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Question for the Blogosphere.

From the mailbag.Hey FR's. 

I received an email from Rachon about life insurance for someone with diabetes.  I asked if I could repost her question and she said sure.  Here it is:

Hi Kerri.

Could you recommend any life insurance companies that will provide life insurance for a diabetic person?  My father needs life insurance and he is always getting turned down.

I haven't had to scope out any life insurance policies for myself yet, but maybe some of you out there have.  If you have any words of advice for Rachon, could you please leave a comment below?

Thank you, as always, for your limitless amounts of perspective and information.  Damn, the internet is terrific.


We have life insurance with Travelers Life Insurance, but I don't know how they handle providing for diabetics. At least it's a company you can call if he hasn't tried them already.

Good luck :)

I have a normal policy through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Washington state, as an individual. It's hard to give advice without knowing what state her father is in. Worst case, he'll qualify for the state high-risk insurance pool. She should contact her state insurance board.

Long ago my mom got me a small policy via Jon W. Hall & Associates in Oklahoma. I'm not sure if it was a special arrangement or not, but they might be worth a try. It's under something called the "Diabetes Life Insurance Trust".

Good luck!

Gosh, we had open enrollment at work and they could not turn anyone down. I have never had to apply on my own.

I've got life insurance through Primerica. I've had type 1 for 11 years, but I don't have any complications and am generally healthy. I pay about two and a half times what my husband does for half the insurance amount he has, because of the D.

I was able to get $400k in life insurance for about $58 per month through US Financial Life Insurance. Since my previous two a1C's were below 7, I was able to get a decent rate.

I have a $250K with U.S. Financial. I pay $31/month based on Type 1 since 1976 (no major complications, but hey... is there a "minor" complication with diabetes?)

I combine what a couple of these comments suggest:

A. Maximize what you can get at work. Do this because - like Sara says - you can do this REGARDLESS of your health status. I carry a couple hundred thousand there, and it doesn't cost me any more than it does a non-diabetic.

B. I also have a term policy of 150k that I pay $300/yr for (More expensive than Glen, but I've only had the policy since around '95, so that's probably why). This way, if anything happens to me during a period when I wouldn't have a job, my family would still be protected, though not as well as they are when I'm employed (which is 99% of the time).

C. Obviously, these decisions should be weighted around your own family life. My wife is a professional, and the kids are old enough that she doesn't need to be home with them. If she were - and we wanted that - then I'd find ways to have more coverage on me. But the real point of life insurance is to not be a burden if you die. So long as you can cover the costs of burial and things you won't be there to pay for (mortgage, for instance), there's not need to provide for more.

My niece was diagnosed with juevinile diabetes at the age of 9. Since that time, she has been ineligible for any type of life insurance. So, in light of that fact, my brother has an account that he pays to faithfully for her personal "life insurance."

Pretty sad if you ask me.

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