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SiFriSixBi - The Six Until Me Friday Six Bits?  Sigh ... I'm inundated in acronyms.  :)

One!Last night, I attended the MM&M awards ceremony at NYC's famousWinner - dLife!!! Tavern on the Green.  Unable to pretend to be some fancy and sophisticated socialite, I openly enjoyed every second of the event and marveled at the fantastic trees lit with white Christmas lights in the garden.  I'm from RI, FaithFul Readers.  NYC amazes me.  And dLife took home a top prize - the Healthcare Website of the Year!  It was an honor to attend, and I enjoyed meeting some of marketing's finest.

Two!On that note, I drove into the city for this occasion.  I was harassed about my driving all growing up.  "You drive too fast.  We're like in their back seat.  Kerri, you need to get off his ass.  Kerri.  Kerri!"  Well HA! to all those people who mocked me for my bevy of speeding tickets.  Finally, my aggressive driving paid off as I piloted my VW through the wilds of NYC.  Part of me enjoyed it.  The other part of me is so thankful for the fine Metro North train system.

Three!  (Ah ah ah!)However, I did have a bit of a pump mishap at this black tie event.  Wearing a black dress no sleeves, no pockets, and no confidence in my thigh thing (as, once again, the elastic is shot and I need a new one), I wore my insulin pump in my bra.  Without the clip attached, just sort of tucked there in between.  (May be TMI, but stick with me.  This is going somewhere.)

So I'm sitting at dinner, pump in my bra, and I laugh.  Hard (per usual).  And my pump decides to slip out from my bra and slide down the front of my torso. 

Fantastic.  Now I look like the lady from Alien, with something bulleting about in my stomach.

Trying to remain engaged in the conversation, I attempt to deftly maneuver the pump down towards my leg so I can disconnect from my infusion set underneath the table and duck into the bathroom to reassemble.  But the pump tubing is now tangled around my bra, refusing to unloop and release. 


So I had to basically reach up my dress and hope no one saw me release the reservoir from the pump, drop the pump into my hand under the hem of my dress, and let the tubing remain tangled and dangling from my bra.  The guy sitting next to me gave me an eye.  Hopefully he thought I just had an itch?  I scurried off to the bathroom, pump in hand, grabbed the pump clip from my purse (thank goodness!), and resecured the pump in my bra.  Returned to the table and pretended nothing happened.

Nothing like trying to pretend to be classy.

Four!In other news, I've also had the pleasure of joining Kelly Close and her terrific team as a Strongbad.columnist for diaTribe, with SUM Musings.  If you haven't signed up already for the diaTribe newsletter, take a spin on over there and check it out!

FiveI watched a few of these episodes at work and almost died laughing.  Teen Girl Squad, brought to you by Strongbad.  Completely silly and so worth it.

Six!!  Yay!And on tap for this weekend:  Relaxing, sleeping, blogging, a possible adventure to a covered bridge, and my niece's first birthday party.  Have a good weekend, and I'll see you on Monday tomorrow!  (NaBloPoMo, yo.)


Ah, Strongbad. Some of my favorites are The Caper, the guitar one (forget the name), and Trogdore.

I had a similar pump issue - except I had made my own garter and tried to use that. I was attending a wedding, and as we were walking out of the church, past the bridal party, my pump slipped out and hung elegantly near my calf while I bustled into an unused corridor to correct it and quickly rejoin my date in time to meet and greet the parents of the bride.


Oh, I have not watched a Teen Girl Squid in a while. I will have to check it out.

The pump story had me LOL! Have a happy weekend.

Thanks for turning me on to Teen Girl Squad and Strongbad. The guy's a freak, but I love it.

You're a brave soul to drive in NYC...I wouldn't dare (:-X Enjoy your niece's party!

Kathy (timid Chicago motorist)

Funny, I mentioned your diaTribe article in my blog today. Good stuff.

I am familiar with the clipless pump-in-bra method, but being well-endowed, I usually hide things okay. However, at my last job, I was wearing a v-neck top one day, and the thing started popping out. One of my co-workers from the warehouse (a real classy fella) asked me if I was "packing heat"! Sigh. I tried to keep higher necklines after that when attempting to bury my pump in my cleavage.

I was thinking, "I need to get over to Kerri's blog," and I am so glad I did! I laughed about the pump mishap.
But, more importantly, I clicked on the "Six Until Me: What Does It Mean?" button. And I read your story.
Beautifully written.
Thank you for providing a glimpse into your life.

I have always been afraid to try to wear my pump in my bra like that. I know something like that would happen to me, too. I'm glad you were able to handle it (kind of) gracefully. Good job!

I try to view it as an interesting conversation starter when my pump makes a bid for freedom, but I'm sure on the few occasions its happened I've just left the people in my company thinking I'm a bit odd!

I have a surefire, better than a thigh-thing solution. The bad news is that I'm not sure if an equivalent product is available in the US. The stuff I use is called 'Tubigrip' and it is basically an elasticated tubular bandage - googling will get you pictures. I use a single piece folded over so the fold is a the bottom, then tuck the pump in the pocket created between the layers. I usually keep a couple of sizes - one to fit my thigh, the other my calf. I find the calf more comfortable, but obviously it depends on dress length! It's reusable, washable, but also very cheap. I love it so much that I can't imagine wearing a dress and a pump without it. If you want to give it a try but can't find anything similar locally, feel free to drop me a line.

Failing that, a baby sock pinned to your bra with the pump inside also works well as restraint for the moments when it gets a mind of it own!

Sorry, that was a wordy comment - I'm obviously in Nano mode!

Yay for the dLife award and your new column!

Hi Kerri! i read your site a lot and usually am very pleased at you upbeat attitude but today i have to say i found u absolutely appalling. Why do u feel the need to hide the fact that you're diabetic? Being diabetic is not gross, its not weird, and it certainly isn't anything to be ashamed of. So, why not just fix your pump at the table? shoot up in public? If other people have a problem with it that's their deal, it shouldn't affect the way we behave. If you're worried about being "classy" then why not simply excuse yourself explaining why you have a weird thing poking out from your dress instead of trying to pretend like everything is normal. Because, lets face it, we aren't normal. We have to do some pretty abnormal things to try to be normal in every other respect. Why try to hide this fact? its as much a part of us as our fingers and toes! So next time you have a pump malfunction why not just reach straight into your shirt or simply stand up, excuse yourself with a laugh and say "pump problems." Because really, all the worthwhile people won't give a damn!

So sorry for your pump mishap (I love the fact that it made you think of Alien...perfect image), but AT LEAST you can hide it in your bra *with* the clip. I am sadly not that well-endowed. :(

Also, in response to your post a while back (I'm catching up on blog reading today), if you ever go to the Corner Shop Cafe again, their tomato soup is to die for. Seriously. Oh god I miss New York.

Hi Ally,

Thanks for your comment! I think maybe I wasn't clear in my description of the entanglement of my pump in this situation. My pump tubing was knotted completely around the front part of my bra. To untangle myself and reconnect properly, I had to hitch the dress up over my hips and unclasp my bra. Call me crazy, but I wasn't about to do that at the table at this black tie event. ;) So that's why I was quiet about it during this situation.

Believe me, I'm not ashamed about being a diabetic. I believe I blog publicly about it on a very regular basis. :)


"Because really, all the worthwhile people won't give a damn!"

hey ally, why do you give such a damn? Let the girl do what makes her comfortable -- "u" and your misspellings have no right to be so critical of such an advocate for diabetes awareness.

Hi Ally,

Kerri gave her explanation which clearly shows why she had to excuse herself from the table to fix her pump.

But even if it were as simple as sticking her hand down the front of her dress, Kerri wanting to be discreet isn't a sign of shame, or thinking diabetes is gross.

It's simply her wanting to be discreet at a formal event. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

And if you have indeed been reading her posts as you've said, you wouldn't have left that comment. She's about as publicaly open about diabetes as one can get.

LOL! I can't stop giggling over the Teen Girl Squad. "Ow! My most of me!" LOL
Thanks for the pump story too. Loved it!
I really needed a laugh and this was definitely the right place to look. Thanks Kerri.

congrats on the award and new column! good stuff!

Teen Girl Squad is AWESOME.

And I'm glad you had such a good time in NYC. I'm a born and raised New Yorker, and still havent been to Tavern!

haha, you got an award from the MMM awards, the art director of that magazine is a good friend of mine, it is where I GOT LAID OFF FROM~ GIVE BACK THE AWARD!!!! JUST KIDDING...i heard that is a fun award show.

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