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More Than Diabetes.

We met up at Les Halles for dinner.  Four people, meeting up for the first of many times.  She greeted Chris with a huge smile and a hug. 

It was more than diabetes. 

Sure, she understood completely when I mentioned a botched infusion set or that sticky mouth feeling when blood sugars are swarming out of control.  We talked about technology and "old school diabetes" and what how things have changed over the last twenty-plus years.  Conversations about how diabetes influenced romantic relationships, or financial decisions, or career aspirations passed easily between us. 

She knew when I said "I don't think about a cure," that I was actually saying, "I can't think about it."  She's been diabetic for almost 25 years.  She knows exactly what I mean.

But after the talk about diabetes was tapering, we still had more to talk about.  Marriage.  Family, both being a part of one and starting our own.  Perspectives on writing.  Gossipy bits.  And she made me laugh - oh good Lord the girl is funny.  Our friendship is born from a diabetes connection but one that is rooted in so much more than that.  Talking with her was like talking with someone I grew up with, who understood where I was coming from and where I hoped to go.

So when Christel and her husband, John, came to visit NYC, it was more than diabetes.  It wasn't about comparing pumps or blood sugars or tales from our islets.  We had dinner with two people who felt like old friends, only she and I just happened to both bolus before the crème brulée was served. 

It was more than diabetes.

Kerri and Christel.


That's how it seems when you meet someone new with diabetes! It's like meeting a old friend who understands you no matter what. Someday I am going to make my "blog rounds" and try to meet as many of you guys as possible. It's like an extended family. :)

Nice blog. Broadway? Thought it was on John.

Cara - Would love to see you make your blog rounds! :)

Mark - I blog corrected. It's "off Broadway, on John." Thanks for the head's up!

Actually, this location was on Park Avenue - near Broadway. The downtown restaurant is on John Street.

Now that we're all confused... :)

Thank you again for meeting us in NYC. We haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

I'm from Rhode Island. No speaky your fancy NYC languages. ;)

Looks and sounds like you guys had a load of fun. Christel looks like your little sister (not because you look old, just because she's teeny!)

Meeting instant friends (not really a strong enough word) where you have this common bond is always wonderful.

Kerri, thanks for sharing this blessing of yours with us.

Kerri- Meeting Christel sounds great. I'm with Cara...tt would be very cool to meet some of the OC!

:o) Allison

Very cool. I love meeting people from the OC because they really do get it. You don't have to explain, you don't feel out of place, it's everyone's normal. It's great.

I think I'd give my right eye tooth to have dinner at Les Halles.

i have a question ive been a diabetes for 3years and at the frist i could understand it my blood suger was not going down as much now it like i eat all the time to keep it up with my pills iam taking 2000 aday of pill thank for your help deb

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