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NoMoWriWo Friday Six.

The NoMoWriWo Edition.It's back!  Now with more fever!  The NoMoWriWo Friday Six.  (No More Writing Words!)

1.  Strep throat appears to be leaving my personal premises, but has been deftly replaced by a cold.  Total Crumbs Morrone, complete with slight fever, weird backache, and nagging cough.  On tap for this weekend:  REST.  And that's possible because ...

2.  NaBloPoMo is OVER with this post.  While I really love blogging and posting regularly, I'm content keeping this as a Monday - Friday party.  Posting on the weekends kinks up my plans because then I end up sucked into the computer, responding to emails ... suddenly, I've become unable to adjust to actual sunlight.  But I'm proud to have stuck this month out with so many other bloggers, including a number from the diabetes blogosphere.  Bravo, guys!  We did it!

3.  Also in the home stretch of NaNoWriMo.  Only approx. 9,500 words left to conjure up.  My co-worker, who is also immersed in the world of NaNo, and I have decided to never do this again.  We've proven that we can conquer this challenge, finishing last year and "this close" this year, so there's no need for NaNo again next year.  PLEASE remind me of this statement next October, when I start musing manically about doing this again.   And Co-Worker, should I even breathe a word of NaNo next fall, just smack me.

4.  With two engaged editorial team members here at dLife, this video has been circulating through the office.  Best first dance at a wedding - ever.  It's a must-watch. 

5.  Last night, I had the pleasure of being the guest on Dr. Anonymous's BlogTalkRadio show.  Despite a few technical difficulties, we got everything rolling and it was a fun discussion with one of my favorite medical bloggers.  His energy is contagious and he's a very active member of the medical blogosphere.  Tune in on Thursdays at 10 pm eastern for Dr. A's all-new shows!

6.  And the most random bit today is that I opened my email this morning and found a message from the guy who drove my pedicab two Septembers ago.  His email was sweet, charming, and spoke from the perspective of a courtesy long-since practiced by many people.  He also included a link to his photography site, and his pictures are truly lovely.  It was a nice surprise ... and man, was I surprised.



#4 - ha. I like the break from traditional mushy decorum. However, she doesn't have much back to speak of!

hope you are on the mend for real soon, with no more one sickness getting replaced by the other...

AWESOME. That video. Seriously totally awesome. :D

Happy end of November! Take a deep breath and the rest of your antibiotics. Doctor's orders. Hehe

Thanks again for being on the show and for making me one of the Friday Six. Yay!

I loved the dance. It was funnier because they're so white bread.

Now December is here and it's time for
money spending,
gift giving,
gift receiving,
gift re-gifting,
putting up decorations, telling the kids not to mess around with the decorations, taking down decorations, telling the kids the holiday is over,
telling the kids that Santa is not coming to the house anymore until next year,
yes Christmas is over,
no we aren't having Christmas again next week.

Oh joyous holiday season.

"should I even breathe a word of NaNo next fall, just smack me."

I'm pretty sure you said something similar last year. :D

That video made me laugh so hard. That is SO my roommate. I just had to show my all of my roommates. We were all laughing for like five minutes. I can definitely see said roommate doing that at her wedding.

Baby got back is the best song of all time...not sure what that says about me..hmmm. Awesome video!

feel better Kerri girl

and since you got me hooked an this blog, just wanted to make sure you saw this link http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=210837

My sis sent me that wedding video--so funny! Thanks for the link to your pedicab--what amazing photographs--a multitalented guy, eh? And it was really cool to hear your voice! YAY!

Hope you are fully recovered from strep!

You are a fun guest on the show! Dr. Anonymous seemed a bit out of sorts on that show, though. Was he paying attention?

So, who among us is going to be invited to the wedding?

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