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The Friday 3Six5.

The New Year is off to a sprinting start, like a gazelle sporting some Adidas(es?).  Here are the Friday Six:

One!On Monday afternoon, I'll be meeting with a representative from Medtronic to get suited up with the MiniLink CGM component.   I've used the Dexcom in the past and even though the device was a bit of a pain in the ass to wear, the data I had access to was amazing.  I'm hoping that just adding a transmitter that works with my pump (instead of a whole second device) will be easier for me to integrate into my lifestyle.  I'll be blogging about it, for certain.  From Dexcom Warrior to Minimed Maven.  Bring it.

Two!This made me giggle:  Top 62 Ways to Tell You Can't Cook.  Even though this is an old webpage from 2005, it made me laugh out loud.  Number 56 is my favorite, for the simple fact that it was unexpected.

Three!The New Year didn't get off to the strongest start, workout-wise.  I was just at the gym for the first time since 12/30 - shame on me.  But jumping back in wasn't too hard, and my muscles apparently remembered what I was asking them to do before.  I'm up to 15 minutes on, 5 off in my running routine and I'm putting some serious focus on toning up before the wedding.  I haven't noticed any changes yet, but I'm hoping that by February I'll be feeling fitter and ready for a white dress.

Fore!  (hee hee)Speaking of that dress, my mother called me yesterday to let me know she was picking up my bridal gown from Ye Olde Bridal Shop(pe).  Immediately, I was tossed into a wave of panic - I need to get the invitations ordered, finalize arrangements with the church, schedule my first dress fitting, talk to the reception hall about the bar, figure out who is sitting at what table ... ahhhhh!  It was my first real experience with HOLY CRAP I'M GETTING MARRIED.  I felt like I had been hit with a bucket filled with ... panicking brides.  There are only a few months until my wedding day, and Chris and I have to get on the ball.  I hope this isn't the dawn of my reign as Bridezilla. 

Five!It was nice to come across this video, especially after feeling rounded out from the holidays and that slight (cough) panic attack about the wedding.  It's from the Dove Self-Esteem fund, part of the Campaign for Real Beauty.  I read a lot of health and fitness magazines and dabble in the trashy magazine realm (read:  US Weekly!), and we need more out there in the media about loving, instead of changing, who you The Friday Six:  January 4, 2008.are.  Have you guys seen these videos? 

Six Until Me.Finally, I've taken the plunge and joined the inspiring photogs in the Diabetes365 Flickr group.  It's strange, but not surprising, to notice how diabetes is folded into the moments of my life.  I have no idea if I can keep up with the level of dedication that the seasoned members have exhibited, but I'm going to give it my best shot.  (Oh diabetes puns, how I love thee.  And a camera pun!  Twofer.)  I'm excited to be a part of this!

If you haven't already, visit the Project Diabetes365 website and get a feel for what this project is all about.

Have a great weekend!!

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Good luck with the CGM! Fun! I took mine off for my cold since my BG was yoyoing and it was messing up the CGM, but I'm putting it back on probably tomorrow.

And I know I've said it before, but congratulations on the wedding. It's getting so close! You'll breeze through it in all the right ways, and I'm so happy for you and Chris as you embark on this new phase of your journey together. You guys are just precious.

I have absolutely no desire to take the CGM plunge. 4 days on a MiniMed sensor was enough for me.
Like Beth, I am very happy for you and Chris. Not that I have any experience in the planning a wedding department. But I want to say relax and try to enjoy it all as much as possible, it's going to go by so quickly.
Also welcome to Diabetes 365!!!

So I have to ask Kerri. Will you be live blogging during the wedding? :-)

Beth - I've heard that the CGM doesn't really do it's job when you're sugars are bouncing, which seems counter-productive to me. I'm starting on Monday night, so we'll see how it goes!

And thanks for your comments re: Chris and I. He's a great guy. I found a good one.

Jillian - Thanks for the welcome! And I'm doing my best to enjoy the wedding planning. Sometimes, as with everything else, the stress gets the best of me. ;)

Bernard - No way! But I can't guarantee that someone else won't. :D

I think that should be a new member of the bridal party - maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, official SUM blogger! ;)

i'm so glad you've joined our little group. i think of D-365 as a diabetes is me/me is diabetes kind of thing. everything relates. can't wait to see your life in pictures.

I'm waiting for my minilink too. I had a 7 day experience on nov and it was great. Surprisingly my bgs and CGMS were almost the same!!! I was able to adjust my basals (no more lows in the morning!). Can't wait to be hooked again. Good luck!

Kerri, awhile back ago you were sick. I think im having sympothy pains for you now its my turn ! But knowing that you got over it gives me hope that there is light at the end of the kleenex box !

Welcome to the Diabetes 365 group! I'm loving your photos. I have a Nikon D40 as well. Isn't it a great camera?

I love those Dove commercials, too. They are right on.

Even though I know you're not quite the cook, I would recommend Ruth Reichl's first book (Tender at the Bone) if you liked that list of "Ways to Tell You Can't Cook". Her mom wasn't the brightest in the kitchen and that list reminded me of the book... (Holy rhyming.)

And have you seen "How to Look Good Naked" (or seen my post on it...) as a response to the Dove videos.

oh, and I just realized this year has 366 days - are you going for the extra? ;)

That list was funny, but holy bad grammar, Batman. Painful. I very nearly circled all the errors with red pen, but then I remembered, duh, computer.

Rachel - I'll take the leap year day off. ;)

Landileigh - Thanks, I'm so glad to be joining you guys on this.

Susana - I'm glad you had such a good experience. I'm barely 48 hours into this and still getting a feel for it.

Joanna - Don't be hopeful yet :P - I have another cold. It's the vicious cycle of winter!

KKOnMyMind - The D40 has been awesome so far. I wish I had bought one sooner!

Julia - Holy grumpy, Batman! I'll send you a hard copy by snail mail, complete with red pen. ;)

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