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Kerri's Seriously Zippy White Bean Salad.

It's not often that I have the chance to use the "Food" category on this blog.  I'm a bit of a cooking disaster (known for such dishes as "Ew!" and "Is it supposed to hurt?")  But I've thrown together something that I thought was tasty.  And it is low-carb.  AND it doesn't taste like garbage. 

Yes, I was shocked, too!

I have found that eating low-carb makes blood sugar management a little easier.  Not having the spikey bits after meals keeps my numbers more in range and less "riddled with chaos."  However, I like bread.  And pasta.  And that whole "feeling full" thing. 

Turns out a good dose of fiber gives me that full feeling without sending my blood sugars straight into orbit.  I had a really tasty white bean salad dish at a restaurant the other night, and dared myself to recreate it last night at home.  While it wasn't exactly the same, it was still tasty.  I put in too many red onion bits, so it has some serious zip to it, but it tasted good and didn't tease me towards the 200's. 

The seriously zippy white bean salad.

Kerri's Seriously Zippy White Bean Salad 

  • 2 cans of white cannelini beans, rinsed
  • 1/4 red onion, minced
  • 10 slices of pepperoni, chopped
  • 1/2 cucumber, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • lemon juice

It's this simple:  Add all the ingredients to a mid-sized sedan (just kidding - use a bowl),  mix together, and add salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste.  Eat with mouth.  Beware of hot onions.

A simple recipe goes a long way for a culinarily-challenged blogger like myself.  :) 

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Yum, looks tasty. Might need to share with my hubby :) 'Zip' is just perfect for him!

I am the most un-zippy Latino on the planet. Looks yummy though!

Just in time for dinner! YUM!


Sounds pretty good.

How many carbs per serving? Oh, and what is a "serving size?"

That looks delicious! I will definitely try it out.

yum! thanks for sharing. i love the bad carbs too. it's a challenge to avoid them in our bread/pasta/potato-centric society but this looks like something that would definitely fill you up and be tasty too!

This looks good! You might like wild rice salads, too. They're full of fiber and wild rice is so adaptable. And, when I do a wild rice salad for lunch instead of a sandwich, I stay full and have good, stable blood sugars!

"However, I like bread. And pasta. And that whole "feeling full" thing."


A well timed post for me, thanks!

I keep trying to find a way to get beans into my diet. I just don't like them... but a gal has to keep trying - well a stubborn one like me does anyway, to keep up my efforts towards a good balanced diet.

I'll give this a go! If I can't find those beans I'll substitute for chocolate.
And maybe I'll leave out the onions. And the other ingredients.

But really... thanks for sharing, looking forward to trying it out :)

I wish I could get my honey to cut down on the carbs. But he is so set in his ways (type 1 from age 9, 50 now) that he insists that the mashed potato/white bread/pasta thing is just fine. It's a miracle I've gotten him to eat more salads and fish, less high fat beef, and less fried foods. It's a start I guess.

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