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When I got home from the gym last night, I ripped out that belly site with relish.  (And a small bit of ketchup, as it bled a teeny bit and that makes me wonder if I had nicked something and if that had contributed to excess pain.  But I've digressed.  Again.) 

After showering, I slid a little IV prep on the back of my left arm, where I took daily injections for so long, and held the circular, blue Quick-Serter against my arm.  Leaving no time for anticipation, I hit the buttons on the side and plunged the needle into my skin.  No real pain, not much impact, and when I pulled the Quick-Serter back, I exposed a neatly nested circle of white on the back of my arm, with the blue needle sticking out of it. 

"Gotcha now," I muttered. 

Pulled out the blue needle and fixed primed the set with 0.3u of Humalog.  No burn.  I clipped the pump to my yoga pants.  It felt weird to have the tubing all "up north" instead of the southern hemisphere of my body.  I laced the tubing underneath the side of my sports bra and kept it along the side of my body.  This worked for the most part, aside from the fact that it tickled a bit on the underside of my arm.

I pulled on a black t-shirt and surveyed the scene.  I could see the set bulging out a little bit underneath my arm, but since it was on the back, it seemed barely noticeable.  I fell asleep more aware of the fact that the pump wasn't on my leg, instead of hyper-aware of the set on my arm.

This morning, not much different.  Showering proved to be no issue, as the shower poof didn't come into direct contact with the site (it does when I'm using my leg -- I'm obsessive about shaving).  I got dressed in a pink sweater and black skirt and snaked the pump tubing underneath the side panel of my bra and along the side of my body again, coming to a rest tucked into the top of my skirt.

Pros to wearing it on my arm are that the area has been virtually untouched for the last four years, save for the rare injection.  It's up and out of the way, so using the bathroom isn't a tricky "hey, did I just skim the site with my pants?" excursion.  It's not creating a bulge that I can see without lifting my arm a little bit, and once the tubing is secured under my bra, it doesn't budge.

Cons to this site are that dressing/undressing is a bit tricky, as there's plenty of braided tubing to contend with.  It aches a teeny bit, but nothing too dissimilar from a thigh site and nothing even close to the ache of an abdomen site.  It's a bit tricky to connect/disconnect because I can't really see it, but since I don't usually look when I reconnect, I can do it by feel.  The main con is that I can't extend the tubing to my sock and hide my pump there, so I'm experimenting with different "above-the-belt" hiding spots.  Today it's tucked inside my tights, against my hipbone.

So, thanks to your encouragement, I think I have a new spot to rotate my infusion sets to.  And it wasn't too scary!  Now it's your turn to try something new.  :)


Glad it worked out!

This has inspired me to use my arm as a site! I would agree that the legs are the best place for infusion sets. But, I need a new area and just assumed that there was no where to place it on my arm without making it noticable. I think the worst place is the lower back. I was consistenly getting caught on my jeans and it was very painful.

When you lift or move your arm in any way, do you feel a tug at the site from the tubing being pulled? Or is the tubing pretty secure?

This blog is great ! congratulations, because you're a nice person, i'm diabetic too, i'm from mexico and i really having fun reading your post.
Best Regards from mexico

I'm happy that worked out for you. You're braver than I am! (Though I might have to try that out eventually…) Anyway, you'll have to keep us posted on those new pump-hiding spots. I have no idea where I'd start.

Kerri, thank you so much for a place to go for encouragement and a place to vent. You are a blessing.
I am going to try an use a Quick Set tonight with my 508, yes 508 now that is old school. I am waiting for my training on my 722 (same as 522, but can use a larger resevior). But this is only if I am able to use a Quick Set with my 508 resevior. I am going to move to my thighs, I may have to shave an area but what the heck. But after six years of only belly and sides, I need a break.

Yeah! Happy it worked out & I love the alien pic!

Hi, Kerri. Congratulations! You had inspired me to use my legs in the past and I want to try my arms too now! Just how can I put a silhouette alone in my arms? Any suggestions?

Your photoshop skills impress me every time!

I love using the backs of my arms. I don’t have good luck with my thighs so i am a bit jealous of your thigh sites. But the arm sites have been a beautiful place to take solace away from the war zone of my belly.

Well, I set my FIRST thigh site last night. After a little shaving (I'm kind of a hairy man, never shaved my legs before) just my one thigh. I had to us a Sof-set QR (with "Pig Tail") since my 508 and 722 sites are not compatible. My main worry was going to be the absorption rate, I have been used to my belly and sides for six years now, but my morning BS was 85 (a little low for me) and my test (2 hours after breakfast) was just 106. This is great! Now I can't wait until swimming and being able to hide my site under my swimming trunks. Thank again for listening... Lee

Thanks for the feedback on infusion sites... I am going to try my thigh- since my abdomen looks like a dot to dot board!! Any tips??


I'm a stomach guy. I like the typewriter pattern method where I place the new site right next to the old one and just move from one side all the way to the other and then up a level and back (and dropping down a level when I get back to the other side).

But the thing that puzzled me the most in your post is that your fixed prime is only 0.3u. I give 0.5u for my fixed prime. Do you use a shorter needle/cannula? My understanding is that the fixed prime is delivered to fill the space that the needle was taking up inside the cannula.

I'm know I'm not the only one who has problems with blood sugar rises after site changes, do you have any issues with this?

I've always just figured that it took some time for the new site to "boot up," if you will. I also leave the old site in place for a while (sometimes quite a while if I forget to pull it). I have definitely found that a little bit of insulin comes out if I pull an old site immediately, and then (of course), my blood sugar shoots up.

Very brave. Thanks to you and so many others for paving the way for our children.

I have not used a thigh site since obtaining the medtronic. I am so excited to try this site,I have noticed this innertube developing around my middle since using only abdomen and
midrift sites. I will change to thigh today. Thanks for the inspiration to try something new.
Finding your blog has inspired me to work hard at tighter control. Thank you.

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