several blogs and I am getting each in a different place? So confusing....

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