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Oh the Captions!

So here's the part where it gets tricky for NaBloPoMo - on weekends.  I spend my weekends spending time with friends and family, not necessarily blogging or ... internetting.  Ah, November.  You are the new monkey wrench in my plans.

No problem. 

I've got cartoons to keep me entertained.

Hat tip to Emily Hastings!

I received this in my email from reader Emily Hastings and it had me laughing out loud.  (Yes, aLOL.  For real.)  Darn internet cat memes.  Darn giggling fits. 

Off for some fancy Italian cuisine here in town -- must go get gussied up.  Don't forget - it's time to change your lancets tonight (and your clocks, if you are so inclined).  Daylight savings time ends today and now we're plunged into the darkness of winter. 

Good thing I have this handsome guy to keep me warm.  Oh, and like fifty thousand annoying cats.


Very smart move. Humor is always good.
I opted for lists.

Changed my lancet last night before I went to bed. I forgot how good a new lancet feels - I actually didn't think it worked until I squeezed my finger and the tell-tale droplet appeared.

Glad you liked the cartoon, Kerri!

Emily H

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