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I Like Your Hair.

Maybe Paris for our honeymoon?It had just opened two weeks ago, but the Christmas lights around the door and the promise of fine, French cuisine drew us in.  He ordered steak tartare again and I opted for a chicken dish.  We ate, drank, and generally felt quite merry.

"I need to duck into the ladies' room for a second."  I said, taking my napkin from my lap and excusing myself from the table.

"Sure," he said.

I walked over to the small, two-stall bathroom, dimly lit by several lamps with gilded shades.  It was like peeing in the vault of a bank only known to celebrities, or maybe to Scrooge McDuck

As I conducted my bathroom activities, the main bathroom door swung open and in clicked a pair of ladies' heels.  She leaned in towards the mirror and smoothed out her smudged eye makeup with her index finger.  Then she stopped.  And stared from the mirror. 

Right into the stall I was hiding in.

Feeling a tad exposed, I leaned to the left to avoid her gaze, quickly finished my business, and rescued my purse from the hook on the door.  She was pinning back her flyaways, still at the mirror.  I rolled up my sleeves and ran the water over my hands at the sink next to her.

"I like your highlights."

Her accent was thick.  French?  Faux-French?  Maybe German?  Not New England, that's for certain.

"Thank you," I replied, the water hot on my hands.

"I like them very much.  I look at them while you pee."

(My goodness.  Is there an appropriate response to that?)

"Well that's very kind of you."

She brought her face next to the glass and peered into her black-lined eyes. 

"I look so fan-tahs-tic."  She nodded to herself.   "Very fan-tahs-tic."  Adjusted her hemline.  "I go now."

She opened the door with a flourish - this woman who admired my hair while I peed - and strutted out into the dining room, leaving me wondering what the hell just happened.



now you understand the equivalent awkwardness that a man experiences when another man uses a urinal next to him and strikes up a conversation.

Shannon, don't even think that.

Ahh... ummm... gosh... wow...

There are no words! What did Chris say when you told him?

Why Darrell, whatever do you mean????

So, how was the chicken?

What the heck!? I would have scurried away without a word.
At least she didn't try to touch your hair, that would have been even more over the top.

Maybe they need to put fashion magazines on the wall the way they put the sports section on the wall for us men!
But yes, disturbing...

I would have been horrified!

Uh Mah Gawd. That is way too funny.

While at my friend's bday celebration a few nights ago one of the girls we were out with found out the other girl in the bathroom had a UTI and was going to hook up with her ex b/c of it.... yeah you girls have it way worse than us.

I think I saw that episode of Alias.

How do you end up in situations like that anyway? LOL

Ah zose crrazee Europeans.

That is hilarious! Make sure to put that experience in your book. It would definitely sell. : )

*snort* You gotta love a stranger with no sense of boundaries and a real appreciate for herself. Ha!

A group of San Francisco based friends laughed at me when I suggested they needed to spearhead a campaign to "close the gap" in ladies' public bathrooms. Now I rest my case!

(We don't have the gap here in the UK, the doors overlap the stall walls!)

OMG ROFLOL but as funny as it is it is scary too.

I look at them while you pee.

That's a great opening line.


i just peed my highlights off lol

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