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My Mask, CVS, and R.P.S.

After looking in the review mirror in my car and seeing blotchy white spots on the back of my throat, I made an immediate appointment at my doctor's office.  She said she could see me within the hour, so I bailed from work and drove over to her office.

"Yes, hello!"  Dr. CT greeted me with a handshake and a warm smile.  "So your throat is not feeling well?"

"No, not at all.  And there is this little army of spots on the back of my throat that made me want to be checked for strep."

"Ah, strep.  It's going around."  She took out one of those massive popsicle stick things and shined her flashlight into my mouth.  "And you, Kerri, have one of the most lovely, blooming cases of strep I've seen all year." 

Clicking off her flashlight, she rummaged through a cabinet until she found a small, white piece of cloth.

"Put this on.  You are highly contagious."  Quick swipe in my ear with the thermometer as she hands me a white mouth mask.  "Yes, almost 102 degrees.  You'll need to start on these antibiotics," hands me a script, "and take some Advil to bring your temperature down.  And of course, fluids, fluids, fluids for my diabetic patient." 

I gave her a rueful smile.  "I promise to stay hydrated."

She gave me a stern look in return.  "And you must also stay out of work for at least 24 hours, but preferably 48.  I am not compromising on this."  I LOVED Dr. Mario when I was in college.  You might say I was addicted.

How the hell does this woman know me so well, after only a few visits?  To keep her happy, I agreed to stay home from work on Tuesday and I wore the mask until I left her office.

After the appointment, I somehow found myself in line at the CVS pharmacy near my house for an hour and a half.  No, I was not skipping happily down the aisles with my favorite beauty products clutched in hand.  And no, I wasn't reading the trashy magazines in the middle aisle.  I wasn't even sniffing shampoos.  (Which I LOVE to do.  Shampoo smells so nice!)  Instead, I was stuck standing in line for over an hour, waiting to drop off my prescription, thanks very much to the woman standing in front of me who wanted to yell at her kids and battle with the pharmacist about why her insurance didn't cover her Crest whitening strips.  She felt this was a legitimate question.  I felt like I was going to fall over while I waited in line.

I'm finally home, quarantined to my boring house with these attention-grubbing cats and a crumpled up SARs mask in my pocket.  Feeling Real People Sick, like my blogger pal Caro

Here's hoping strep is long gone by Wednesday, or at least packing its things.


Hope you feel better soon! Shampoo does smell good, I have sort of a collection in my shower. When friends spend the night they think I'm crazy for having so many different types.

By the way, thanks for your words of wisdom on my post.

I haven't had strep in decades. I used to get it all the time.

What have you been putting your mouth on?

Jillian - I have a shampoo collection, too. :)

Shannon - I haven't had strep in over twelve years. This is a weird diagnosis for certain.

And doorknobs. I've been licking doorknobs. Num num ... germs. (Smartass)

Seriously - Dr. Mario - I was beyond obsessed on my original Gameboy. The one with the black/green screen - no color.

I loved killing multiple viruses at the same time and my favorite was when the pills would move so fast you really didn't have any idea what you were doing.

Oh Mario!

if you've got strep, and you've got it that bad. everyone you've been in contact with in the last 24-48 hours will probably get it too. i'd have chris (i think that's his name - correct me if i'm wrong) checked too!

drink lots of fluids!


I have never ever had strep (knock on fake wood). I know my sister never had it until her early thirties (uhoh).

feel better soon!

(Me? Wishing this upset stomach away. Again.)

feel better soon!!

AWWWW... im sorry your sick....i hope ya get better realy soon...its not fun having strep....love ya

So sorry your sick. It is a great reason to have ice cream though!

Hope you start feeling better soon!

I hope you feel better Kerri!!!

"I'm finally home, quarantined to my boring house"

Thank God for the Internets right?


poor thing! strep is the worst. I hope you're feeling better soon.

I wish they still sold that apple pectin shampoo (it came in a vat with a pump)...it smelled the best.

Sheesh! Some people: insurance to cover whitening strips. Wow.

Hope you're feeling better. Enjoy your time "alone."

24/48 Hours?

Kerri, you'll need to edit the previous thanksgiving post with captions of "Transferring the Strep"

Isn't it "Great" when you get sick with something that's going to go AWAY? Even better, you can take medicine-- that doesn't make you sick - maybe just an upset stomach -- and know it will be a CURE. I've had a virus for two weeks - nothing to do but sleep it off and nothing to take but advil for the sore throat. But still - at least I know it gets BETTER. And best of all, anyone you talk with about this at work - will empathize and they won't resent that you missed a deadline! Only the chronically ill can appreciate the small things.

I was thinking the same thing as your brother...hopefully you didn't pass the strep for the holiday! ;)

Thanks for the well wishes, guys! Your good thoughts (coupled with these blasted antibiotics) have helped bring on the healin'. :D

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