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dLife on The Today Show

dLife on The Today ShowMore blogging later, but diabetes was the focus of a frank discussion on The Today Show this morning.  Topics ranged from diabetes myths to the power of good control.  Check out this video clip and see what Dr. Nancy Snyderman has to say.


That was great.
I used to love her on Good Morning America. I wonder when she switched stations.

Cool shout out at the end!

Great plug for dLife! It was always my impression (maybe just my hope?) that genetics played a larger role in type 2 diabetes. What are the numbers? Also she says something like, in type 1, you don't make enough insulin from birth? huh? Did I hear her wrong. Oh well, I guess she is trying to simplify thing but as far as I know, most type 1's now or eventually don't make any insulin and it doesn't usually start at birth as far as I know. I made it fine for 13 years anyway.

awesome plug at the end. good straightforward information. wish all the food police could have seen the first myth!


Nice piece and great plug for dLife.com.

I really liked that first myth. I think I'll blog about this video.

I liked this. It was pretty much right on. Unlike a lot of stuff out there. I think that it helps to have factual information put out there, even if it is too far and few between. Every little piece helps.

And cool about the dLife. That's how I found you and then the Diabetes OC, so I can't complain. I like dLife too!

Dr. Nancy did a good job. It's tough trying to describe diabetes in a few words. She did us justice. I like the plug.

Congrats Kerri! very exciting for dLife, sorry you're sick...I'm fighting it as well. ugh.


I LOVE that she said that "diabetic sugar-free" items are just another way to make money. LOVE it.

Short, "sweet" and to the point. Why can't this be the norm? Oh, and about the diabetic sugar free comment..Casey's nutritionist told us that from the get go (we like her!)

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