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No Cheese Steaks.

The drive to Philadelphia isn't long at all - about as long as it takes for Chris and I to travel home to RI for the weekend.  Unfortunately, Route 95 doesn't offer much more than the Bronx and NJ factories as the view.  (Save for one quick spot where you can see the NYC skyline - the only pretty view.)  But highways aren't known for showing the best that a state has to offer. 

It's the places off the exit ramps that are the best. 

Our weekend in Philly was very fun and we explored as much of the city as we could in our short jaunt down to Pennsylvania.   We stayed at the Club Quarters hotel on Chestnut Street (nice hotel, very small rooms) and were walking distance from plenty of restaurants and holy crap a lot of shopping opportunities.  We spent Saturday night at The Caribou Cafe, dining on French cuisine and listening to the live jazz band, then capped off the night with a few glasses of wine at Tria

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early and headed out to see some decidedly geekier spots (Well hello to you, Liberty Bell!) before hitting the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Franklin Science Institute.  The art museum gave us the opportunity to perfect our Rocky stances.


And the Franklin Science Institute had a giant heart display that you could walk through, exploring each section of the heart.  As you walked from atria to ventricle, you could hear the heart pumping and the sound of blood whooshing by.  Very cool. 

There also happened to be a huge Star Wars exhibit.  Not that I noticed.  Or got all excited.  Or grabbed a Storm Trooper for a Philly photo opportunity.  Nooo, not me.

Kerri and the Storm Trooper.  Of course.

(I have a full photo set of our trip to Philadelphia on Flickr, if you want to take a peek.)

The trip was awesome and I've been wanting to visit Philadelphia since we moved out here.  It's a city that's easy to feel comfortable in, which made it easier to explore.  We're already planning a trip back in the next few months, and checking out a few of the other restaurants that were tempting us.  :)

Oddly enough, we didn't have any cheese steaks.   

But the one downside to this trip was that we were still on crazy timetables.  Twenty-four hours isn't enough to really take in a city, no matter how hard you try.  We're still craving some downtime for the two of us, so we're jaunting off again this weekend for a quiet getaway to completely disconnect from our stressful schedules.  No phone, no internet, no "must be here at this time" schedule.  Nothing but rest and relaxation.

Sounds good to me!   


The geek in me says that the Star Wars exhibit that you didn't notice, or get all excited about, and the Storm Trooper that you didn't pull aside for a Philly photo opportunity was the best part of your weekend ;P

You’ve seen more of Philly in one short weekend than I have in YEARS!
And I live here!!
Go Figure!
Ah well, I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. And, thanks to your rave reviews, maybe I’ll try and talk the Hubby into a day out exploring the downtown portion of this gigantic city. (We are way up in the NE)
I always loved the giant heart (even though it smells terribly) and I never have seen the Rocky statue. I’ll definitely add those to my list…right behind South Street and Penn’s Landing!

Nice pictures. I went down to Philly for an ADA expo a few months ago and ate at Geno's. (it was kind of disappointing, so you didn't miss out on much)

Now excuse me as I run away from all the Eagles fans.

I stayed at that same hotel when I was in Philly last March. After a week of cheap hotels and sleeping on people's couches, it was a wonderful break!

One of my best friends works at the Franklin Institute. Isn't that a fun place? I love Philadelphia. Still haven't seen Independence Hall though (except for from the outside). Next time you should check out South Street (very funky) and the Mutter Museum, which contains lots of weird medical oddities. It's very fun, but not for the weak-stomached!

Glad you had a good time.

I've been to every place u mentioned. Philly is a great town!
Don't worry about the cheese steaks, Tria & The Caribou are Tres Tasty!

I attended a wedding at the Franklin Institute and we actually were able to drink champagne in the Human Heart.

Glad u had a great time!

Just wondering, how many people said "YO Adrienne" at the Art Museum?

I grew up outside o'Philly and worked at the Franklin Institute for my last month of high school - we had this deal where you could take exams early and go intern somewhere.

In fact, I was working there while developing symptoms of D - I knew where every bathroom was, and the coldest water fountain (actually worth the trip) was up in the office/library area.

I loved working there, despite my horrible health at the time.

Cool trip, that may be the first picture of you I have ever seen outside of the ubiquitous one you use on all the various D-related sites! I truly enjoyed the month or so I spent in the Philadelphia area on business, and I can honestly say that Flourtown, PA is a place I'd love to retire to.

Courtney - LOL. Between you and me ONLY, I loved it. :)

Stacey - It was a fun trip. I'd love to hear about where you decide to explore!

Albert - I, for whatever reason, am an Eagle's fan. Moreso than a Patriot's fan. Go figure. Actually, now run. ;)

Allison - Our friend recommended this hotel for a quick and cheap stop-over. It was definitely a good place to start our explorations from.

Kelly - We heard no "Yo" exclamations. But we saw several little kids doing the same Rocky poses that we were doing. :)

Kassie - You interned at a very cool place. That museum was awesome.

Nick - I have a whole mess of pictures on my Flickr account, if you want to see more than just the one standard photo. ;)

Forget Pat's or Geno's. I have friends who swear that Jim's Steaks on South Street has the best steaks, and my uncle always insisted the best steaks were at Tony Luke's, though I'm not quite sure where that is.

Hahaha, and if you want to hear more people saying "yo" to one another, you probably want to go hang out in the Italian market on a weekend when it's nice. Hopefully when I get a new job, I'll have more opportunities to explore the city, its food and its shopping. At least for now, we can afford to enjoy its story and poetry slams and the occasional concert.

Maybe we should meet up next time you're in "Da Illadelph", yo. ;)

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