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Through My Lens.

In a fit of unmanaged funds and a moment of celebratory freelance gig elation, I bought a new fancy-pants toy.

I've become known for being the "one with the camera."  It is important to note that this statement doesn't mean I'm the one taking nice pictures, or the one who is marketing her photography to art enthusiasts everywhere.  I just happen to be the one at work who is always snapping photos at events, or the one at the bar who has the camera ready for a group shot while we do a group "shot."

I like capturing these moments in my life in the lens.  People's faces make me happy.  (And so do my stupid cats.)  I love going through photographs and I regret not regularly toting a camera around sooner. 

So I picked up a new camera - a Nikon D40 - and spent the first half of the morning reading the Spanish instruction manual -I was so excited I was only looking at the Oh holy techno-joy.illustrations and didn't notice that the instructions were not in my native tongue.

I've taken pictures so far of the inside of the lens cap, the ceiling, Chris at the computer, the flowers in my bedroom, and the cats battling in the hallway.  This afternoon, we're off to Brooklyn for dinner with friends, and I'll take pictures of their ceiling, too.  Maybe some decent shots of bits in Brooklyn, but I can't make any promises. 

And while I was told by the salesperson to take a photography class and to make sure I fully read the manual, I can't help myself.  I'm experiencing full-blown techno-joy!!  (Make sure you watch the clip -- I so love Eddie Izzard.)



Been saving for one of those, but I figure I should get a new pump (darn DME cap) and dining room table (darn card table) first.

Now I'm thinking maybe not! :D

Sri told me a few weeks ago that Nikon has classes about digital photography every few months. You can find out more by going to www.nikonschool.com.

I have been using a Nikon Coolpix L3 for a little over a year now and I have been wanting to purchase a new DSLR camera for awhile. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing your experiences with it. (I might as well note the Nikon is a client of ours, but I love Nikon even if I didn't work on their account every once in awhile... just sayin').

Have a great day.

Oh a new camera! Exciting! I'm jealous and I can't wait to see and read about your experiences with it.

Oh, very very cool! Wow! I hope you post some of your pics... I'm looking forward to seeing what Kerri + awesome camera equals!!

That camera's on my birthday wish list. In fact, it is my birthday wish list, because my wish list can't afford anything else. Looking forward to some ceiling photos.

Great choice, Kerri. A pro sports photographer told me that the solution to almost any photographic problem can be spelled N-I-K-O-N. I'm sure you are going to love using the D40. What lens or lenses did you get?

Yay camera! I am saving for a camer right now. I am thinking I might have enough money after Christmas (gift money) to by one. That will make me very happy.
:) Have fun with the camera.

Holy cow... my dad gave me an older version of this camera & I still can't figure out how to turn it on. It's a rather impressive accessory, though!

U R 2 Funny!!! :)

Let me know if I can help with the Spanish Manual! :P

BTW, I am on the lookout for a new camera too. Our Nikon point-and-shoot died a few days ago (Lens Error, it said in the screen) and it costs $134 to fix. Sounds like that money could go to a new camera...

ooooooooh! i have camera envy! i lost my camera, and so i've been borrowing my friend's for the diabetes 365 project, but i love taking pictures. i love smiling faces and remembering moments through the lens. it is so cool that you bought that camera. i can see its bringing you much joy already.

and it will bring us joy, too, when you share your photos. yay!

Since you didn't get any shots of the ceiling I can email you some. :-) I think I've got at least a few of mostly ceiling, a hint of couch arm, and a flash of Duke's tail. Yeah, I'm a real pro. Ha!

Oh, I really want one of those. They're supposed to be the bees knees.

*sigh* I luuuuuurve Eddie Izzard.

Hi Kerri,

It's so cool that you're an Eddie fan - I can remember when it was only Brits who had ever heard of him :)

He's a comic genius. Although when I got diagnosed with diabetes I kind of realised that 'cake or death?' took on a whole new meaning.

Emily H

Last night I read this post and ended up sidetracked on Youtube for an hour watching Eddie Izzard clips! I never did come back and comment. I hear that's a great camera- enjoy!

Pretty camera. I'm a long time Canon user and had treated myself to a DSLR body this year. All the lenses from my old film Canon just transferred over.

My only advice. Get yourself a good tripod and takes as many pictures as you possibly can. That'll help you get past the "what's this button on the camera and how do I use it?" syndrome.

Have fun. And maybe you'll think about joining in the diabetes365 fun now??

Manny. Canon SD850. An excellent point and shoot. It's really fun to use.

Lea - me too!

I'll double click on YES for that!

I have a canon but even for a non-photog having a GOOD camera is so much fun!!! I've yet to take a class yet though..sadly.

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