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Paradigm Shift.

UPS arrived this morning, dropping off an early Christmas present from Medtronic. (Okay, it was from my insurance company, too.) 


Pump and link!

My new Paradigm 522 and accompanying Paradigm Link meter.

My new pump pal.

In a festive "smoke" color.

Working on getting those sensors sent out just after the New Year.  Oh how I love new diabetes gadgets.


The meter sucks! Just so you know. I hate mine. I've been using it because it links to my pump & downloading info is really easy that way. But I can't wait until they switch meters to One Touch in the spring!

New D-stuff is always fun. Good luck getting your sensors. Any reasoning on the smoke color or are you just one of those professional adults who doesn't want a crazy color?

My pump is that same lovely "smoke" color. I don't know what I was thinking - why didn't I get a prettier one?

As far as the Paradigm link meter - I used mine until the sample test strips ran out because my insurance wouldn't cover them. It was kind of cool to have it automatically download to my pump, but I didn't want to have to pay the extra money for their strips. And I liked my AccuChek meter better anyway. My insurance pays for the AccuChek strips in full. I couldn't pass that up.

I hope you like your new pump!

Congratulations! I believe I have the same one--upgraded this past February. I am very pleased with it. (And I have the same color, too!) I agree with the meter comment, though, and its a bummer because it would have been very neat to have my pump and meter communicate. However, when I compared the meter it came with (BD, I think), it was consistently so far off, that I had to continue to use my One Touch Ultra Smart (which I love anyway). I just enter my numbers into the Paradigm. Other than that, I really do like it. (I previously had a 508.) Also, is your insurance covering the sensors? I haven't used that function yet, because of the insurance situation...We'll see what 2008 brings!


New pump! I am thinking of either sticking with smoke or switching to clear.

Do you name your pumps?

P.S. Did you know your blog has not been in the headlines feed for a few days?

Aside from the extra cost of the test strips, I didn't like the meter that came with my paradigm because I felt like it wasn't accurate. Even after I had it switched out for another new meter of the same time. It consistently read me too high - 80 when I felt low and my one touch meter said I was 60's, 400s when the other meter said low 300s. That said, I'm getting some pretty imprecise numbers from my one touch too right now (testing twice in a row and getting results far off).

Congrats your pump looks exactly like my 522!!! I see some people say the meter sucks. I wouldn't go that far it is really nice not having to enter your BG numbers all the time and compared to a one touch ultra the amount of blood required is almost nothing. Of course I am sure you are aware that they are coming out with a One touch Ultra meter in early 2008 so at least you will have options.

Donna and Kerri,
Mini Med also offers "Skins" if you would like to personalize your pump even more. My rep. said they are looking into the NFL for skins also. I also go the smoke color, nothing flashy for me, I’m too conservative.
I anything I'd put a big blue "18" on the side with flame... "I'm hearing ya..."

Did MiniMed offer you and trade in value for your old pump. Remember mine was 6 years old and out of warranty. They said they would credit my account $500 when I returned my 508, which helps a little. The next time I call them I plan on asking them what I should do with any left over supplies from my 508, unopened of course.

I agree with the earlier comments. The BD meter is really not trustworthy. I used it for about 2 years and had several replacements in that time. I switched back to a OneTouch and just keyed in the values by hand. Yes, that's annoying but I just didn't trust the meter that came with the pump.

I feel considerably less "manly" today - Kerri went with smoke while I went with purple!

I agree about that meter - way too big so I just type in all my blood sugar values.

I'm a Cozmo person, so I can't exactly comment on the 522's meter, but I still want to say congrats on the new pump! I love getting new D stuff too… it's always so exciting, and it's certainly a better present than a Christmas card from your supply company.

Merry Christmahannukwanzakah! Enjoy your new pump!

Congrats on the new pump!

I'm sooo jealous, but in a good way. I finally talked with the Minimed rep in my area, and he sent me some info. One day (hopefully soon) I will see UPS outsdide my door!

For the record, I hate my BD meter too. I miss using my trusty One-Touch with the built in backlight. I don't have a skin on mine, but Emma has Crayolas on hers.

And my pump's name is "Angelina."

I love Lee's comment, "I anything I'd put a big blue "18" on the side with flame... "I'm hearing ya..." referencing one of Peyton Manning's commercials. It made me laugh out loud!


I've been lurking for a while, but I just had to come out of the shadows to say congratulations on the new gadgets. The Paradigm is great (now that all the kins have been worked out. It wasn't so great three years ago.) but I agree the meter sucks. I type all my blood sugars into the Bolus Wizard and then just download everything from the pump. The sensors are very possibly the coolest thing ever, though. Definitely fight all it takes to get them.

Hey Kerri! Glad you finally upgraded! I love my sensors and my new 722.(I am not sure why I have the 722 vs. the 522). I have also been using my BD meter for awhile and it's alright. It is neat to have the automatic update feature that enters your BG right into the pump. But if you start using the sensors, you will soon find out that it's not what you want it to do! I ended up turning off that feature because it was giving me calculation errors during a change in my BG. You are only supposed to calculate the sensors 2-3 times a day and I check way more than that. Are you getting your insurance to cover the cost of the sensors?

Congrats. My doctor also said the Paradigm meter wasn't that great in accuracy. I've been on the 522 for two months and just BG using my normal meter.

I'm now a pro at quickly replacing reservoirs, batteries, (always keep some AAAs at home and work)

Also after two months of used i realized there's no reason I can't use the reservoirs a couple times. (just save the little plunger) So that's a good supply saver unless someone can give me a reason not to.

I've been on the Constant Glucose meter too - and am working on a post for my blog detailing the past month of use - the good and annoying. And how it handled the last fours days of constant EATING with family :)

Take care and Merry Christmas!

By the way I'm glad you got the smaller 522. I can vouch that's it's quite discreet. Clipped inside of your pocket it looks like any other gadget people carry around. I'm almost dismayed no one's asked "What is that?" so I can show it off.

And you barely even see the tube, especially running it under a belt.

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