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Barkfast of Chompions.


My whole life revolves around it.  Between testing, calculating, bolusing, and making general attempts at healthy eating, food is an enormous part of my diabetes management plan. 

Ah, food.

For some reason, we found ourselves at the grocery store at 10 o'clock at night yesterday.  (Actually, not for "some reason."  The reason was that there was nothing but salad dressing and three month stale croutons in the house to munch on.)  

In pursuit of ingredients for a minestrone soup I'm making (stop laughing - I can cook a little bit), I noticed the contents of our cart.  Vegetables, fruits, almonds, and whole-grain breads.  Once upon a time, I would have missed the potatoes,  rice, and popsicles (I would kill a man for Sherbet Cyclones ... those things are just darn delicious), but these days my tastebuds are geared more in favor of the diabetes-friendly and just generally healthy fare.

Gazing into the cart, I see the food choices of a woman who is finally thinking of her meals as they relate to her blood sugars.  But I'm admittedly a reluctant healthy eater.  I would love nothing more than cheesecake for dinner every night.  Cheesecake with a side of macaroni and cheese - not the white, Annie's kind but the real-deal biohazard orange kind - and a cup of piping hot chai tea latte, too.  Sugar, sugar, carbs, carbs.  I would love that.  Ice cream every morning, tapioca pudding with whipped cream every night.  My inner-glutton wants to mobilize but my brain interjects with thoughts of low A1C's, wedding dresses, and my future children. 

So we shop healthy, my fiance and I.  Indulgences find their way of slipping into the cart (how did those granola bars get in there?) but overall, we aim to eat low-carb and organic whenever possible.  Sounds bo-ring but is oddly satisfying and tasty.

Healthy meals are important for all sorts of living creatures.  Like dogs.  Apparently they have their own healthy breakfast cereal ... ahem, pardon me, "barkfast" cereal.  I had to snap a picture.  So ridiculous.  And I was laughing all night about it.  Silliness, right?

Oh delightful!

But upon Googling the brand name this morning, I see that diabetic doggies are benefitting from the Bow Wow Brands.  I blog corrected.  (Yet the image of a dog family sitting down for breakfast - pearls and all! - makes me laugh until I cry a little bit.) 

Healthy food for all!  (Even dogs.)


Thanks for the glimpse in your grocery cart. And the laugh about "Barkfast."
Hope the minestrone soup was delicious.

What are you talking about? My dogs always wear pearls! Oh, and they can't start their day until they have read the morning news. :D

I don't know if this is specific just to the Los Angeles market, but Unilever (under their Popsicle banner) makes Life Savers brand sugar-free popsicles that are kind of like rocket pops (the stacked flavors are watermelon, pineapple, cherry, raspberry and orange).

They're sweetened with Maltodextrin which is probably why there are 3g Sugar Alcohol per pop.

I like 'em a lot...

David B.

Oh, I forgot to mention that there's a very small amount of Nutrasweet per pop...

David B.

I'm glad you posted this.. I just made a post of my own last night about wanting to eat healthier in the interest of improving my blood sugars, so this helps!

I definitely agree with you about wanting to eat cheese cake and mac & cheese every night though.. that sounds good :P

Kerri, David is not joking. The Life Saver Popsicles are AMAZING.

The pearls honk me up. I cannot look at them and not bust into laughter.


And what size wedding dress would you be wearing if you wern't a diabetic? Okay, maybe you wouldn't craze all the fun food.

With my heart disease and diabetes, I'm always weighing my options with low fat and low cholesterol vs. low sugar and low carb. One of my favorite meals is a turkey burger (all white meat) wrapped in lettuce. Red Robin (chain restaurant) serves one but I think the turkey burger isn't all white meat. It tastes too good. Now I’m hungry, thanks!

Having so many dogs, I find myself on the doggie treat aisle several times a week. I've noticed these healthy treats a lot lately. I wonder if they would do the same thing to a dog that a lot of artificially sweetened human treats do to people. I'm not brave enough to buy them to find out... I think my doggie family will stick to eating their unhealthy treats in front of the TV instead of eating the healthy ones at the breakfast table.

Hi Kerri!

I just stumbled upon your blog too, and have been meaning to comment for the last couple of days. But life is crazy, as usual, and I didn't get around to it. Please do add me to your blogroll...And I'll be stopping by again soon, I'm sure!

And let me just say that I love that you're on top of the latest diabetes news for our canine brethren as well! ;)

Holy Schnikees, that is funny! What knob came up with that image for the box? Too funny.

I sometimes wonder if I would crave all the carbs and sugary stuff if I weren't diabetic. I think that having diabetes changes my relationship with foods and the way I think about them. If they weren't so off-limits, I wonder if I would crave them. I know diabetics can eat whatever they want so long as they control glucose levels, but I grew up with diabetes at a time when people thought you couldn't eat any sugar, so I still have this sick little relationship to sugary, high carb snacks. I don't indulge often, but I fantasize about it.

I don't think I'd do that if I weren't diabetic, or diagnosed as a kid at a time when sugar was verboten.

Wow! I didn't know that I should be making my human buy me special barkfest food - and peanut butter is my fave!!! Mum buys Dad special food all the time - maybe I should get her to get me some of that stuff - do you think they sell it in Australia??
Licks Carbi - the hypo-alert dog from Australia!

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