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New England Snow Day Survival List.

1.  Bread.

2.  Milk.

3.  Shovel or soup pot to shove aside snow with.

4.  Bucket of sand to throw on the icy sidewalks and porch, or cat litter, which is a weirder yet still effective alternative.

5.  Ice scraper to remove the caked up layers of winter wonderland from your windshield.

6.  Moments consulting the "Dopplah radah," which advises as to the track of the storm.

7.  Warm, fat cats to sleep on your feet to keep your toes warm yet awkwardly immobile.

8.  Enough insulin in your pump to make consuming mass quantities of bread-and-milk soup possible.

9.  Job that makes it easy to work from home while the snowflakes fall fast and furiously.Onward!  To French toast!

10.  Internet connection.

11.  Extra carton of milk, just in case a pack of wild Vikings come to visit and clamor for French toast.

12.  And more bread.


Wow cold weather. I forgot what that even feels likes. Im just having one of those Mid-December, AC on for a week, 80 degree Louisiana Christmases. Nothing like Christmas shopping in shorts!

As a woman from RI who reads Don Bosquet, I have to remind you not to forget the hay-ya (hair) spray, cause if you're stuck home with the BF you still gotta look your best! Stay warm!

Um snow, blizzards, kitty litter just another winder day in Montana. I just dont get it when a town has to shut down because of 1 inch of snow. We never shut down. Even when we got the ash from Mt. Saint Helens. Coldest I have been in was 80 below zero with the wind chill facotr.
Someone mention soup ?


You should have been tracking my French Toast alert:

Can't wait until Sunday!!

Did I see bread on your list twice!!! I wish we would get about 2 feet of snow here in D.C. so we could shut everything down.

I'm jealous, all we've had so far this year are some rinky-dink flurries and dusted grass. Hope you're staying safe and warm inside.

Dopplah, Dopplah. Mah Gawd, Ma, look at the Dopplah!

Man, I am so jealous. We got snow for all of 5 minutes, and then it proceeded to rain, HARD, for the rest of the day. Now the city is a sloppy mess -- well, a sloppier mess than normal.

Why do we feel compelled to make soup when a snow storm is predicted? do we have some latent lentil gene that gets activated by changes in barometric pressure?

The one other item I'd add to your list is the set of DVDs from the last season of Lost.

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