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The Birthday Six.

The Friday Six:  February 8, 2008 edition1.  This morning, as I drove into work, my phone rang and the voice of my 5 year old niece-to-be sang "Happy Birthday" to me.  My father's phone call gave me a rendition not unlike Marilyn Monroe, which made me burst into a fit of giggles.  If you haven't guessed, today is my birthday.  I am 29 years old.  I'm engaged to be married, working in a job that I love, and a proud part of a wonderful family.  It's nice to take a moment and realize how much life has to offer.  And how much it's already offered. 

2.  In that vein, Chris and I are off to Philadelphia this weekend to explore.   Yes, we will be running the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and taking Rocky-style photos.  We'll check out the ol' Liberty Bell.  We're also interested in dining out downtown - any recommendations for a good, birthday-worthy restaurant? 

3.  Also, wedding plans are rolling along quite nicely these days.  We almost have our invitations ready to be printed and we're working on compiling the address list as we speak.  The wedding shower date has been set (but I know no other details - sneaky bridesmaids!) and my next dress fitting is on February 24th.  I need to find some comfortable shoes to wear on my wedding day - something with about a two-inch heel and comfortable enough to party in.  What kind of shoes did you ladies wear on your wedding day?

4.  In non-birthday news, I had the pleasure of sitting and chatting with Bertalan Meskó of Science Roll, a future clinical geneticist from Hungary who plans to specialize in personalized genomics.  He's a Web 2.0 pioneer, a blogging phenomenon, and significantly taller than me.  Aside from all his professional accolades, Berci has been a personal online acquaintance for over a year and it was great to finally meet him in person.  We talked about Web 2.0, the effects of patient blogging on the medical community, and had some drinks at The Playwright in New Haven.  It's strange how blogging provides such comfortable common ground.  The far-reaching effects of blogging still amaze me.

5.  This StrongBad email has had Chris and I laughing like idiots for several days now.  We try and recreate the techno song while we drive to the gym.  How could you not?  It's catchy! 

The 6.  And lastly, my trial of the Medtronic MiniLink CGM has come to a close.  I'll have a full wrap-up on Monday, but I really appreciate all of the feedback I've received from you guys in the blogosphere.  Having all of your perspectives, and developing my own, has made exploring this option easier.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  I'm off to celebrate!  :)


I really loved Tangerine when I lived in Philadelphia. It has a really sexy atmosphere. I think their Web site is www.tangerinerestaurant.com. For something less fancy, I liked Penang in Philly's chinatown. It's Malaysian food, which is something you don't come across very often.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kerri!

My shoes were not very comfy for my wedding. I had some high heels that I had not "broken in". Luckily, since I'm from Texas, and had my bags packed for our honeymoon, I was able to get my boots and dance the night away in pure comfort. Luckily they could not be seen!
Hey, you could do like in the movie, Father of the Bride. Wear some Keds with lacy ribbons running through! LOL

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! I hope it's wonderful.
I was just in Philly a couple of weeks ago! It's not really birthday worthy, but go have a cheesesteak with Jim's Steaks! They were wonderful. :)
Oh, and maybe you will get the same guy to search your bags at Independance Hall that I did. And he can ask you if you are a diabetic when he opens your meter case... Check out my blog if you are confused about it. It's a post at the end of Jan.
Have a great and safe weekend!

Happy Birthday! may it be the best ever!
RE: #3,I wore tennis shoes. No one had a clue(other then the bridesmaids, sworn to secrecy) Comfort trumps all, be sure to try on everything..it will be a long day.(and feet,will remind you of that, more then any other body part)
Have fun in Philly!

Happy birthday! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bonne anniversaire! Feliz cumpleanos!

haha! awesome strongbad email link. hilarious.

Philadelphia is great! Check out World Cafe Live (http://www.worldcafelive.com/) for great food and music. When I went, there was a free show in the Cafe. I'm not sure if that's the case today, but definitely check it out. White Dog Cafe (http://www.whitedog.com/) is also really, really great--local food and brews. Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Kerri! Have a great time in Philly. If you find yourselves in the Old City section, stop over at the Tin Angel (www.tinangel.com)and say hello. Susanne and I will be there for dinner and a show tomorrow night.

Ooh, Philadelphia! The perfect destination for a weekend away. The art museum is terrific, as is the Franklin science museum if you get a chance to check it out. Then there are so many fantastic restaurants, it's hard to choose, but here are a few of my favorites:

The Continental ("Global Tapas"): www.continentalmartinibar.com

Morimoto: www.morimotorestaurant.com

Reading Terminal Market (just wander around--so much good food and ice cream): www.readingterminalmarket.org

And for the most amazing (and expensive, but absolutely worth it) gelato you will ever have, you must go to Capogiro Gelato Artisans: www.capogirogelato.com

Bon Appetit! And Happy Birthday!

Best wishes on your birthday, Kerri!

I, too, wore tennis shoes on my wedding day! I got some white Skechers that already came with ribbon-like laces and had some rhinestones. Perhaps they were made just for that reason? :-)

They were soooo comfy and I'm so glad I didn't hurt my feet by wearing dress shoes that day.

Happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend.

Oooohhhh my shoes, I loved my wedding shoes. Okay, if you go here:


and scroll down a bit, there is a picture of me in my wedding dress, kind of sprawled out on a bench. (I mention in the post that I included the picture because I loved my shoes.) You can click to make it bigger. The were so comfy - the heels were low and the back strap kept them securely on my foot while dancing. And they made me feel like a princess. :)

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday!!!
As far as Philly goes, the only place my sister (who lives there) has taken me that I've liked was Mad Mex. It's not worthy of a birthday dinner, but it's scrumptious. There is also a really cool bubble tea place very near to it. Have fun!

PS. Get your wedding shoes as soon as possible so you can wear them in a bit. I would also get an alternate super comfortable pair ie ballet flats or something similar. Yay wedding!!

Happy Birthday!

For my wedding ceremony, I wore some cheapy white heels from Payless or something. For the reception, however, I changed into some little white satin slippers (think Isotoner). They were soooo comfy and easy to dance in.

Have an awesome time in Philly...you are gonna be close to me. i only live an hour from there haha! uhh idk any places to eat..you got some good suggestions from other ppl! have a great weekend and great day today!!!


I live in Philadelphia and it certainly is a restaurant town. So much more than Cheese Steaks.

Continental and Mirimoto, Tangerine & Buddakan are excellent - All Steven Starr Restaurants are. Though they're somewhat expensive, BUT the food and atmosphere of each is fantastic and worth the price.

Paradiso on Passyunk Ave in South Philly is wonderful and very romantic. It's also near some other places that are tasty like Cantina El Cabillito - a bar with a dining area and great Spanish food.
Here's a list to some other great Passyunk Ave eateries as well. http://www.visiteastpassyunk.com/
FYI - It's in walking distance to the Italian Market, where Rocky ran and beat up raw meat!
Have a great visit. Philly's a fun town and there's lots to do and see!
Kelly K

Happy birthday!

I'm not sure "comfortable" and "2-inch heel" belong in the same sentence :-) Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday and enjoy Phili. Make sure to have one of their world famous cheese steaks.

I wore character heels for my wedding. They don't make them off the shelf in white, so I wore skin-colored ones like some kind of ice skater. Kinda ridiculous, but no one could see my feet 99% of the day anyway. 2-inch heel, and very comfy.

Happy Birthday, Kerri!

I love Strong Bad Emails too. But my favorite has to be TROGDOR!


All the best for a fantabulous birthday, Kerri, and for a super-dooper-special year.

Happy Birthday, Kerri!!

Have a blast in Philadelphia. I'll be there tonight for a poetry thing, out in Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill. Can't wait to hear your report on the weekend, I'm trying to figure out where to eat for my birthday next week. :P

Happy Birthday Kerri!

Have a great weekend in Philly. No Loafing!

I wore shoes almost identical to these and they were crazy comfy.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Ahhh 29 was a good year :) but *they* say at this age --you’ve got the best years ahead of you! I hope you enjoy them ALL to the FULLEST!

Happy Birthday!

Ah, StrongBad a favorite of the bride of the last wedding I was in.

She found her shoes at Mervyn's (I don't think you have that, but basically a Kohls, Marshalls, etc). The bridesmaids had matching ones in red. We saw them on sale in the paper one weekend and picked them up. They were very comfortable and I still wear them when I need to! The bottoms were very slippery so we made sure to scuff them up before we walked down the marble (or some other hard slippery surface) aisle or busted a move on the dance floor! The first song for the bridal party? Outkast - Hey Ya!

Happy birthday!!! Have fun in philly!

Happy Birthday Kerri!

Strongbad rocks.

Happy 29th, Kerri! I'm a year and a bit ahead of you, and I can tell you the thirties rock! I feel much better in my 30's already than I did in parts of my 20's...enjoy the last bits of the 20's and I'm sure you'll enter the 30's in style in another year!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Kerri!!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!! :)


I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great weekend in Philly! Did you know that our birthdays are two days apart?...Now i know why we have so much in common! :)

Happy birthday Kerri!


A belated Happy Birthday Kerri!

I hope you two had a fabulous time in Philadelphia. :)

OOPS, I missed Fridays post.
Hope your weekend rocked!


Best wishes on your upcoming marriage.

I hope you can help me, and possibly I can help you. I seemed to be shunned by the diabetes community because I am a life insurance agent and yes, I do make a living by selling. I feed my soul by sharing knowledge, no hooks attached.

The problem is that I try to get information out that will help both type 1 and 2 diabetics find approvals and better rates on life insurance. When I do I get shut down. The ADA blog police even resorted to calling me names. Very nasty email.

And while I think people with diabetes would be well served by letting me help with their life insurance challenges, I never ask anyone to buy.

Since you'll be married soon and, who knows, having children or whatever....and you might be needing life insurance, tell me how I can get the word out to those like you.

And Happy Birthday. Ahh, to be 29 again!

A belated happy birthday, from the Great Procrastinator. I hope it was fantastic!

Happy Birthday Kerri! I haven't seen Homestar in forever... thanks for that! I love the Fa-hu-gwa-gods song. haha.

Happy Be-lated Birthday. Funny - My daughter's(Olivia)birthday is also Feb. 8th and also has type 1 diabetes. She just turned three years old!

It's nice to see somebody with a more positive outlook. My daughter, who turns three in a week, was diagnosed yesterday. I'm a dad who is having a difficult time processing the whole disease. Unfortuanetly, the information on the internet is so up and down, that I haven't been able to find a happy medium. I'm just scared. Emily is just a baby!

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