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The Year in Review: Part Deux.

I'm not sure how it happened so quickly, but here we are again, on December 31st, peering out intoFarewell, 2007. the promise of the New Year.

This past year has cruised by at a speed unrivaled by any Volkswagen (or at least the VWs that I've owned).  Here on the blog, I marked my second anniversary blogging at Six Until Me, proud as hell to be a member of the diabetes community.  I also experienced a complete blogging disaster, when my blog was sucked into the vortex of the internet, but I learned to heal its wounds.  I muddled my way through NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo again this November, learning that sleep is hard to come by in that month.  I met fellow bloggers, like SuperG and Christel and Rob and Schuyler, who confirmed for me that the writers are as wonderful and kind as their words.  I wear a beautiful bit of the blogosphere every day, thanks to Manny and Beth.  And every day, I'm proud of what we've all created.

Blogabetes debuted as a new part of the blogosphere and brought some of the finest diabetes writers to center stage.  New blogs and new writers have been adding their voices to the chorus all year long and social networking platforms like TuDiabetes have turned up the volume of our message considerably.  And I have had the honor and the pleasure of joining Kelly Close's diaTribe team and also AOL's Aisledash blogger crew this past year. 

There were plenty of pump moments, from poetry to mucked up infusion sets to pumping meltdowns and upgrades and new site locations.  There were also moments when I ordered diabetes supplies and received ... something else entirely.  (But I did laugh hard.)  I spent some time as a Dexcom Warrior, and am beginning my journey as a Minimed Maven in the next few days.  I had some sad lows, some sweater-toothed highs, and several moments of diabetes burnout.   

There were rounds of beer and some difficult moments from my past.  We saw Broadway plays and sidewalk artisans, I spoke with one of my writing heroes, and had the pleasure of meeting another oneLarry and I kept up our training calls, and I have achieved new levels of fitness as a result of our fictional relationship.  Friggin' Shoes and DogShoes and the new addition, BoyfriendShoes, have spent the year taunting my sleep patterns.  I went white-water rafting, flew alone to St. Louis, and visited the West Coast.  We saw a handful of concerts, visited bed and breakfasts, and raced ducks.

And I took a life-changing vacation to St. John, where Chris proposed on the balcony of our cabin and I said yes through my surprised and excited tears.  We have spent many months planning this wedding, from finding the perfect dress to the EnGAGment Party, that I can't wait until May.  To be this in love feels good.

2007 has been a year of wedding crashing and wedding planning, love and laughter, and whole new chapter of my life.  2008 has already shown me a glimmer of what it's holding for me, and I can't wait to enjoy every moment.

Happy New Year, Blogosphere!

Have a safe and happy New Year!  See you in 2008.

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Can't wait to read about all that happens in 2008 too. Happy New Year!

Wow! What a great recap of the year. Happy New Year! http://tinyurl.com/ysfxpo

Happy (Almost) New Year Kerri! I can not wait to see what 2008 brings to you!


It has been a real pleasure to be in your company through the past year.

I'm looking forward to 2008!


Happy New Year!

happy new year kerri!

you popped up on my TV last sunday! i was glad i DVR'd it to show it to my daughter and say "lookie! it's my D-OC IM friend!" she already thinks i'm weird enough, but i think that might have done it for sure.

it has been an amazing year, and next year with the big wedding day will be even bigger and better!

Hi Kerri,

2007 was a better year for people with diabetes because of all the work you put into "Six Until Me." You are truly a diabetes superhero.

Here's something that we will buy you if anyone actually can make it.


Best in 2008. Your pals,
Captain Glucose & Meter Boy

Yes Meter Boy. I would buy that too!

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