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The Day-Off Six.

The Friday Six: December 14Jumping right in.


I took today off from the office to finish up some shopping, finally send out the holiday cards I've been plodding through (and keep finding bits of glitter on my face as a result of my efforts), and spend some time knotting up loose ends for 2007.  It's funny how I think I have all the time in the world to complete things, only to realize last minute that I'm crunched for time, feeling like when Indiana Jones is reaching for his hat as the stone slab is hurtling downwards.  That's a Christmassy image, no?

Two!Yesterday's stormy snowy self made me realize how ineffective a VW Jetta is in wintry conditions.  Fortunately, I know how to drive in the snow and am very careful.  Unfortunately, half of western CT does not share this aptitude and I spent the commute home yesterday with a black BMW truck inches from my bumper, as the Soccer Mom inside applied her lipstick, texted her nanny, and smoothed her bangs.  Note to CT Drivers:  Snow is slippery.  Your car is not a day spa.  Please stay off my ass.


Instead of using my thigh to host my infusion set last night, I opted for my abdomen.  My legs need a bit of a break sometimes, so I figured a belly set would be best for a few days.  Reverted to a stomach site reminds me how much I hate wearing them "above the belt."  It's sore, the tubing is not well-concealed, and the waistband of my yoga pants (remember - day off) keeps bumping into it.  I do not like abdomen sites.  I'm already excited for Sunday night, when I go back to my thigh. 

I did entertain the thought of putting it in my arm instead, but I'm a bit daunted at the idea of snaking the tubing down my sleeve.  Have any of you used your arm as a site?  Did it drive you nuts?  Does it get in the way?  Do I ask too many questions?  Do you believe in ghosts?  Can you drive stick?  Who was your favorite Monkee?  ... ahem.  Arm site?


Another edition of SUM Musings is published in diaTribe.  Have you signed up to receive this newsletter yet?  I'm a bit biased, but I recommend taking a spin through Kelly Close's publication and making your own opinion.  :)


I'm still on my Mimined upgrade journey, talking with reps from Medtronic and working to trade in my 512 for a 522 with the CGM option.  A few of you had asked if I was pro-Minimed, and I have to say that I am.  I've been using a Minimed pump for the last four years and I'm happy with the level of service I have received.  I also found the Minimed pumps to be less bulky and the more streamlined of the tubing models, which was important to me because I like to pump relatively incognito-ish-esque.  :)  I've enjoyed the last four years with Medtronic, and I'm ready to sign up for another four.  (Sounds like an election - four more years!)


This weekend, we're off to RI to visit friends and family.  But for today, I'm off to finish my errands, wrap presents, take some pictures, and get Siah out of the damn Christmas tree.  that cat is a menace. 

Have a great weekend!


I've heard orange peels placed around the base of the tree keep cats away because they don't like the smell of citrus. Works for my grandma. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for my cats. They just play with the peels. Meh, it's worth a try.

I was daunted by arm sites until I tried it. I was a quick convert. I do do a bit of a dance with the tubing though. I place the set with the tubing emerging from the top, run it under my bra strap at the shoulder, pass it in front of my bra strap and then underneath the side of my bra beneath my arm. Since my bra essentially secures the tubing in place, I make sure I've left enough slack to fully extend my arm and then I'm done. (Does that make any sense at all?)

At night I often sleep in a vest top, and apply the same principle using the straps, but I don't find the tubing the problem I thought I would, even without the straps.

I say give it a go!

Re: Friday Item 3...
*My DD uses arm sites. Tubing goes up the sleeve, then back down along the side of the abdomen, and pumpy resides in her pocket.
*Sometimes it drives her nuts, but belly sites do too.
*Sometimes it gets in the way, but usually the tubing is inside enough to not get snagged. (Except on short-sleeved, climbing into the back of the van without flipping the seat up days...then the site gets torn out by the seatbelt catchign the tubing).
*No, you don't ask too many questions.
*Not sure about ghosts.
*Yes, I can drive a stick.
*Favorite Monkee - Mike (he reminded me of my oldest brother, also named Mike).
*Give the arm site a try; seriously, position it so the tubing goes up toward your shoulder, then you can either run it down to your waist for a pocket, or tuck it into your bra....that's not quite an option for DD yet. ;)

Gotta love them low! Two in a row! Yeeks!!

Tell us more about the thigh thing, I'm a hipster and abdomen but always looking to find more places. I've seem the back of arm and it looks, well, challenging!
I had MM since my 506(?) and recently went with the Cozmo. I love the Cozmo, insurance won't cover the CGM for me. Kinda pricey out of pocket. I test 8-12 daily anyway. Thanks for the laughter of us(at us?) at Sixuntilme!!!
Best, John

I am a fan of arm sites.

A couple of things that I have to keep in mind when I do.

1) I am not all RIPPED like Chris - plenty of tissue there for me (fortunately or unfortunately? I guess it depends on when you ask me, and if I have a cannula in there...).

2) I can't do it when I play basketball at the YMCA. They play shirts and skins there (VERY bad mental image...) so I can't have tubing running loose like that.

3) If I have to do certain business in the restroom I have to remember that one end of my infusion set it attached much higher than usual, meaning I don't have as much "spare" tubing to work with.

4) It will not work if you wear your pump in your sock (that one was special for you & G-Money...).

5) my adhesive doesn't stick as long. Maybe because it's more prone to pulling and other site abuse? Not sure, but it doesn't stick as long.

Did I say "a couple"? I meant a bunch.

One thing is for sure though - you'll never know if it will work for you unless you try it.

A "fresh" location that is eligible to get a run in the site rotation game is a good reward for a little risk in my opinion.

What's the worst that will happen? You'll have to change an infusion set?


Mikey was my favorite Monkee. Davey was cute but short. Wait! Maybe Peter he was sort of goofy. Hmm? Who was the fourth Monkee? I abstain until I figure out the last Monkee.

Arm sites: I actually have just been trying them again this week. I've been really happpy with the absorption (especially since that's my issue & why I'm looking for new sites) and its been totally comfortable, even when lifting upper body weights.

The bumping/tubing issue has been a minor problem, but I think winter is definitely the time to try it. - it's not an issue with long sleeve shirts. I did rip out an arm site by taking off a sports bra without paying attention, and I have to be careful taking bras off/on in general. I generally wear it outside my bra (I was worried about the insulin getting too warm) but inside my shirt. I also may have messed up a site bumping into a doorframe, but I think most people are less clumsy than me and do not routinely bump whole sides/limbs against doorframes. I also feel like it's like any other site, if would get easier and more automatic once I know how to be careful with it.

And stick shift: sorta-kinda. I was learning and almost there but now I haven't done it in a year.

Is the Omnippod an option at all? I know one guy who said he would never go back to tubing, it was very freeing.
Just wondering. :)

My favorite Monkee was and still is Davy Jones.

I go to church with a girl who uses an arm site most of the time. I can't bring myself to do it right now. Although I might at some point. I used to say I couldn't do a thigh site, but you inspired me. I have one in right now, in fact. But I still rotate with my stomach.
The only time I have ever pulled out a site was when it was on my thigh!

O uses arm sites a lot. She just lets the tubing flap in the breeze and will occasionally rip one out on something. She is a real pest about putting her tubing away though.

Yes I believe in ghosts.

Yes, I can drive a stick - I prefer it.

I'm not a big Monkees fan. I was more of a Shawn Cassidy fan.

I'm just here to answer the questions in #3.
No. I'm only about 2 months into the pumping adventure, too scared to stray from the abdomen.
Kind of?
I don't even have a license, but I want to learn how to drive stick.
What's a Monkee?
Still no on the arm sites.

Hope you had a great weekend in RI!

I've never tried an arm site myself, I always just assumed the cannula would kink since I don't have a lot of meat on my arms. But reading the responses here I'm thinking I may have to give it a shot - the absorption would probably be great. I didn't think thigh sites would work for me either, but I tried them thanks to your blog and now use them almost exclusively - so thanks!
You are going to love the 522/CGM combo. I got mine after using a Dexcom 7 and the MedT system is just fantastic. Feel free to email me if you have questions about it.
Also - I only drive stick, my Jetta spent most of last winter stuck in my driveway, and I think my house is haunted.

Like Jillian above, I've never tried any other place than the abdomen and I've had the pump for 3 years! Of course, no one ever told me I could put it any other place until I started reading these blogs.

Arm sites:
I stopped using my arms for pump sites for a while due to discomfort. So after a couple years off the arm I tried it again since my stomach and legs were getting tired. It wasn't too bad since my tubing is fairly long. I'm in a chef coat for classes 6 hours a day and wasn't hindered too much by immobility so I like re-trying the arm. Rotating 6-8 different sites is confusing sometimes, especially when I can't remember if I'm going from leg to stomach or leg to arm but I feel it's worth it.

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