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Six Snowy Bits.

Late afternoon blogging on this snowy Friday.The Friday Six:  December 7th edition

Gold star sixer. Today, December 7th, is Larry Bird's birthday.  Always an inspiration and one of the key members of my fictional healthcare management team, Larry has helped me overcome some difficult moments and keeps my fitness goals attainable and challenging, all at the same time.  Larry, here's to you.  I hope you got the card I sent.  Chris signed it, too.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LARRY!!!

Gold star sixer.In this article, discovered by my always-on-the-ball brother, do you think the redaacted words here are "diabetes?"  Scroll down and see if you think this was another case of diabetes leaping into the news or just another moment of (thanks, Shannon) Mad Libs.

Gold star sixer.

Chris and I are starting to work through the nitty-gritty parts of our wedding planning, including favors, invitation design, and the all-important honeymoon destination.  Our wedding colors are green and ivory, so I was thinking about little potted ivy plants as the favors.  Only drawback to this green idea is that I am forced to deal with over 250 little, potted ivory plants.  For you Married Folk out there, what did you do for favors?  Since our wedding invite list is enormous (we both come from very large families), I'm trying to think of something classy and simple, yet relatively inexpensive.    Suggestions?

Gold star sixer.I love popping bubble wrap.  Everytime something sizable is delivered to dLife, I paw around in the packing materials and grab the bubble wrap.  Pop pop pop!  I found a website with virtual bubble wrap.  Cannot resist it.  Wouldn't make my wedding gown out of it, but it's an excellent way to de-stress. 

Gold star sixer.Secret Santa is in full swing here at work and I've been tormenting my target for the last week.  (Cannot discuss too much here, as people in my office read my blog and I could end up giving away the identity of said Secret Santa target.  More on this later.) I love the holidays.  I think this sort of thing is so fun.

Useless Tidbit:  When I was in college, I lived with seven other girls.  We were hard-working college students and wallets were always a bit on the light side.  So instead of buying gifts for everyone, we would pull a name and do our version of Secret Santa.  Only we did Secret Psycho, where we pulled a name and pranked that person for the month of December. 

One morning, I woke up to find a plastic pile of dog poop on my pillow.  Another time, one roommate gave the other roommate fish-flavored candies.  And the best bit was when I came home and found my bedroom switched with another housemate's bedroom, complete with my cat asleep on my blankets, which were on her bed.  The whole event culminated in a real gift exchange before winter break.  Looking back, it was wicked fun and I wish we still did it.  Hey Roommates, can we do Secret Psycho again?

Gold star sixer. It's snowing a ton here today.  Winter is on in full effect and I, for one, am looking forward to exploring the snowscape with New Camera.  Chris and I are going to try and do some relaxing this weekend, after being sick for two weeks and having very stressful work weeks.  There's a new French place downtown that just opened up, and with Chris being a Francophile now, it might be on our list to try.

Have a great weekend, FR's, and stay warm! 


The readacted article could be played like Ad Libs. I think "readacted" replaced "irritable bowel syndrome" or "my mom in the car".

As for wedding favors, I didn't give any out and no one seemed to complain....at least not to my face.

I think it's awesome that Chris is a Francophile.

Shannon - The fact that you went to France makes Chris green with envy. :)

And isn't it "Mad Libs?" Or am I losing my mind? I realize the possibility that I'm losing my mind is very, very likely.

For our wedding, the favors were wildflower seed packets. I didn't pick them out; I was finishing up grad and my mom did the whole wedding, which I was grateful for! I couldn't find the ones we used, but if you search wildflower seed wedding, it will bring up a lot of customizable favors. Easier than potted plants, for sure!

Oh, and I'd guess hypoglycemia for the word. :)

LMAO, I just came back to leave another comment correcting Ad Libs. You're not crazy, it is Mad Libs.

I'm ashamed of myself for getting that wrong.

Hi Kerri,

We did a tri-fold brochure with various family pictures from weddings, etc. I had no budget for favors and had to plan around what I could do at the office...thankfully my boss never noticed I did them all on our color laser printer (eek!). For a smaller, simpler variation you could do 2 photos each (i.e., one of you/Chris as kids, one with your families at a previous wedding). Hope this helps!

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

For our wedding favors, we did marzipan pomegranates, as they were a theme in our wedding. They were extremely delicious, and a tad on the pricey side I may add. Things we were thinking about but didn't do were the seed packets (which were mentioned above); tiny potted bamboo (again, didn't want to mess with 250 potted plants); personalized sugar cookies in the shape of a beagle; or a mixed cd. In the end the expensive option was the one we went with and we still have about 15 (read: $60) left.

Our wedding favors were Hershey's Kisses (aww) with fall-colored wrappers tied up in bits of tulle with curled ribbons. They were very cute, and very easy to just plop one next to everybody's seat at the reception. Best of all, they were really inexpensive!

And for anyone out there wondering...no, I didn't even give a second thought to having candy favors at my wedding. My wedding was my day, and my mother didn't even look at me sideways for eating my cake, icing and all.

My fiance's sister just recently got married, and she had cookie cutters as her favours.

I happen to really like my cookie cutter, and use it often. And it was extremely cheap too! She, and her slaves, I mean bridesmaids, packaged it all themselves.

Kerri, my best friend is getting married in May too! She is doing little jars of fruit preserves... probably a little more than you wanted to do. We actually made them already. It took us 3 days.... It was fun and crazy and a lot of work.
P.S. I LOVED the bubble wrap. I played it at work (guilty look, guilty look!) yesterday! Oh, and my co-workers loved the fact that you and Chris and your cats had been elfed! They laughed until I thought the were going to cry.

When my mom had her wedding she has chocolate bars for favors. She removed the part that said "Hershey", left the foil on, and then wrapped the bars with pieces of papers that had something cute and wedding-y written on them. I remember sitting in the hotel with her the night before the wedding (this was her second), watching TV and wrapping way too many bars of chocolate.

For our wedding favors, we took the price per person and multiplied it by the final guest count and made a donation to one of my favorite places, The Devon Nicole House at Children's Hospital Boston. Then we made up little scrolls and placed them at each seat to explain the mission of the DNH and why it meant a lot to us..

It was a great way to personalize the wedding and donate to a worthwhile charity...

1. Yep, agree that the missing word is diabetes and/or hypoglycemia.

2. We didn't do favors. Made life MUCH easier, especially since most people forget to take their favors home and then you have all this youknowwhat to clean up afterwards. (Sure, most people = me and Greg, perhaps.)

I don't see diabetes (or hypoglycemia) fitting into the madlibs form of that news story, I just see racism. The kind that happens all the time, it's just that they don't usually catch such egregious incidents of "driving while black" on tape.

Meanwhile, I just snapped on my mom because I was cranky while I was low...

In lieu of favors, I ordered the table tent cards from the ADA (Diabetes.org) which have a short saying that states that instead of a favor, money was donated to the American diabetes association in honor of the guests who attended the wedding. They can be personalized, and I think they were really reasonable. Just an idea! I struggled for months for a cool, unique favor idea, but nothing besides the ADA donation card struck my fancy. Enjoy the wedding planning - the time goes so quickly!

My brother's wedding's favor was the kisses. That was a hit too.

We did blue mesh (not satin) candy bags, hot glued a fabric flower/ribbon at the bottom of the bags, and put candied white almonds inside.

I used to work for a Label company as a graphic specialist and I prepared labels to put on top of tiny honey jars..and on the label said "Life is twice as sweet with your honey"

For wedding favors, consider making a donation in lieu of favors- like to the ADA or JDRF. Who really wants the silly things people give away at weddings anyways? Think of all the weddings you have been too. Do you still have the knick knacks from them, even if they were "oh so cute?"

I recently went to my niece's wedding and the bride and groom each picked a charity ( JDRF and St. Jude's Children's Hospital). They split what they would have spent on favors and donated the money to the two charities. Everyone thought it was the greatest idea they had ever seen!

I do think the redacted word is "hypoglycemia" or diabetes.

As for weddings, simple is best. Assembling a bunch of party favors before the wedding adds stress at a time when it's least welcomed. I went to a Taiwanese wedding yesterday and they gave out chocolate in cool little origami boxes.

If you're curious about different cultures and weddings, you can read more about my first experience at a Taiwanese wedding here.

I've been reading your blog for just a short time and in some ways I feel like an intruder. I do not have Diabetes but my niece was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 9, she is now 16. Your blog gives me some insight as to what her feelings and fears may be. I've heard her talk about many of the things that you and your readers make reference to. I hope you don't mind my "lurking," and the fact that I've added you to my list of Diabetic Related Writings.

You could get M&Ms with your names on them. You can pick up to two colors, so could use both of your names. And put them in cute little bags...

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